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 Chapter 770: The Other Side

A good while ago while Bai Yunfei was busy fighting the beast tamers.

Yue Feng's feet were like a streak of violet light as he leapt several dozen meters at a time. Bounding through several trees with swift and dexterous movements, Yue Feng's eyes were looking even more worried by the second. He had already been sprinting for ten full minutes now, but the connection he had with his soulbeast partner was only getting fainter and fainter. This was the sign of his soulbeast partner being injured quite heavily.

Since he hadn't a level of compatibility like Bai Yunfei had with Xiao Qi, he had no way of knowing what exactly was going on. All he knew was that his soulbeast partner was sending distress signals over and over.

"Please be safe, Han Xiong....and please let sister Yuexia be safe too...."

Yue Feng repeated to himself again and again as he flew through the landscape.

"I'm close!!"

As soon as he cleared the forest and made his way onto a mountain slope, Yue Feng was happy to see that he was close to his soulbeast partner. In another burst of soulforce, he took of with renewed speed up the mountain.

Soon, the sight of a person soon made its way into his eyes.


"Brother Yue Feng!!"

A relieved cry called out back to him a short distance away. Just about several hundred meters away, a hurried figure in blue robes came rushing out to meet him.

On the shoulder of this young figure was a white ferret and in her arms was a toy-like brown bear.

This person was Nangong Yuexia.

The two came to a stop in front of each other in one final burst of speed. Noticing the bloody robes of hers, Yue Feng's eyes grew wide. Both of his hands grabbed onto her shoulder, "Yuexia, are you alright?!"

He was already scanning her body with his soulsense. Besides her labored breathing, there didn't seem to be anything else off about her.

He sighed in relief.

But then he saw the scary wound on the brown bear's leg. All color bled away from his face at the sight.

"Han Xiong! How did you get this injured?!"

Murderous intent like none other flooded Yue Feng's eyes, "Who dares?!"

"Xiao Xiong..." Nangong Yuexia started tearfully, "Xiao Xiong was hurt when he protected me. That....that person was too strong....he's a space-type soul cultivator! We couldn't fight him..."

"A space-type soul cultivator?" Yue Feng raised an eyebrow, "What happened? Sister Yuexia, don't lie to me....what happened exactly. Who hurt you?"

Much to her own credit, Nangong Yuexia was a mentally strong girl and was able to calm down enough to tell Yue Feng her story.

"When I...realized that you and my senior weren't here when we entered, I was really worried. It was a good thing Xiao Xiong and you were able to hold contact still. We were following the connection back to you when...."

She talked about Li Yuchun and how he gave chase in trying to kill her. Then she talked about Zheng Kai and how he stopped Li Yuchun and helped her escape.

Yue Feng's eyes were as red as fire as he listened to Nangong Yuexia's story, but he didn't do anything until she finished. Just slightly, there was also a look of shock and worry.

He looked up at the direction Yuexia came from. "Sister Yuexia, we have to go back to where they're fighting!"

"Brother Yue Feng, are you going to help him?"

"Of course! Someone else risked their life to help you escape, how could we let him fight by himself! If they're not done fighting, then I definitely want to go back and kill that bastard Li Yuchun myself!"

And that was that. Nangong Yuexia took Yue Feng with her down the path they came. When they approached a small mountain, Yue Feng could sense two strong auras currently fighting one another up ahead.

"The battle's not done yet!" Yue Feng's eyes lit up with a light of joy that quickly turned into merciless anger.

"Sister Yuexia, hide here and don't come out. I'm going to help him!"

She nodded. "Be safe, brother Yue Feng."

Suppressing his aura, Yue Feng slowly snuck up to the battlefield and tilted his head over to see what was going on on the other side of the mountain. From there, he could see a large plains, but not much else could be seen. Yue Feng's eyes widened a bit before he threw himself a half-meter over to the right.


A black ray of light flew past him and landed on a large boulder just a little bit to his left, carving out a hole in it without even a sound.

Yue Feng's eyes were glued tight to the hole in the boulder, the hairs on his arms and legs rising up with cold sweat. He swung his head over to where the two people were fighting.

"Damn! This is what a battle between two space-type soul cultivators is like?!"

The troubled look on his face was kicked up a notch as he sighed to himself.

Several hundred meters ahead, Yue Feng could see two shadows flickering from one spot to another. Black energy was flying everywhere, but strangely without sound. The black energy seemed to crumble and disintegrate whenever it touched one another. Sometimes, it'd fly straight up into the skies or down into the ground. If it flew into the skies, then the black energy would dissipate after some time.

The black energy that had nearly grazed him had only just been a small ball about the size of his thumb.

The battle was already in a very intensive moment, as Li Yuchun suddenly disappeared from the ground to reappear several meters high in the sky. From there, he disappeared again to appear even higher up!


The jet-black sword in his hand started to hum violently now. Soulforce was pouring out from his body in larger amounts into the sword.

One sword became two, two to four, and then four to eight....

Soon, over a hundred identically-black blades were floating all around him before he sent the command down to rain a volley of black swords onto his enemy!

"Damn! Your final move?! I have one too!!"

Zheng Kai shouted at Li Yuchun at the sight. He tossed the fan in his hand up into the air and formed five different seals with his hands. Upon the fifth seal, he stooped his waist just slightly and flared his soulforce in preparation to unleash his move.

His right hand flew out to touch upon the face of his fan with his palm. Then, with his right foot as the axis of rotation, he began to spin around!

His rotation was hypnotic almost with his movements being like the steps to a dance. The fan in his palm flitted high and low through the air, seemingly cutting a pitch-black tear in the space behind it as it moved. Instead of flying outwards like before, the black tears only expanded in size as Zheng Kai spun around. From one meter to three, the black energy soon transformed into a 'shield'!

A parabolic parasol made of space that would protect Zheng Kai from anything above his head!

The formation of this shield was not a moon too early as the swords from Li Yuchun began to fall then. One by one, they dropped from the skies like droplets of rain to crash into Zheng Kai's shield!

Instead of both forces disappearing into nothing like before, whenever one of the black swords touched Zheng Kai's shield-like boundary, they melded into it and expanded it!

It almost looked like the falling blades of space were being absorbed into Zheng Kai's shield!

In the snap of a finger, dozens of black swords had already fallen into the shield and disappeared out from sight, proportionally expanding the shield in size!

Originally, Zheng Kai planned on just using teleportation in order to just evade the spatial blades. He couldn't let them touch him, of course, but with so many of them, it was a better idea to simply use this parabolic umbrella of space to just protect him from the clusters of blades raining down on him!

But that wasn't all this shield was meant to do!

Since Li Yuchun had teleported far up into the skies to attack him, Zheng Kai was using his attacks to expand that shield so that it'd swallow Li Yuchun whole when he came back down!

Skywalking was impossible here, Li Yuchun's usage of teleportation was slightly slower than Zheng Kai's. It'd be all over for him if he fell down!

Li Yuchun was shocked at the sight of Zheng Kai's response. Whenever one of his swords fell into that shield, he could sense the boundless energy in his swords being transferred into the shield rather than being cancelled out!

Those swords that struck the ground rather than Zheng Kai's shield dug out a large scar over the ground in ever eerie shapes.

In the skies, the black shield was only flying higher in the skies, and a lot larger.

From a hundred meters, to two hundred meters, then three hundred meters....

The higher up the shield went, the smaller it looked from the ground below. From where Zheng Kai stood, it looked like a hole had appeared in the sky for a rather demonic sight.