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 Chapter 749: Meeting Another Friend

This new person was someone Bai Yunfei came across once in Soulbeast Forest. One of the five wandering soul cultivators, Yun Liantian!

It was back with the battle over the Black Dragon King. Right before his death, Yun Liantian appeared onto the battlefield and took his soulgem.

Yun Liantian stood on top of his One Azure Leaf Boat, his robes swaying gently in the wind. The years had done nothing on his face, and he stood there with the very same vulture-like expression he had from years ago. "Hah, what a lively place this is...." He observed.

It took him two or three glances to see the general shape of the people gathered here. The first glance was towards the pocket in front of him, "It's good timing for us then. We might not have seen it the pocket opening, but it would appear the rumors of there being an Extreme King Pill is true. And if so many Soul Kings are out here, then....only Soul Exalts can enter it. Go in, my disciple. Your master will wait outside.

There was a young man in black standing right behind him. He bowed at Yun Liantian's words. Raising his head, everyone could see the dark expression on his face-it was that the young boy Yun Liantian once referred to as 'Gui Su' back in Soulbeast Forest.

Or perhaps it was best to say the young man now.

On Gui Su's shoulder was a black cat the size of his palm almost with how it was curling in around his neck. If people didn't give a second look, everyone would've thought the cat was actually a cape.

There was an icy-cold look of determination in Gui Su's eyes. "Yes, master." He replied to Yun Liantian.

He leapt off the One Azure Boat and flew straight into the pocket soon afterwards.

Every single person in the area was only just getting over their shock at Yun Liantian's appearance. Some paled a bit, and several of the Soul Kings from the lesser factions gave shared looks of fear and concern.

"That's Yun Liantian! What's a hot-headed mad man like him doing here?!"

"He has a youngling with him, is that his disciple? I've never even heard of Yun Liantian having a disciple!"

A Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt...he's clearly here for the Extreme King Pill. This spells trouble, a disciple of that Yun Liantian can't be up to any good. Him joining in on the competition only means it's even more trouble for ours...."

"We should be thankful it's him that came here and not Feng Jianyuan. It would've been a bloodbath if the disciple of that person was here...."

"What are you doing mentioning the name of that demon?! He hasn't even appeared in the last ten years or so, he might be dead even!"

"He's the most vile of the five wandering soul cultivators, how can he die that easily? I'm sure he's just biding his time training somewhere. If he advances in strength again, then our world will see another bloody massacre...."



The disturbances happening outside the pocket went unknown to the Soul Exalts inside. They had no way of knowing what was coming in. All they could do was look for others inside the pocket, whether they be enemy competitors or friendly allies. Some were already long dead inside....

On the hillside of one part of the pocket, Bai Yunfei was currently staring down an equally surprised young man in front of him. "You?!"

The other person stared back. Like his robes, his hair was flowing freely in the wind. His handsome face was twisted slightly with surprise as he stared at Bai Yunfei. "You?!" He echoed.

A smile soon appeared on Bai Yunfei's face afterwards. He took a small step backwards to maintain a polite distance from the other person. "Long time no see, Yue Feng. It's a surprise to see you here."

This person was the one man he met once before outside Ventia City in the Northern Ridge Province, Yue Feng!

It had been back when Bai Yunfei first left Soulbeast Forest. He was in some trouble with the house of Liu after he killed their heir. When the last wave of the Liu was out for Bai Yunfei's blood, Yue Feng had appeared to kill one of the enemies for Bai Yunfei. He had helped him out, and in a sense, the two were friends that once stood shoulder to shoulder together in a battle.

Other than that, Yue Feng was also the disciple of Hai Dongqing, another one of the five wandering soul cultivators.

Snapping out from his surprise, Yue Feng remarked, "Bai Yunfei? It's you? Haha! Long time no see!"

It was a happy occasion to meet someone he knew and was friendly with. As he was about to start reminiscing with Yue Feng, Bai Yunfei noticed him looking around himself as if searching for something.

"What's wrong? Did you come with someone else?" Bai Yunfei asked.

"I did." Yue Feng nodded, a little frantic. "She was just right behind me, where did she go? Did she not enter the pocket? That can't be...."

"She came in," Bai Yunfei answered, "but she was transported somewhere else. This place is strange. Even if we head in the same entrance with another, we'll be forcibly split apart."

"What!? This pocket can do that?!" Yue Feng cried out, the panic on his face intensifying, "This spells trouble then! It's dangerous for Yuexia to be by herself!"

Bai Yunfei levelled a strange look at him, "A girl? She's a Late-stage Soul Exalt or Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt right? She shouldn't be in too much trouble if she came in here then...."

"No!" Yue Feng clutched at his head in vexation, "She's only just a Mid-stage Soul Exalt! Damn! I would've told her to stay behind if I had known!"

"What?" The danger was apparent to Bai Yunfei now. "A Mid-stage Soul Exalt? Why'd she come in then? Did you not know everyone fighting for the Extreme King Pills are all Late-stage Soul Exalt almost?"

"I...." Yue Feng sucked in a deep breath, "Yuexia has always stuck by my side since she was young. I came here with a second Late-stage Soul Exalt, but I didn't want to leave her behind by herself so we decided to take her in with us. I didn't know this would happen if I brought her in...."

His right hand flew up to the spot around his neck. Eyes lighting up with joy, Yue Feng cried, "Oh! Han Xiong's with her!"

Focused now, Yue Feng closed his eyes. "I can sense him! Thank goodness....I can find out where she is then!"

"Han Xiong?" Bai Yunfei asked. "Brother Yue, what do you mean? How are you managing to do that?"

"Oh, Han Xiong's my soulbeast partner. I had sister Yuexia hold onto him when we came in. Since they're together, I can sense where she is then. As long as I can find him, I can find Yuexia!" Yue Feng explained to Bai Yunfei. Whirling to his right, he spoke, "Brother Bai, I'll be taking my leave now then, would you care to accompany me?"

"I was about to ask the same." Bai Yunfei nodded.

Yue Feng leapt up into the air in an attempt to Skywalk before Bai Yunfei could warn him and subsequently tumbled back down like Bai Yunfei had when he first tried.

Seeing the look of surprise on Yue Feng's face, Bai Yunfei spoke up, "We can't Skywalk in here, brother Yue. And neither can we use flying soul armaments. We can only run."

Yue Feng clicked his tongue at Bai Yunfei's explanation, but he didn't seem to mind much. Soon enough, the two people were well on their way away....