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 Chapter 763: Escaping From the Madness Ahead!

The instantaneous kill was something even Bai Yunfei was startled to see. He had been planning on controlling the praying mantis to send an attack command onto its master, but he was only imagining something like snapping his leg since he had to deal with the soulbeasts behind him first.

So it was to his great surprise that the praying mantis attack was so devastatingly brutal and swift. That fatty hadn't even been able to do anything before he was attacked by his own soulbeast puppet. And without any proper guard of any kind, the fatty was simply decapitated by the blade arm of the praying mantis without fuss nor trouble.

It couldn't really be blamed that the fatty was far too weak. As one of the strongest students in his generation, the beast tamer was actually very strong and wouldn't die easily. But because of how strange the circumstances was and his ignorance of the abilities of the Beast Taming Ring, the fat beast tamer wasn't able to wrestle back control of the praying mantis.

The control he had over the praying mantis was gone thanks to what Bai Yunfei did, and though the results of that wasn't enough to severely wound him, the beast tamer was still quite injured in a way like if an ordinary commoner was thwacked behind the head with an iron rod. In these circumstances, the praying mantis was meant to protect him from Bai Yunfei, so how was he supposed to know his protector would actually become his executioner?

Soulbeast puppets were tools for war for those of the Beast Taming School. They were like large soul armaments that could be freely controlled just like how Bai Yunfei could freely control his soulbond armaments.

By direct comparison, if Bai Yunfei was using his Cataclysmic Seal to attack people and suddenly went out of control to smash into Bai Yunfei, how was he supposed to react or defend in time to it?

So even as unlucky the fat beast tamer was, his death wasn't unjustified. The overwhelming effects of the Beast Taming Ring was beyond what anyone else knew, and even a Soul King of the Beast Taming School had already lost his life due to the very same soul armament. A mere Soul Exalt had no chance against it.

Still surprised by the unexpected results of the Beast Taming Ring, Bai Yunfei was quick to capitalize on it. While the skinny beast tamer was trying to retreat, he was already issuing a command with his mind to have the praying mantis aim another chop at the beast tamer!

"Whoosh! Bang!!"

The skinny beast tamer leapt several meters into the air to avoid being struck by the blade. But a beam of orange light flew forward and struck him in his shoulder, severing a chunk of it from the rest of his body.

A large body of sweat pooled on the forehead of the beast tamer from the pain he was in. If not for his fast movements, it would've been his life that would've been lost rather than just his shoulder. Still retreating, he gaped in fear at Bai Yunfei, "Who...how did you do that?!"

He knew that the soulbeast puppet that was normally under senior Zhu's control was now being controlled by someone of the Crafting School!

It was a piece of information that threatened to shake his entire world. He joined the Beast Taming School when he was young and spent his entire life training in it. Many many battles had been fought and won by him, but never had he ever heard of someone managing to do what Bai Yunfei did. Never had an 'outsider' been able to control the soulbeast puppets of the Beast Taming School!

But it was clear to see that something had 'wrestled' senior Zhu's control away from his praying mantis! It was completely incomprehensible to him. A question without any foreseeable answer and something he was in complete shock and denial over.


As if in response to his question, the praying mantis let loose another blade of elemental energy again, The beast tamer managed to dodge this one attack with a calmer mind, but still, he was in complete fear at his current situation!

And how could he not be? His unbelievably strong senior Zhu had been killed for some inexplicable reason, and now he was by himself! He had always followed his senior around, and now that he was by himself, the only thing he could think of doing now was to....flee!

Not even a speck of courage was left in him now. He hadn't the balls to even think about fighting Bai Yunfei again. Even as afraid as he was, it wasn't too hard to understand just why!

As a beast tamer, he relied on using soulbeast puppets to fight. To fight against someone who could 'use' their soulbeast puppets against them without trouble was terrifying and an enigma. How could any beast tamer be brave enough to keep on fighting?!

"Don't come over!!"

In his fright when he saw the praying mantis come for him, the beast tamer waved his right hand to call out a pangolin-like soulbeast from his ring. It stood in front of him in a protective stance to stop the elemental attack from the mantis from hitting him.


The pangolin was only a mid-stage class six soulbeast in strength, but its defensive properties were far beyond that classification. And since the praying mantis wasn't at its peak strength, the elemental attack it attacked with wasn't nearly enough to break the pangolin's scales. Under the control of the beast tamer, the pangolin roared and bounded forward to whirl around in the air. Its four claws extended outwards to grab onto the praying mantis and then tried to rip it apart with its sharp fang and teeth. In one bite, the pangolin was holding onto the mantis' head!

The beast tamer gave up on the praying mantis as soon as it was stopped by the pangolin. He pointed a finger at Bai Yunfei, crying out, "Go die!!"

Three soulbeasts sprung onto Bai Yunfei from behind. Having not been used to fight earlier due to the beast tamer's shock, the three soulbeasts were now being commanded to hold Bai Yunfei off while he made his escape. The beetle and other rhino had stopped moving since the fat beast tamer was the one controlling them, but the other three were still being controlled just enough to stall for time.

Under his careful control, the beast tamer had the giant elephant raise its two giant feet up into the air before slamming them back into the ground with an bright orange wave of energy!


A giant two-meter deep crack ran through the ground from where the elephant stepped to chase after Bai Yunfei!

The sudden tremors in the ground had been sudden enough to catch Bai Yunfei off guard. His feet staggered to keep their balance, but he managed to leap into the air before the ground beneath him crumbled away into the chasm opening up there.

He wasn't safe in the skies either. As soon as he leapt up, a giant shadow flew up with him to slash at him with several elemental energy infused strikes at his heart!


Bai Yunfei clutched at his Fire-tipped Spear, using it to strike against the incoming attack and using that concussive force to send Bai Yunfei away from the enemy.

He flew a good dozen meters back to the ground where he managed to steady himself. He charged towards the beast tamer once again, but was then forced to leap to the left not even a second after.

He turned his head around just in time to see the skinny beast tamer commanding a giant dark eagle. Leaping onto it, he slapped the eagle and immediately took off into the skies with him on the eagle's back!

It was a wind-type mid-stage class six soulbeast. With its wings, the eagle was powerful enough to fly several dozen meters into the sky!

The beast tamer was trying to escape! Even without any of his three soulbeast puppets still there on the ground!

"Be careful, Bai Yunfei!!"

Surprised by what the beast tamer was doing, Bai Yunfei was forced to look away when he received the warning from You Qingfeng not too far away from him. It had only been a moment ago when the wolf had forced him out from the skies, but now the rhino was just a short ten meters away from him!

In that instant, the skinny beast tamer whirled around to look at them, his eyes shining with furious killing intent. He raised both hands to go through a series of hand seals, each seal increasing the chaotic flow of soulforce by a fraction. The pain from his injuries was killing him, but he didn't care. All he could do was glare angrily at Bai Yunfei and cry out:

"Die!! Just explode!!"

Having planned on dodging the rhino before this cry came from the beast tamer, Bai Yunfei's widened in alarm for the very first time since the battle begun as he realized what the beast tamer was doing!