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 Chapter 754: Battle Between the Space-types

The fact that Zheng Kai had blocked his attack for a third time infuriated Li Yuchun. In all honesty, he hadn't even really cared about if Nangong Yuexia died or not, otherwise he would've killed her earlier in his pursuit rather than delay. But now that Zheng Kai was sticking his nose in where it didn't belong, he couldn't give up now. To do that would be to symbolize he was listening to Zheng Kai, and by extension that meant he was afraid of Zheng Kai.

Both these thoughts were unbearable to have.

He didn't particularly want to fight Zheng Kai either. Already twice had he attempted to try and kill Nangong Yuexia, but the damnably determined Zheng Kai was there to stop him both times and save the girl. Not only was he saving this girl, he was also allowing him the first step in every exchange!

"I don't want to bicker with you, but if you keep getting in my way then I won't show you any mercy!"

That was what Li Yuchun was currently thinking.

Zheng Kai's incoming left punch was met by a left hand of Li Yuchun. The two hands collided with one another and brought Li Yuchun a half-step backwards. From their positions, Li Yuchun was forced to look at the face of Zheng Kai, and Li Yuchun looked all the more disgusted by the face of his. With each second that passed, Li Yuchun's killing intent increased in intensity!

"Go die!!"

Li Yuchun spat out the two words and twisted his longsword to pull the sword back to slice at Zheng Kai's head!

"Hey there, what's all this about dying? You're far too violent."

Zheng Kai bantered with a faint smile, though his reaction was brutally swift. He pulled his left hand back and kicked off against the ground to get away from the path of the sword.

The sword missed Zheng Kai by inches, but from the tip of the sword a beam of black energy was already shooting out to cross that short distance to strike down Zheng Kai!

Zheng Kai's pupils narrowed at the sight. His retreat took him to only just ten meters away before his momentum died. Concentrating on his soulforce, Zheng Kai swiftly disappeared from sight before the black energy could hit him!

The blade of black energy continued to fly onwards beyond where Zheng Kai used to be. It flew a little longer before disappearing away from sight, failing to do its job of hitting Zheng Kai.

Li Yuchun was fully focused on trying to locate Zheng Kai as soon as he disappeared. Sensing something to his right, he snapped his head there just in time to see Zheng Kai appear just ten meters away!

Zheng made an exaggerated motion with his hand as if to wipe the sweatdrop away from his forehead. "Hey, are you serious?!" He grumbled. "If I was any slower with my reaction you would've been able to scoop my brains out with a ladle!"

His eyes floated over to the direction Nangong Yuexia was escaping to. The person in question was already gone from sight, drawing a smile from Zheng Kai at his accomplishment.

That expression infuriated Li Yuchun even more. Nangong Yuexia wasn't even an issue of contention for him anymore. His anger was fully focused on Zheng Kai. Drawing all his soulforce in his body, Li Yuchun prepared himself to fight with all he had.

"This is my best time to kill him. No one will know who did it if I hide his body here!"

He glared at Zheng Kai. He was determined to kill Zheng Kai in this pocket!


Zheng Kai turned his gaze back towards Li Yuchun, the aura coming from the other male catching his attention. Noticing the look being given to him, Zheng Kai gasped. "Hey hey! Don't tell me...you're really trying to kill me?"

In response to Zheng Kai's question, Li Yuchun struck out with his sword thrice to form three separate blades of spatial energy towards Zheng Kai's direction!

The largest difference between an attack of spatial energy and elemental energy was the fact that there normally wouldn't be a bright display of light from a spatial attack as was normal from elemental-based attacks. Spatial energy generally formed distortions that'd rip through the air without sound and be generally empty of elements. The only noticeable thing about it would be the spatial energy's flight path.

No longer smiling to focus on the battle, Zheng Kai focused in on the three spatial attacks coming at him. His legs pushed against the ground to take him towards the right, and then he disappeared from sight again!

He reappeared twenty meters away with the same inertia as when he first was dodging the three spatial attacks.

Teleportation was a skill that space-type soul cultivators employed most.

But no sooner did Zheng Kai reappear did his face blanch slightly. His right hand flew up with his fan to shield his head from attack above.

Li Yuchun had at some point appeared above him to attack with his sword!


There was another clash of metal and sparks as the black sword landed on top of the fan.


In the quick moment the two weapons clashed against one another, the black sword twisted just ever-so-slightly to make it away from the fan to strike at the right hand of Zheng Kai!

Zheng Kai swiftly pulled his hand back, but Li Yuchun's attack had been swift to transition into a slash to aim at his unprotected right shoulder!

As fast as Li Yuchun was, his attack failed to hit anything with Zheng Kai once again teleporting ten meters away.

A look of surprise was finally on Zheng Kai's face, since Li Yuchun was nowhere in sight when he looked up! Eyes-widening, Zheng Kai gritted his teeth and teleported away again.


Just scant milliseconds after he teleported, Li Yuchun's sword appeared in the position where he was once standing.

Zheng Kai appeared again another twenty meters away, but Li Yuchun was already gone from sight just as quickly as he had disappeared!

This time, Zheng Kai whirled around instead of teleporting away. The fan disappeared from his hand in favor of a dagger to strike at seemingly nothing.


A person materialized into sight from where Zheng Kai struck out, revealing the figure of Li Yuchun. Somehow, Zheng Kai had deduced where Li Yuchun would strike from and attacked first. Much to Li Yuchun's surprise, he had to pull his sword back to protect his chest from a dagger strike.

Capitalizing on his chance, Zheng Kai aimed a kick onto Li Yuchun's stomach. The kick failed to hit anything though with Li Yuchun simply teleporting away.

Zheng Kai didn't pull his foot back. His other foot pivoted around on the ground to spin his body and leg around to kick at the position behind him.

"Bang!" This time, there was collision as Zheng Kai's foot slammed into Li Yuchun's body. It had been a solid blow where his sweeping leg hit the right arm of Li Yuchun. Li Yuchun stumbled backwards a step or two, but he was ultimately unharmed.

The fan was once again back in Zheng Kai's hand as he sent two spatial attacks towards Li Yuchun to take advantage of his distracted moment!

In the moment before the two attacks could collide with Li Yuchun, the person disappeared from sight and reappeared another twenty meters away.


The exchange between Li Yuchun and Zheng Kai was stop and go with their attacks forcing the other to teleport from place to place, making for what seemed to be a very dazzling fight.

A battle between space-type soul cultivators didn't really emphasis the factor of 'speed', or 'trajectory'. It emphasized attacks that couldn't be blocked and teleportation.

"Haha! This is a battle I like, again!!"

There was an excited glow from Zheng Kai's eyes as he again charged at Li Yuchun to attack!

"Bang! Bang...."

"Bang! Bang...."

The area was filled with the sounds of fist hitting fist and leg hitting leg. Every so often, the metallic clang of weapons could be heard, but only every so often. The two fighters were like apparitions with how they were disappearing and reappearing in random areas of the field. They disappeared when one person appeared, and appeared when another person disappeared. Every time they clashed with either their fists or weapons, they would disappeared shortly afterwards again only to clash again in another place. Their soulforce was completely all over the place as they unleashed one spatial attack after another.

The two were comparable in strength and were both of the same affinity. In this strange battle, just what would the outcome possibly look like?