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 Chapter 756: Unable to Withstand Even A Single Blow

"Boom! Boom! Boom...."

Explosions rocked the ravine along with earth tremors and violent bursts of wind to accompany them. Bai Yunfei couldn't even be seen anymore with everything happening around him. All that could clearly be seen were the golden swords raining down, the wind blades ripping through the place, and the explosions that erupted from the ground.

"Tsk tsk....those two men play it rough. I wonder if that brat's going to die after all that...."

From his hidden spot on the right of the ravine, a single person was watching the disaster that was taking place there with shock and just a little bit of excitement. Before he could finish what he was saying, his eyes bulged outwards in shock as he realized just how wrong he was about the situation!

"Bang! Bang!!"

Two explosions that didn't sound at all like elemental energy caused explosions was heard before two black figures were flung straight out from the dust storm!

And at a closer glance, everyone realized it was the luminous tiger and four-armed wind ape that had been thrown out! They flew a hundred meters away before tumbling to the ground in a jumbled mess.


A soft humming sound could distinctly be heard above everything else. From the chaos that was the dust storm, a crimson-red light started to expand outwards. One second later, a giant red 'boulder' came flying out from the dust storm without at all caring for the myriad swords or wind blades hitting it. Whenever they hit the object, they only managed to create a few sparks before disappearing into the atmosphere, spent of energy!

But if that wasn't enough, the object continued to fly forward unimpeded by everything that was hitting it to fly at the gray-robed man!

"What is that thing?!"

The usage of his most powerful attack was extremely taxing on the gray-robed man. Practically bent over on the ground, the man had barely any time but to widen his eyes and brace his arms in front of his chest to protect himself from the incoming object....


The object collided into his person with a large thud. Like a kite with no strings, the man was flung flying into the skies with a great deal of blood coming out from his mouth.


The other soul cultivator watched his companion fly through the skies with a wide-open jaw. A streak of red light flew out from the dust storm before he was finished talking to strike him down!

His pupils dilated with fear at the sight. Waving his right hand at once, an orange-colored shield appeared over his person. It glowed even brighter as he poured more of his soulforce into it, and soon, the shield was about three inches in thickness.




The red streak of light broke through the golden shield in seemingly no time at all, shattering it into multiple golden pieces before entering the wind-type Soul Exalt and exiting out his back!


The red streak of light continued several dozen meters forward before finally embedding itself halfway into a large boulder where it continued to tremble a bit.

It was then that everyone could see a crimson-red spear in the boulder!


An explosion followed quickly afterwards when the giant Cataclysmic Seal came crashing into the ground!

The gray-robed man had been right underneath where the Cataclysmic Seal came down on! And just a little under a hundred meters away was the Soul Exalts Yue Feng and Bai Yunfei knocked out a little earlier!

In other words, three people had all met the same fate underneath the Cataclysmic Seal. Words weren't needed to explain how they were right now.


The wind-type Soul Exalt, the one spear through the heart with the Fire-tipped Spear, fell back down to the ground near them...


The gale of wind around Bai Yunfei slowly started to die down now that nothing was feeding it with energy. Bai Yunfei stepped out from it, the Cataclysmic Seal back by his side now in its originally small size. He walked past the corpse of the wind-type Soul Exalt and took out the Fire-tipped Spear from the boulder.


The weak but mournful cries of two soulbeasts could be heard a little farther away. Turning his head, Bai Yunfei watched as the luminous tiger and four-armed wind ape shiver with fright as they looked at him.

With their fatigue and the deaths of their soul cultivators, the two soulbeasts were so heavily injured that they were no longer capable of fighting.

The two soulbeasts howled once with fear at the sight of Bai Yunfei coming closer. Summoning the very last of their strengths, the two leapt away from him to escape.

Bai Yunfei didn't bother to give chase. He merely shook his head and turned away. Two soulbeasts without their soul cultivators were no threat to him. He didn't really care to kill them either.


A little farther away, the person in hiding from behind the two boulders was shaking where he sat. His eyes were wide-open in disbelief with what he had just witnessed.

He didn't say anything for a very long time, his mind trying its best to process everything.

Finally, his body started to shake with fear. "Impossible....just impossible...! How is he so strong, how can he be this terrifyingly strong?!"

He was trying his best to calm his racing heart now, though the fear was still prominent in his eyes. Whatever initial bravado he had when plotting his idea to attack when both sides were tired was gone now as he realized just how wrong that plan was now....

"I have to escape!!"

That was the only thing on his mind now. He couldn't hope to fight Bai Yunfei here. His only hope was to run as far away as Bai Yunfei as was possible!

Taking in one deep breath, he bolted from the boulder like an arrow into the direction of the ravine. He took one final glance to look at where Bai Yunfei was, but he couldn't see Bai Yunfei anywhere!

One second later, his eyes widened in fright as he realized just where Bai Yunfei was!

"Is it me you're looking for?"

A voice spoke from behind his head. Slowly turning it to look at the speaker in the face, he was treated to the sight of Bai Yunfei walking out from one of the boulders to stare icily at him!

His fearful face was clear for Bai Yunfei to see the moment he raised his head. Bai Yunfei started, a look of surprise on his own face when he realized this person was familiar. It took him a second to really think who this person was before he exclaimed, "You?!"

There was a look of glee on his face when he fully placed just who this person was. Smiling, Bai Yunfei spoke, "So you didn't die after all. That's good. I've a few questions to ask you..."