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 Chapter 771: Convergence

Soon, the black parabolic shield was practically out of sight. Underneath, Zheng Kai was reeling back from how much energy he used. Breathing heavily, he took in two labored breaths and looked up with self-pity.

"Tch, so he managed to dodge it, what a shame..."

Just about a hundred meters in front of him, Li Yuchun was standing there. His eyes were a slanted in anger to glare at Zheng Kai.

Suddenly, his eyes flitted elsewhere as if he realized something behind Zheng Kai. The light in his eyes hardened.

A brief two seconds later, Li Yuchun glanced back at Zheng Kai and sneered.

The next thing Zheng Kai saw was his figure disappearing from sight. One second later, he was a good several dozen meters away with his back to Zheng Kai as he started to run.

"Eh? You're running?!"

Zheng Kai cried out. He turned around to look at where Li Yuchun had been staring at, and then that's when he realized the reason why.

A figure in violet was coming straight for him!

Just from the speed alone Zheng Kai could figure out this person wasn't someone to mess with. Though he didn't know if this person was a friend or foe to Zheng Kai or him, Li Yuchun decided it definitely wasn't good for him and ran for it. Winning against Zheng Kai wasn't easy, and to throw in someone strong into the mix was just asking for trouble.

That was why he ran. It was the easiest choice.

Everyone was here for the Extreme King Pills. To fight one another was a waste of energy. That in itself was a very stupid thing to do, so Li Yuchun hadn't any qualms about turning and leaving.

Zheng Kai hadn't the same luxury. He didn't give chase to Li Yuchun and instead stared warily at the incoming person, hoping that this person wasn't also like Li Yuchun and trying to run away from someone else.

"I am no enemy of yours, my friend!"

The figure within the violet streak of light called out to Zheng Kai, who started a bit at the voice. He didn't teleport away, and neither did he drop his guard. He just stood there, staring at the incoming person.

In order to prove that he wasn't a hostile figure, Yue Feng came to a stop twenty meters away from Zheng Kai to eye at the already almost out of sight Li Yuchun. There was a sliver of hostility when he glared at Li Yuchun as if not willing to give up on the chase. But the enemy was far too fast. It was too late to give chase.

Zheng Kai stared at Yue Feng warily. "Who are you?"

Yue Feng saluted Zheng Kai in greeting, "This one is Yue Feng. You've my thanks for helping my friend, brother."

"Oh?" Zheng Kai raised an eyebrow, "Are you talking about that young miss?"

"That is correct."

Yue Feng nodded. Sending a message to his soulbeast partner through their bond, Yue Feng had the bear tell Yuexia to come running over to them.

It was only when he saw Nangong Yuexia that Zheng Kai believed in what Yue Feng had said. No longer wary of him, he saluted back to him. "You're a loyal one, brother Yue, to have come back to help me. This one is Zheng Kai. Pleased to meet you."

Yue Feng smiled.

"It only makes sense that I do. You were kind enough to help out a stranger when you didn't need to. That is a very admirable feat."

Nangong Yuexia had finally made it to where Yue Feng and Zheng Kai were standing then, her ears already picking up on what they were talking about before she arrived. She bowed gratefully to Zheng Kai when she arrived. "Thank you so much for saving me, big brother Zheng."

Zheng Kai waved his hand, "Haha, don't mind me. It wasn't much!"

"Ah...." Yue Feng suddenly thought about something at mention of his name, "Zheng Kai....could you be from the house of Zheng from the Capital, brother Zheng?"

"I am, do you know of me, brother Yue?"

"Ah nothing...I've been wanting to meet you for a long time now...." Yue Feng bowed again, this time with a quick glance over to where Nangong Yuexia. He had heard of Zheng Kai's reputation before. With that said, it didn't really seem like he was trying to make something out of this trouble to ask for something from Nangong Yuexia.

Those rumors, he decided, were probably biased against Zheng Kai, so Yue Feng decided not to think much about them.

Afterwards, the three decided to take up a temporary shelter behind a mountain to rest. Nangong Yuexia was still focusing on treating the bear's wounds, and Zheng Kai was sitting on the ground to recover the soulforce he had lost during the battle.

Having already warmed up a bit to Zheng Kai now, Yue Feng asked, "Brother Zheng, do you happen to know the person that ran away just now?"

"I do."

The cold light of hostility flickered back across Yue Feng's eyes, "Whom might he be?"

"He's the heir apparent to the house of Li from the Westward River Province, Li Yuchun."

"The house of Li?" Yue Feng realized straight away which house that was. "No wonder he was so arrogant! Pah! So what if he's from the Li? He better hope he doesn't meet me again or else he's in for it!"

Zheng Kai looked a little taken aback from what Yue Feng was saying. To not fear one of the Five Families wasn't something that could be easily done. It would appear that this Yue Feng had a high status as well.

Yue Feng committed the name of Li Yuchun to memory first before focusing back on the conversation. "Since you're here, brother Zheng, you must be after the Extreme King Pills as well. With how dangerous it's getting, and if you don't mind, we could travel together. It'll do us both good, what do you say, brother Zheng?"

Yue Feng hadn't any intentions to hog the Extreme King Pills, so to look for a companion to travel with was the wisest decision. It'd help them improve their chances on getting one.

From their conversation before, Zheng Kai was told that people were already starting to kill one another to improve their own chances of getting the Extreme King Pills. Giving the question just a moment to think about, he nodded, "Alright. That works fine with me. I actually had a friend who came here before I did. But this place is as big as you said. But since he's after the Extreme King Pill like everyone else, I'll meet him again there."

"That's good. I actually have a friend waiting somewhere else. We just need to reconvene with him and then we can head towards the Extreme King Pill together."

"There's also senior Yu Li," Piped up Nangong Yuexia, "we should find her too."

Yue Feng smiled to console her, "Yu Li is a very strong person. I'm sure she won't be in any danger. What brother Zheng said is right. If we head for the Extreme King Pills, we'll be able to find her there."

Nangong Yuexia nodded. "Okay then. Let's go quickly then. A lot of people came in before we did, it might be too late to get the Extreme King Pills if we don't go now."

Yue Feng and Zheng Kai looked at one another. They nodded and stood up to head for the direction Yue Feng said his friend was in.

Zheng Kai and Nangong Yuexia were both told by Yue Feng that prior to him arriving here, he and another person had been attacked by a group of enemies. He was able to break away from the group to hurry after Nangong Yuexia, but his friend stayed behind to take care of the others.

When Zheng Kai heard that this friend of his was able of fighting three soul cultivators and two soulbeasts of the same level, he was impressed.

"That friend of yours is a very amazing person, brother Yue. Which school might he be from?"

"Haha, he's...." Yue Feng was about to answer Zheng Kai's question when he swung his head over in the direction they were running in, "Hold on, someone's coming!"

Zheng Kai noticed the presence just a split-second after Yue Feng did and looked up as well.

"Brother Bai!"


The two called out at the same time and then looked at one another in surprise.

"You know him?!"

They cried out in unison.

Up in front, a streak of violet was flying straight for them. Bai Yunfei soon came dropping down from the thundertail bird to land in front of them. When he saw just who was there, he blinked a few times. "Brother Yue, and Ah'Kai?! How are you two with each other?"