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 Chapter 767: Extermination

"Be careful, senior Zhang!!"

The panicked shriek coming from his junior was confusing to him, and he couldn't help but look down at him in confusion.

Then he heard the next few words the other beast tamer wanted to say.

"That hoop he has can control soulbeast puppets!"

The pupils of the beast tamer dilated in both fright and shock. That was when he took a good look and saw what Bai Yunfei was doing.

When Bai Yunfei leapt forward off the eagle, there had been a flicker of movement from his hand. The hoop that had been around the eagle's neck came off of it and was back in Bai Yunfei's hand by the time he was on the Cataclysmic Seal. Then when he leapt off, Bai Yunfei threw the item straight towards the beast tamer!

The white eagle had gone stiff the moment the ring detached from it and plummeted straight to the ground as stiff as a statue. On the other hand, the lightning-type butterfly was still spreading its powder around the area, and in hardly any time, the area was like if a thunderstorm was brewing there.

Everything was going as Bai Yunfei expected. The Beast Taming Ring was thrown, and the beast tamer was having one of his soulbeast puppets attack.

Just according to plan.

In the eyes of the beast tamer, Bai Yunfei was completely defenseless in the air, but that wasn't so. Bai Yunfei's aim was to throw the Beast Taming Ring at the incoming golden lion!

The beast tamer had seen Bai Yunfei throw the hoop, but he disregarded it since there wasn't any type of energy coming from it. True as it was to throw a hoop like that without a purpose, the beast tamer was more worried about Bai Yunfei's onward momentum and so had the lion come forward to stop him.

He was in the middle of having the lion use a wave of elemental metal to attack Bai Yunfei when his junior beast tamer cried out a panicked warning and brought him to the disarray he was in now.

What he heard from his junior was very puzzling to him.

"What do you mean by that?!"

He cried out. His right hand jerked back, calling for the lion to return as a precautionary action against whatever Bai Yunfei was planning.

While he didn't fully believe in what his junior was aying, the beast tamer had still enough suspicion in the ring to do as he was warned. Pointing a finger at the hoop, he had the lion try to dodge it.

But the warning from his junior came far too late!

Bai Yunfei hadn't any intentions to dodge the wave of elemental metal. His eyes were focused entirely on the lion and the ring. With one slight tilt of his fingers, Bai Yunfei had the ring shift to the side and expand large enough to go over the lion's head!


There was a muffled explosion as Bai Yunfei came crashing into the attack of the late-stage class six lion. The wave of elemental metal exploded, showering Bai Yunfei with an explosion of bright light!


The beast tamer was stunned. Rather than let the attack hit him, the beast tamer thought Bai Yunfei would've dodged it. But it seemed like all his worrying was for naught since Bai Yunfei was hit! Even if that attack wasn't enough, it was still a good first move to capitalize on!

"Tch!! F*ck off!!"

He spat. His fingers flexed with soulforce as he had the butterfly soulbeast go over to where Bai Yunfei was again. Its petal-like wings stiffened slightly before the edges grew jagged like a saw blade. The butterfly started to spin around, rotating faster and faster before it took off towards Bai Yunfei!

The beast tamer was in a hurry. Not having all the information on his enemy was a little discomforting, and the beast tamer wanted to make sure he could kill Bai Yunfei without even the smallest of problems. That was why he launched a powerful attack straight afterwards!

The lightning-type butterfly flew towards Bai Yunfei to attack while the beast tamer had the lion rev up for a second attack!

But....when he tried to send that command for the lion to attack, he realized that the lion wasn't responding to him!

"Senior Zhang, dodge it!!"

Beast tamer Zhou shrieked in morbid despair, but the pointy-lipped beast tamer didn't seem to notice with how his wide-open eyes were glued to the lion in absolute shock!


Then came a stinging pain so sharp he clutched both hands to his head and wailed out loud!


While he was screaming, the lion he was trying to control suddenly turned around and....slashed him across the chest with its golden glaws!


The first to tear was his robes followed by chunks of red. The claws streaked across his belly and tore away at the soft golden armor he was wearing. Though the claws weren't sharp enough to pierce into his skin, it was still strong enough to send him flying away into the cat-like soulbeast behind him!

It was only just a brief twenty meters of fall distance, but it took only half of that for the beast tamer to remember where he was. Shaking his head, he had the soulbeast under him halt their descent.


There was a soft ringing sound as the beast tamer came to a stop. Turning his head, he saw a red beam of light come straight for him!

"Ahh!!" A beam of violet light burst forth from him. Since he hadn't any soul armaments that could protect him in time, he had his elemental energy materialize as a shield in front of him instead.


The barrier he erected proved to be useless. The red beam of light tore straight through it without being stopped for even just a second. The only obstruction to be had was when the beam of light struck the beast tamer's armor, but even that was pierced straight through to have the beam exit back out his back!

The beam of light exited from the beast tamer's back and embedded itself into the mountain beneath, shaking slightly when it came to a stop-it was the Fire-tipped Spear!

"Ah!! Senior Zhang!! Ahhh!!!"

Shrieked the skinny beast tamer as he watched his senior fall and smash onto a hard boulder below with enough force that his head was deformed by impact. The death of his senior meant control of the cat-like soulbeast would be lost, and that he'd be unable to disentangle himself from the tail. He shrieked again at the realization and tried his best to escape, but to no avail.

"I don't want to die! I don't want to die!! Ahh!!!"

"Bang! Crack...."

One final scream later, the skinny beast tamer slammed into the ground, conveniently where a rather sharp stone was, spearing through the person. With his weakened state, the beast tamer had simply no defenses against the impact and had his entire person be dashed against the unforgiving ground. His bones fractured and his spine cracked, thus ultimately ending his life.

After the lion struck the pointy-lipped beast tamer, it returned towards the area where Bai Yunfei had been hit earlier. The Fire-tipped Spear had came out from this area a while ago before a person dropped down from the skies, and the lion had gotten there fast enough to catch him before he fell too far.

Though targeted by the attacks of both the butterfly and lion, Bai Yunfei didn't seem too injured. Only his robes were worse for wear. He first decided to weather the lion's attack after he tossed the hoop but the butterfly's attack made him decide otherwise. Activating the Cataclysmic Seal's effect, he had the barrier protect him from the two attacks instead.

Bai Yunfei landed on the lion's back and had it float slowly down to the mountain peak. Behind him, the butterfly floated slowly to the ground.

The battle between him and the two beast tamers had only taken ten seconds at most before fully resolving!

When it came to the Beast Taming School or the beast tamers, Bai Yunfei was wholly confident in his ability to take care of them.

Four beast tamers had gone in to the pocket, and now, three of them had died within the span of ten minutes of meeting Bai Yunfei....