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 Chapter 752: One Against Many

Back in the small ravine, Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng were still battling the people ambushing them. Despite the superiority of their strengths, getting rid of these people wasn't as easy as a snap of the fingers. The enemies were after all either Late-stage Soul Exalts or Peak Late-stage Soul Exalts in strength. People who managed to make it this far are all people with a large amount of experience gained from battle. In situations where life and death was split only by one small line, experience was a huge deciding factor.

Yue Feng had only managed to get rid of the Late-stage Soul Exalt because of the element of surprise. After the battle had truly begun, Yue Feng was busy juggling the gray-robed man and his soulbeast partner. Bai Yunfei had to deal with two other soul cultivators and a soulbeast by himself.

It didn't take long to see that Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng had the upper hand in the battle despite having the fewer numbers. Whether it was in their movement, defense, or offense, they were beyond any of the enemies. In just twenty minutes, the two were hardly injured while the others were more than lightly injured.

"Damn! Who are these guys? How are they so strong?!"

The gray-robed man cried out as he lashed out with a punch onto Yue Feng's shoulder. It collided and knocked Yue Feng back, but then he was struck with an elbow and sent flying away several meers. If not for his soulbeast partner attacking from the side, he would've been struck by Yue Feng's leg to the face. Steadying himself, the man watched as his soulbeast partner tried its best to attack Yue Feng with a pained expression.

His soulbeast partner was is a luminous tiger. As a metal-type soulbeast, it was capable of producing eye-blinding light that made visibility almost impossible. Offense and defense wise, the tiger was very strong, and whenever Yue Feng landed a leg or fist onto it, there was always something akin to a metallic clang from its skin.

There was an annoyed look on Yue Feng's face as he fought with the tiger. He had wanted to finish this battle in a hurry, but he had yet to actually finish off anyone else. Nearly half an hour had already passed since the battle began, and his patience was running thin. Murderous with annoyance, Yue Feng was no longer willing to try and just knock out these people. In order to get to Nangong Yuexia and Yu Li sooner rather than later, he'd simply use his soul skill to kill these people.


His eyes widened as if sensing something. Head snapping off into a random direction, Yue Feng's face paled with anxiety!

"Crap!!! Yuexia's in trouble!!"

Yue Feng's face was of fright and anxiety as he communicated with the brown bear through their soul bond. The warning signals he was getting from it was telling him that Nangong Yuexia was with the brown bear, and that they were both in danger!

He hadn't any signal from the bear before that they were in danger, so Yue Feng hadn't been too worried beforehand. But now that this was the case, Yue Feng was more worried than before. And because of that worry, he inadvertently let himself open to an attack!

Realizing his chance, the gray-robed man leapt forward. A golden sword appeared in his hand for him to lash at Yue Feng's head. The tiger roared and pounced to attack at that spot as well!

"Yue Feng!"

Bai Yunfei had Yue Feng in his sights due to their positioning, so he was in prime position to see what was going on, and to call out a warning in advance to him.

"Clang!! Tzzzzzkt..."

There was the sound of metal hitting metal and fabric being torn as Yue Feng bolted into action. Bai Yunfei's warning had given him enough time to bring out a dazzling violet sword to block the other sword and leap out of the way just in time to dodge the tiger's claws.

He hadn't managed to dodge the claws completely. The fabric on the back of his robes was torn to shreds and sparks were sent flying as the tiger's claws raked against the armor underneath. Yue Feng wasn't hurt, but the blow was enough to send him away several steps with a pale face. The claws had done a number on him with the concussive force.

"Bastard, you can f*ck off now!!"

Furious at the state he was in, Yue Feng waved his right hand with furious aplomb and a burning gaze!


A clap of thunder and a violet bolt of lightning struck the sword Yue Feng was holding. Raising the sword, he sliced across the body of the luminous tiger!


A pained howl echoed through the ravine as the tiger was surrounded by a net of violet lightning. A scorch mark was on the right side of its waist as it started to roll around the ground!

"Brother Bai! Something's happening over there, I have to hurry over!"

Not even caring for the gray-robed person or the tiger after he struck it, Yue Feng turned to Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei was at that time slamming a fist onto a Late-stage Soul Exalt sneaking behind him. Swinging his Flameblade Bracer, he the other soul cultivator and soulbeast on his right away from him and glanced over to Yue Feng. He nodded. "That's fine. You go ahead, I'll take care of these people."

"Thanks! Be careful now then!"

Even as nervous as he was, Yue Feng nodded in thanks to Bai Yunfei. Now with a new goal, Yue Feng turned away from the people there and took off towards the other side of the ravine, traveling fast enough that not even his person could be seen.


All the enemies were a little stunned to see him go. Most of them had already given up almost on winning against the two and were in the middle of considerations if they should run away or not when Yue Feng decided to 'abandon' his comrade and leave.

This was a chance for them! The despair that had previously been in their eyes were now replaced with hope.

They didn't really know what was going on, but only one person was left now! They had a chance to win!

The luminous tiger was only just rising back to its feet now. Ready to fight once again, the gray-robed man's eyes lit up with determination. He glanced over to his two other comrade without hesitation, "Kill him!!"

The three Soul Exalts and two class six soulbeasts all leapt towards Bai Yunfei in one great attempt to kill him!

Bai Yunfei's right hand was a blur as he shook it. Having previously been fighting empty-handedly, Bai Yunfei took out the Fire-tipped Spear and the Cataclysmic Seal.

"Well....it's about time for me to show my actual skill. I wanted to ask a few questions, but forget it....time to finish this!"


Towards the north side of the ravine in between two giant stones, a single figure was standing behind one of them to stare through the cracks at Bai Yunfei as he fought the five, a maliciously happy smile on his face.

"Hehe....so we meet again here....Fight then! Fight until you're both exhausted and ready to collapse! I'll be the one to end your life afterwards!!"