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 Chapter 769: The Days Of Before

Both Lin Zihao and the two Ji brothers gave Bai Yunfei a strange look as if they weren't sure if they had heard Bai Yunfei correctly.

"Senior You?!"

It was....especially strange to hear such a title given to You Qingfeng. This young man was extremely strong, so how did it make sense for him to be addressing You Qingfeng as if he was from the younger generation?


You Qingfeng felt the same way. He was slightly embarrassed by such an appellation and was in fact still trying to get over the rather abrupt events while Bai Yunfei was off chasing down the beast tamer.

The 'Bai Yunfei' he met before and the 'Bai Yunfei' standing in front of him today felt like completely different people. Only when Bai Yunfei came back did he slowly accept that it is what it was.

Here was the facts.

This person, Bai Yunfei, is the very same young man he came to know back in Jadewillow City in the Azure Cloud Province. That young man was fairly new to the world of soul cultivators and was only a Late-stage Soul Warrior at the time. He was also being bullied at the time.

You Qingfeng also remembered Bai Yunfei forcing into the Soul Sprite realm in order to be able to fight an early-stage Soul Sprite. There had been another figure, the 'Wolf's Child', Hong Yin, who had helped Bai Yunfei do so by giving him a fireseed spirit mushroom, but that had nearly ended up in Bai Yunfei's death.

And yet!

Here was that very same young man now seven years later. A Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt! And someone who could easily kill two elite beast tamers of the same level of strength as he was!

But even more importantly, he was the same Bai Yunfei of the rumors! The Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School!

With all those thoughts swimming through his head, You Qingfeng nearly felt like he didn't even know this Bai Yunfei.

Those thoughts were made even more complicated when Bai Yunfei suddenly called him 'senior You'. It was very disorientating to be called by such a title as if he was an esteemed elder, and You Qingfeng couldn't help but even more embarrassed by the looks everyone was giving him. "Ah...Bai Yunfei...there's no need to call me senior. It's not very appropriate...."

"Ah?" Bai Yunfei blinked, unsure of what there was to be embarrassed about until a moment later. "Haha, in that case....would big brother You suffice?"

"That would be much better." You Qingfeng sighed.

He pointed to the two people next to him, "Brother Bai, let me introduce you to these two. This is the strongest student of our Wood School, Lin Zihao. And this is my junior, Xu Rui."

He pointed to Bai Yunfei next, "Zihao, this is Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School."

Lin Zihao was the strongest student of his school, but he was younger than You Qingfeng. And since he had entered the school later than You Qingfeng had, You Qingfeng was considered the senior student.

The light in Lin Zihao's eyes flickered a bit when he heard just where Bai Yunfei was from. A surprised look crossed his face before he bowed politely to him. "Ah, brother Bai from the Crafting School, it's an honor meeting you."

"Likewise." Bai Yunfei returned the greeting before he looked off to the two twins. "Big brother You, what happened? Why are we fighting?"

Before You Qingfeng could answer, the junior named Xu Rui right by his side snorted. "Hmph, it was all calm when you left, brother Bai. We were looking for the soulgems as you said, but then those two appeared and wanted to steal them away from us. It's a good thing senior Lin got here when he did, otherwise they would've took the soulgems with them and left!"

"I see..."

Bai Yunfei nodded in understanding. Stealing away the profit of another person's hard work was a common thing in this world, especially if it was something as pricey as the soulgem of a late-stage class six soulbeast. It wouldn't be at all weird for people to try and fight over those soulgems. Neither Lin Zihao or the two twins looked like they were really trying to kill each other, so the battle was somewhat constrained with neither side willing to kill the other for the prize.

You Qingfeng's introduction was heard by the two brothers. Their reactions was completely identical to one another, so it wasn't sure which one was the younger brother and which one was the older brother. Looking at one another, they nodded and silently made their retreat.

They were very clearly not willing to fight over the soulgems anymore and was making their leave.

Xu Rui snorted at the sight of them leaving. He was planning to say something but was stopped by You Qingfeng. Bai Yunfei and Lin Zihao both didn't plan on doing anything but watch the two brothers leave, so You Qingfeng didn't want Xu Rui to do anything.

"But senior You, they were so arrogant! Shouldn't we teach them a lesson?" Xu Rui groused in complaint as he watched the two leave.

"We're not here to fight other people. You and I aren't in good condition, do you want to waste Zihao's energy? How are we going to get the Extreme King Pills then?"

Xu Rui said nothing after that.

That left You Qingfeng free to give Bai Yunfei a better look now that the commotion had died down. "Bai Yunfei...I never would've expected that you...you've grown so much. It's really hard to believe..."

The accomplishments of Bai Yunfei was really shocking. He had only been a Soul Sprite seven years ago, and now he was a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt.

It was hard to even describe what he was feeling. He himself was after all just a Late-stage Soul Ancestor at the time. Him reaching the level he was at was already astonishing, so Bai Yunfei's feat was practically world-defying.

"I never forgot about the justice you helped me with back in Jadewillow City, big brother You. I just never thought that I'd see you here of all places so many years later..."

A nostalgic look flitted across Bai Yunfei's eyes. Those memories of days before had been of when Bai Yunfei was very new to the world of soul cultivators before already having an unforgettable lesson etched into his bones...

"Come to think of it, I came with my master to the Crafting School two years ago. I wanted to see if the Bai Yunfei I heard about in the rumors was you, but you weren't anywhere to be found. Yuhe was with me at the time and was hoping that it'd be you. She was disappointed when you weren't there though. I recall her moping about being forgotten about by her older brother...."

"Ah....two years ago, was it? I was in Soulbeast Forest at the time..." A sweatdrop fell down Bai Yunfei's forehead. Truth be told, he really hadn't thought much about his 'sworn sister' Chu Yuhe in recent memory. To in turn have her think about him made him feel ashamed to be called her 'sworn brother'. "How has she been lately?"

TL Note: Check chapter 29 for Chu Yuhe.

"She's doing fine," You Qingfeng smiled, "our fourth elder took her in as a student. She's very talented and is growing quickly. She's an early-stage Soul Exalt now."

"That's good....I've some time as of late, so perhaps I'll visit your esteemed school afterwards and see Yuhe."

"We'll welcome you with wide-open arms, of course! In fact, I'll have to return to the school after this matter is done, why not come with us?"

"That...I will have to decline. I've a small matter I've yet to finish."

Their conversation about the past had only lasted for a short moment since Bai Yunfei was worried about Yue Feng and wanted to catch up to him. "Big brother You, the Extreme King Pills are in that direction. Look for the glowing red mountain peaks. It's about twenty-five kilometers maybe. Are you healed enough to go?"

"Over there?!" You Qingfeng's eyes lit up with excitement, "You found it already?"

"Yes, the mountains here are blocking the line of sight, but if you travel down that way, you'll be able to see it. It's rather obvious, so you should be able to find the location quickly."

You Qingfeng gave an excited look to Lin Zihao right next to him. "This should mean we can start heading on over, Zihao. Junior Xu and I can recover our soulforce on the way. We shouldn't have any fights to worry about, so recovery won't be impossible."

"There's no time," Lin Zihao nodded in agreement, "the others will definitely be there soon. If we leave early, we can get there first hopefully.

"Will you not be coming with us, brother Bai?"

Bai Yunfei shook his head. "I have a friend I need to find first, so I'll be splitting ways here. But I'm sure we'll meet each other there shortly afterwards."

Lin Zihao and the other two were a little surprised that Bai Yunfei wasn't going straight for the Extreme King Pills, though they want to spend what little time they had to dwell on it. Without anything else needing to be said, the three of them first gave the soulgems they found to Bai Yunfei before leaving straight for where Bai Yunfei said had the Extreme King Pills.

Bai Yunfei didn't spend much time here either. Summoning the thundertail bird to him, he headed off towards the direction Yue Feng traveled to with a great deal of haste.

It was already almost half an hour since Yue Feng left him. The battle would surely not take that long to finish, and Bai Yunfei wasn't sure if they'd even be in the same place as he was told they'd be. He had to go over and confirm things for himself before he could try and head for the Extreme King Pills.

The area he was going for was the place where Zheng Kai and Li Yuchun were fighting. How was the fight going on between the two of them?