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 Chapter 724: Dongfang Ming?

Just hearing the name 'Dongfang' sent Huangfu Nan into a panic. His normal regal demeanor of a Soul King was all but gone now as fury blazed out from his person. Like a lion nearly ready to pounce on its prey and devour it, Huangfu Nan's aura was blaring with furious intensity into the surrounding area. Even the surrounding ten meters of ground was impacted like a crater from the pressure he was exerting on the area.

His reaction startled everyone within the vicinity, including Mu Chen and the others who were standing a good distance away.

Feeling as though his shoulder was about to shatter, Bai Yunfei's forehead started to drip with sweat. "Second elder," He managed to cry out, "please calm down! What's going on?!"

His words activated the Charm Bracelet on his wrist and layered his words with a mesmerizing aura to be transmitted into Huangfu Nan's mind.

Bai Yunfei's words saw to Huangfu Nan freezing immediately into place. Gasping slightly, he released Bai Yunfei's shoulders and suppressed his aura.

Bai Yunfei sighed in relief as soon as the pressure on his shoulders was gone. Not even waiting for a response from Huangfu Nan, Bai Yunfei spoke, "We don't know that person's full name, senior. We never even saw the man. But from what little Rui said, his surname is definitely 'Dongfang', and that's all we know...."

An unhealthy shade of puce now, Huangfu Nan whirled around to Huangfu Rui and grabbed her by the shoulders with a great deal less pressure than before. "Little Rui, did that man do anything to you? Did he say anything? Do you feel strange or anything?"

His soulsense was already scanning Huangfu Rui's body as he was asking, seemingly panicked over if Huangfu Rui was injured.

It was with confusion that Huangfu Rui looked back at her father. "What are you saying, dad? Why are you so worried dad? Are you talking about uncle Dongfang? He didn't do anything but scare away the bad guys!"

"Do not call that man 'uncle'!!" Huangfu Nan exploded. "He doesn't deserve such a title!! He....he...!!"

His abrupt loss of emotional control frightened Huangfu Rui, and he noticed that. "Little Rui. Think hard. What did he say to you, what did he do?"

Still confused, Huangfu Rui gave the question a little more thought. "He didn't do anything though. He scared away the bad guys and then asked if I was Huangfu Rui. Then he asked how mom was. He said he knew mom...."

The look on Huangfu Nan's face darkened several shades over at that. The furious look in his eyes turned into hatred, but without the explosion of anger like last time. Though his teeth were gritted tightly as he listened to his daughter explain.

"I asked if he knew you, dad, but he didn't look very happy. Then he touched my head, and then....and then....."

Huangfu Rui's eyebrows knitted together as she tried hard to think. "I don't remember." She shook her head later. "I think it went dark, but then I blinked and then he was gone. Weird...."

Huangfu Nan's pupils dilated in fear. The muscles on his face quivered violently as he tried hard to suppress the panic and anger he was feeling. A trembling hand came up to touch his daughter's forehead. Focused, he sent his soulsense into Huangfu Rui's body to further scan her.

His hand drew back in no time at all. Seemingly a lot weaker than before, Huangfu Nan started to mumble to himself in despondency, "What have you done to my daughter...."


Bai Yunfei was confused on just why Huangfu Nan was liked this. He saw that just hearing the name 'Dongfang' was enough to cause such a violent reaction from him, and clearly, this 'Dongfang Ming' was someone of importance rather than a nobody. Also very clearly was the fact that Huangfu Nan hated this Dongfang Ming. And the most obvious thing was that Huangfu Nan was clearly angered and worried that this person had injured Huangfu Rui somehow.

"Dongfang Ming? What kind of person is that....and why does second elder hate him? What was his goal in getting to Doraemon? Was he doing something to her?" Bai Yunfei's mind raced with questions. "Does this mean that the reason why Doraemon suddenly disappeared all because of that person?!"

He continued to stare at both Huangfu Nan and Huangfu Rui. "I always thought it was weird. Doraemon has definitely a secret to her...."

Bai Yunfei didn't dare interrupt Huangfu Nan's thoughts though. With how focused the man was, Bai Yunfei didn't want to have that train of thought broken.

"What do you plan to do now, elder Huangfu? Will you be going along with me to the Underworld School and discuss that matter from before?"

A voice spoke out to Huangfu Nan a moment later. It was Mu Chen, who was done talking with Xu Ran and Han Yue.

Huangfu Nan snapped out from his thoughts. Seemingly coming to a conclusion, he eyed the man and cupped his hands. "I must apologize, elder Mu, but I cannot pay a visit to your esteemed school. There is an urgent matter I must return to the Crafting School for. Our discussions for an alliance will have to be discussed in another time."

"What?" Mu Chen asked, his eyebrows furrowing together when he noticed how apologetic and hurried Huangfu Nan looked.

"If that's the case, we can discuss the matter later then. It's a shame that your esteemed self cannot pay my school a visit, haha...." He spoke in understanding of Huangfu Nan's predicament.

Likewise, Huangfu Nan replied courteously. "Thank you for your understanding, elder Mu. Though I myself cannot go, I would like to appoint a representative of the Crafting School to go in my place as a sign of good will."

He pointed a finger at Bai Yunfei.


Bai Yunfei and Mu Chen both blinked. "Him?" Mu Chen asked.

"Yes. This youngster is Bai Yunfei, the personal student of our previous headmaster and fellow junior of the current headmaster. He is a fitting representative of our Crafting School to pay your esteemed school a visit."

Bai Yunfei was dumbfounded by this sudden 'mission' thrust into his arms by Huangfu Nan. "Second elder, what do you...." He started to speak.

"Young Bai, I must return to the Crafting School. You will go in my place to the Underworld School. Aren't you trying to save that young girl? You'd have to go to the Underworld School to do so."

Bai Yunfei had already told Huangfu Nan the story of how the young girl came to be in such an injured state like that and how he hoped that elder Mu would help them out.

To hear Huangfu Nan say this now probably meant that in order to save the girl, they'd have to go to the Underworld School then?

Huangfu Nan turned back to Mu Chen. "Elder Mu, this young girl has elemental darkness eating away at her insides. It's some trouble, but I hope that you may be able to take a look and save her."

The man glanced over at the young girl in Zheng Kai's arms. "That'll be no problem. Xu Ran already told me what happened. Please rest assured, elder Huangfu, I will do my best to save her."

Huangfu Nan nodded his head in appreciation. "You heard elder Mu," He spoke to Bai Yunfei. "Bring that girl to the Underworld School with elder Mu. Do as you think best. After paying the Underworld School a visit, return to the Capital or back to the Crafting School, whichever suits you."

"I...." Bai Yunfei wanted to say something, but he acquiesced. "I will do as you say, second elder."

Then Huangfu Rui spoke up. "Are you going back home, dad?"

"Yes, and you'll be coming back with me, little Rui!" Huangfu Nan nodded.