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 Chapter 750: A Blocked Path

"Brother Bai, I remember you having a bird-type soulbeast before, correct? Is it not with you? And that blue-eyes wyrm....did it split ways with you?"

Remembering the two soulbeasts that had been with Bai Yunfei before, Yue Feng asked him about the two.

"Ah, they didn't come in with me. It's a long story, but I found myself in Crushed Stone River by accident and found the pocket. I wasn't able to wait for them and headed in first."

"Oh...." Yue Feng nodded. "You've gotten quite famous, brother Bai." He smiled, "I heard you established the first class on crafting in the Capital's academy. How amazing."

"Haha, I can't disobey my master. I didn't have anything else to do but spend some time in the Capital anyways."

"Anything else to do?" Yue Feng's lips twitched at that. "How carefree you are, brother Bai...." he sighed.

"You're already a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt so fast. I've trained my entire life to get to this stage, so I admit I feel quite ashamed of myself...."

Bai Yunfei smiled. Getting to where he was now was nowhere as 'carefree' as Yue Feng said it was.

"There's a fight over there!"

Yue Feng's attention was caught by something else. He turned his head towards the right along with Bai Yunfei, who noticed the influx of elemental energy as well.

Off in a distance a little over a kilometer away, the two of them noticed a fight taking place between Late-stage Soul Exalts. Their soulforce was heavily mixed with one another as a testament to how intense they were fighting.


There was a loud explosion as a bolt of purple lightning came crashing down from the skies, immediately annihilating a person!

"One of them died!" Yue Feng commented.

Bai Yunfei nodded. His senses were already noticing that the survivor was already leaving the battlefield. Evidently, this survivor had already noticed Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng and was trying to escape.

"This...." Yue Feng looked slightly breathless. "This competition is a lot more harsh than I expected. The killings have already begun...."

"There's far too many people in here, it's unavoidable to have deaths occur. I've already met one person before you, and there'll definitely be much more. Many people will die here today, I'm afraid."

The anxious light in Yue Feng's eyes grew a little darker at that. "Then there's no time to waste. I have to find Yuexia and Yu Li!"

The two continued onwards even faster now. They traveled through a small ravine before the two seemingly came to a stop at the same time to give each other strange looks.

"Hey....so people are already doing things like this....I seem to recall everyone coming in here for the Extreme King Pills, why does it feel like their objective has changed?"

Yue Feng shook his head with a sigh.

Bai Yunfei had the same look on his face. "I feel the same way, but thinking about that isn't going to help us. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and it seems to me that we're not in the company of a few friendlies."

A flash of cold light entered Yue Feng's eyes. "Come on out!" He snarled, "There's no need to ambush us, I don't have the time to deal with you lot!"

It was quiet for a small moment, and the impatience in Yue Feng's eyes only grew more concentrated.

Then at last, four people came out from the left and right side of Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng. And to the right of the two was a single soulbeast!

It was an ambush!

One of the men in blue robes stared strangely at Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng as if measuring them up to see just why they were so calm when being ambushed.

Of the four of them, they had two Late-stage Soul Exalts and two Peak Late-stage Soul Exalts. There was also two peak late-stage class six soulbeasts.

In the pocket where everyone was split up when they entered, how could this particular group of four not be?

They were actually from different factions. Somehow meeting one another in the pocket, the 'like minded' fellows decided to band together for one common goal.

That was what Bai Yunfei thought, anyways.

A wrathful type of aura was radiating from each of the four. Two of them had a few scrapes and injuries on their person, meaning that they had very clearly been a part of a battle recently. Subsequently, this meant there was at least one other person to be ambushed by these four before Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng.

These people were very evidently just like the person Bai Yunfei killed beforehand. But that person, as greedy as he was, was working by himself while these people were working in a group. In other words, this was a group of raiders.

Perhaps it was because of how undisturbed these two males were, the four ambushers looked slightly unnerved. In order to break the stiff air that was starting to settle, a gray-robed man barked out at the two, "Cut the chatter and leave behind your space rings if you know what's good for you!"

"You'll let us go if we hand over our space rings?" Bai Yunfei asked with interest.

His seemingly agreeable words was a bit startling to hear, but the man only snarled in anger, "As long as you don't try anything, we'll just make sure you won't be able to continue on for the Extreme King Pills! Wait here and we'll let you leave in one piece after we get the Extreme King Pills!"

"Oh...." Bai Yunfei couldn't help but smile, not even a child would believe in their words.

"They even have two soulbeasts with them....brother Bai, how many can you take on at the same time?"

Compared to Bai Yunfei, Yue Feng had a slightly more stiff expression his face. He was looking at the enemies around him before whispering to Bai Yunfei.

"How many can you take on?" Bai Yunfei asked in return.

"How about I take the one in front of us along with his soulbeast and the other person to the left?"

A sliver of surprise crossed Bai Yunfei's eyes at Yue Feng's conservative answer. The difference in strength between the two of them wasn't all too different from one another, and in a normal one-on-one fight, their strengths couldn't even really be compared. Excluding Bai Yunfei's circumstances, Yue Feng was the disciple of Hai Dongqing, one of the five wandering soul cultivators of the continent. If he was weak enough to be done over by one or two people of the same level as he was, then he'd be a disgrace to his master's name.

Bai Yunfei acquiesced. "We split them then. That's fine. I'll take the ones on the right side."

Their conversation was spoken with relative silence, but not so quiet that the others couldn't hear them. Infuriated by what they said, the gray-robed man roared, "Watch yourself you damnable brats! Do you think we're going to be bea-"

"Oh stow it! I'm rushed for time as it is, let's get this over with!"

Yue Feng exploded forward in a burst of violet light, cutting the other man off mid-sentence. Disappearing from Bai Yunfei's side, Yue feng dashed to the Late-stage Soul Exalt twenty meters to the left with a punch aimed at his eye.

"Bang! Ahh!!"

There was a howl of pain as the person was blown backwards. He smashed against one tree, snapping and breaking through it to continue onwards through another three trees. He tumbled onto the ground for a few meters before coming to a stop where he remained unmoving.

He was knocked out.

Everyone was stunned by Yue Feng's actions other than Bai Yunfei. They looked at Yue Feng as if they had just seen a ghost, their eyes wide open with shock.

Instant knockout!

Yue Feng had completely neutralized a Late-stage Soul Exalt before the person could even finish speaking!

He was already moving onto the gray-robed person before anyone else even realized it. His feet now a blur, Yue Feng was already halfway to the person.

"Brother Bai, the sooner the better!"

At the same time as Bai Yunfei and Yue Feng were fighting in another section of a forest an indeterminable distance away.

"Xiao Xiong, are you sure brother Yue Feng is in this direction? We've already walked a long time and still haven't seen anyone?"

A crystalline-like voice broke the silence in the forest. Several rustling sounds echoed in the forest as a large shadowy figure emerged out from behind the trees.

This shadowy figure was a two meter tall brown bear!

The brown bear surveyed the area around it like how a human would. Turning towards one direction, it growled twice as if calling out to someone.

Behind this brown bear was a comparatively small figure in blue. It was a young female in, roughly twenty-four in age maybe. She had a rosy-white skin tone that complimented her large eyes and ovallish face. In those eyes, a hint of anxiety was reflected in them as they darted around the place. In her arms was a small white cute-looking ferret.

Bai Yunfei had seen this young woman before. It was back in Ventia City where the two shared the same restaurant despite not actually talking to one another. She was Nangong Yuexia, the one Yue Feng was looking for.