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 Chapter 762: The Might of the Beast Taming Ring

The crystalline hoop detached itself from Bai Yunfei's left arm when he and the praying mantis clashed with one another, and it had gone unnoticed by the two beast tamers due to the relief they were feeling. They had been glad that Bai Yunfei had been stopped, but just two seconds later when both Bai Yunfei and the praying mantis were at a stop, the fat beast tamer who was controlling the praying mantis realized that something was coming towards the mantis.

"What is this?!"

He cried out. His heart rate skyrocketed again when he thought Bai Yunfei was throwing some sort of powerful soul armament as an explosive or something towards him. Those of the Crafting School used soul armaments that were beyond the levels of what normal soul armaments could do, but he realized that the hoop wasn't going for either him or his other beast tamer friend. It was flying straight for the praying mantis for some reason. As long as he himself was safe, the beast tamer didn't really care if the hoop was targeting the near-dead praying mantis.

But then he realized something was off with the incoming ring. True, it was flying with considerable speed, but the amount of energy coming from it was pitiful as if it hadn't any energy to begin with.

Though he didn't really understand what was going on, something was definitely going on. The fatty sneered and pointed his finger, commanding the praying mantis to cut at the incoming hoop.

The skinny beast tamer was already making several commands with his hands. Right behind Bai Yunfei, one of the rhinos, wolf, and even the large elephant was making another attempt to kill Bai Yunfei. Each soulbeast let loose a loud roar before they charged.

Since the fatty was controlling the mantis, his attack onto Bai Yunfei was a little slower with the second rhino and beetle, but he managed to have the two soulbeasts go in to surround Bai Yunfei anyways.


Bai Yunfei felt something tighten around his right leg. Looking down, he realized that the tail of the orange python from earlier had wrapped around it! Rather than disappearing when it failed to hit him, the python had merely used its tail to sink his leg into place!

In one sparse second, the tides of battle were already starting to change with Bai Yunfei being at the receiving half of things!

The looks of joy You Qingfeng had when he was watching Bai Yunfei earlier was already turning back into concern again while the two beast tamers looked pleased at their handiwork.

Compared to them, Bai Yunfei was still as calm as ever almost as if it didn't even matter if he was a disadvantage or not. Perhaps things were going as he planned, but even when his right leg was caught, Bai Yunfei simply stabbed his Fire-tipped Spear into the ground behind his foot!


Like stabbing into tofu, the spear sunk deep into the ground before....


+10 Additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, explosion!

As if an underground bomb had gone off, a wave of fire burst out from where the Fire-tipped Spear had stabbed into the ground. The blast had been so strong that Bai Yunfei's entire person was thrown a few meters to the left away from his original position.

Subsequently, this meant Bai Yunfei was able to move far away enough to dodge everything since....the only thing wrapping around his leg now was a piece of the snake's tail!

The explosion from his spear had stabbed into the area where the snake had been, and so the explosion had thus eviscerated it!

Bai Yunfei didn't even glance at the portion of the tail wrapped around his leg. His eyes were stuck on the path ahead as he leapt forward, his left hand arcing from left to right as if to cut something.

Right in front of him, the praying mantis was just waving its remaining hand in a circular motion when Bai Yunfei waved his left hand. As if being controlled, the hoop followed Bai Yunfei's motions to dodge the blade arm of the praying mantis!

And then after it dodged the blade, the hoop flew to the top of the mantis' head!

As soon as the two touched, Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up with a powerful gleam of light!

The wrist-sized hoop began to expand in size and circumference. Turning into the size of a wash basin, the hoop then slipped over the mantis' head and over its neck!

Not knowing what the hoop was doing, the fat beast tamer looked on in confusion, but it was too late to do anything. The hoop had already tightened around the mantis' neck!


Bai Yunfei's eyes shined even brighter with light. He was already a good fifty meters ahead from the other soulbeast, meaning he had some time to act. With one swift motion, he pointed his left hand at the fat beast tamer!

"What are yo-agh!!"

Initially about to order the mantis to cut the hoop away from its neck, the beast tamer was surprised by Bai Yunfei pointing his finger at him. He was going to say something more, but then a fierce stabbing pain in his head forced him to cut all communication short and clutch at his head before he let loose a pained howl!!

Bai Yunfei's finger was the activation signal for the Charm Bracelet to activate its pseudo-soul attack onto him. It wasn't a very strong attack, but it was enough to jolt the beast tamer's mind and cause him to have a look of concentration. And then the resulting scream was because of the sudden lighting up of the ring around the mantis' neck!

Needless to say, this ring was the most prized possession Bai Yunfei had to use against those of the Beast Taming School, the Beast Taming Ring!

Beast Taming Ring stats:

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +10

Pet Loyalty +50

Defense: 2200

Additional Effect: Pet Loyalty +25

Soul Compatibility: 65%

+10 Additional Effect: Gain the ability to control the soulbeast wearing this item.

Success rate is dependent on the difference in mental strength between user and target.

Upgrade Requirement: 100 Soulpoints

With all his uses of the Beast Taming Ring to this point, Bai Yunfei was a master of it. As soon as it snapped in place around the mantis' neck, Bai Yunfei summoned all of his mind power and connected with the Beast Taming Ring to storm into its mindspace!

Then without waiting for even the fat beast tamer to react, Bai Yunfei immediately took control of the cognitive mindspace of the mantis with his soulsense!

"Senior Zhu! What's wrong?!"

The howls of the fatty caused the skinny beast tamer to look at him, his hands supporting the other from falling to the ground.

But even before he could steady the man, the skinny beast tamer felt the mark of death descending down on him. Straightening with extreme fear, he tossed himself to the side at once!

As a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, the skinny beast tamer had more than enough reaction and speed to get himself far away enough from his original spot. The moment he was out of the clearance zone, a giant golden light swept across the area where he used to be!

But even though he had managed to get away, the fat beast tamer friend of his was still barely managing to get back onto his feet!


A single object tumbled through the air, blood spilling through the air all over!

"Se-senior Zhu!!"

The skinny beast tamer cried out in abject shock at what he had just witnessed!


There was a soft thud as the flying object tumbled next to the skinny man's side. It rolled a bit longer before finally coming to a stop, allowing everyone to look at just what it was. And when the skinny beast tamer saw it, his face drained completely of blood!

This was....the head of the fat beast tamer!

That golden beam of light had been an attack that decapitated the fat bast tamer when his guard was down!

Blood was pouring out like a fountain from his headless corpse just a few meters away....

Horrified, the skinny beast tamer stared at the decapitated head and then to the killer of his brother, his eyes filled with a blank shock.

"How....how! How how how how how!!"

The skinny beast tamer cried out again and again as if that was the only word he knew. He started to retreat as if he had just seen a ghost-the horrifying thing was that it wasn't Bai Yunfei that had killed his brother, it was the soulbeast puppet of the fat beast tamer, the praying mantis!

For no reason whatsoever, the soulbeast puppet had killed its master, a beast tamer, without warning!

It was because of that reason that the skinny beast tamer was frightened completely out of his mind.