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 Book 1 Chapter 71: First meeting with Hong Yin

After his appearance, Hong Yin did not looked at anyone at the scene. Instead, he looked at Thunderwolf, which was rushing towards him, with a solemn expression.

His eyes flashed with a hint of grief. With a wave of his right hand, he touched the wolf's head in an apparently gentle manner. After that, the huge wolf, which was jumping at him, unexpectedly stopped in mid-air as if it had been swept up by an invisible, gentle force!

Hong Yin pressed his right arm down bit by bit. Thunderwolf's body then landed on the floor slowly as if he put it down. Even though this thunderwolf had been confined by him, it was still growling in a low tone, wanting to struggle with and attack him. When he looked at it, the grief in his eyes intensified.

Temporarily, the second floor of the restaurant was plunged into a strange quietness with Thunderwolf's low-toned growls being the only sounds left.

Seeing the situation in front of him, the black-clad young man suddenly woke up with a start, his face full of disbelief. He even backed off two steps subconsciously and pointed at Hong Yin, saying: "You, who are you?!"

It would have been better for him if he had kept silence, because these words seemed to call Hong Yin's attention to him. Hong Yin, who originally was looking at Thunderwolf with his head lowered, suddenly raised his head and looked at him. The look in his eyes was as sharp as a knife. In the eyes of the young man, he seemed to see an image of a huge blood-red wolf show up behind Hong Yin. A suffocating, savage aura then hit him in the face.

"You're from the Beast Taming School?" Hong Yin asked coldly while staring at the opponent.

These words woke the young man up with a start. The illusion before him disappeared. His entire body immediately loosened up and he unexpectedly felt that he was fortunate to have just escaped death. Retreating continuously again, he asked rapidly: "I, I am Li Long, the son of an elder from the Beast Taming School! My school is one of the top ten schools in the world. My junior uncle is around here! You, you can't hurt me! Or else the Beast Taming School won't let you off!"

One could tell that he was really flustered at the moment. Without using that arrogant attitude from earlier, he had hurriedly revealed his own identity and even mentioned the name of one of the ten great schools in the world in the hope that he would be able to scare the opponent.

After Hong Yin had heard these words, his pupils contracted slightly, a tinge of killing intent flashing a cross his eyes. With just one step, he went up to Li Long's face.

Yes, just one step. Bai Yunfei saw very clearly that he only took one step forwards and when his foot landed, he had already gone up to Li Long, who had been several meters away from him.

Bai Yunfei was astonished in his heart. He cast a look at that seemingly immobile Thunderwolf at the scene then with a solemn expression, he moved backwards a bit. Anybody could tell that this man, who had just appeared all of a sudden, was extremely powerful. However, it seemed his target was not Bai Yunfei at all so now the best response was to wait and see.

Hong Yin reached out his right hand and caught hold of the opponent's left wrist with a grab. His eyes flashed with ferocity as a crisp crack rang out. Obviously he had crushed some bones in the opponent's arm!


A sad and shril cry came out from Li Long's mouth. He wanted to reach out his right hand to push the opponent away but his whole body did not listen to his mind. He could not move it at all. The bone-piercing pain coming from his left arm almost made him pass out.

With a cold snort, Hong Yin gave the opponent's fingers a stroke using his left hand. The black ring on the middle finger of Li Long's left hand was immediately taken by him.

Then, he casually made a throw, sending Li Long flying several meters away. After falling to the floor, Li Long seemed to finally regain his ability to move and he held his left wrist while wailing nonstop.

Not even bothering giving him a look, Hong Yin put the ring on his left hand and walked up to the side of that thunderwolf. Grief once again showing up in his eyes, he gently stroked its back. That huge wolf then disappeared into thin air, having been sucked into the interspatial ring.

After regaining his composure, he stared at Li Long, who was struggling up from the floor, with an ice-cold expression, saying coldly: "Get lost! Tell your so-called junior uncle that I'll be waiting for him in this Cuiliu City!"

Enduring the acute pain in his left arm with effort, Li Long looked at the ring on the opponent's hand and said in shock: "You..."

"Get lost!"

When Li Long's eyes came into contact with Hong Yin's eyes, which seemed to contain a killing intent he was doing his utmost to suppress, his whole body trembled. Not daring to say anything again either, he staggered downstairs then disappeared.

Bai Yunfei looked at Hong Yin, who was staring at the ring on his finger in a seemingly somewhat preoccupied manner, his eyes flashing a bit. He then moved backwards slowly and, at the same time, put his left hand behind his back and waved to the two girls, motioning for them to get ready to leave.

However, when he had just taken three steps, Hong Yin, who was pondering with his head lowered, straightened up and looked at him. There was unexpectedly a friendly smile on his face. He nodded slightly to him and said: "You don't have to be so cautious, little brother. I've got no bad intentions..."

Bai Yunfei stopped. Holding the Fire-tipped Spear tightly in his hand, he adopted a defensive posture and stared at the opponent for several seconds, saying in a deep voice: "You must have come here for Li Long. But he's already left and we are merely tourists who just now had some conflict with him. Speaking of which, we still have to thank you very much for getting into action to help us. Today we've still got something to do so we'll take our leave now."

After saying so, he put away the Fire-tipped Spear directly then gave the two girls a hint with his eyes, ready to turn around and leave.

"Wait a minute, little brother. I've got some words to tell you."

Bai Yunfei halted his steps and turned around, asking doubtfully: "You know me?"

"Ha ha, we don't know each other at all. But I know some things related to you. Are you willing to have a brief chat with me?" Hong Yin still said smilingly.

Bai Yunfei was somewhat hesitant. This man was too powerful for him to deal with but he was talking with him so politely. This was already enough to show his sincerity and, moreover, he could not see any malice in his eyes. It seemed he was really interested in being friends with him.

After considering for a while, Bai Yunfei nodded slightly.

Hong Yin laughed then, without saying anything, turned around and walked downstairs. Bai Yunfei and the two girls also went with him. After casually tossing a gold coin to the manager to pay for the damages, they walked out of this restaurant immediately.

Hong Yin looked at the two girls behind Bai Yunfei and frowned slightly. Bai Yunfei understood what he meant so he turned around and said to Liu Meng: "Meng'er, you and Xiao Ning just wait here for a while, I'll be back very soon."

Liu Meng nodded with a seemingly somewhat worried expression, saying softly: "Mm, be careful, Yunfei. I'll be waiting for you here..."


Bai Yunfei followed Hong Yin into a nearby empty alleyway. The latter looked around then halted his steps, turned to Bai Yunfei, nodded slightly and said: "What's your name, little brother?"

"Bai Yunfei."

"Mm, my name is Hong Yin." After introducing his name, Hong Yin inclined his head to look at Xiao Tang on his shoulder, saying smilingly: "This is my friend, Xiao Tang. Don't think that he's just an ordinary little rat. He's a very formidable soul beast."

Slightly startled, Bai Yunfei looked at this 'little rat' rather doubtfully. However, now was not the time to be curious so he folded his hands to Hong Yin, saying: "What do you want to tell me when calling me to this place?"

"Ha ha, looks like you're doubting me somewhat. I can tell you that I want to get to know you a bit just because I know the relationship between you and the Fate School." Hong Yin firt revealed why he had looked for him instead of answering his question right away.

Bai Yunfei was surprised: "You're from the Fate School?"

"No, there's no connection between me and the Fate School, but two days ago I had a discussion with senior Qin Zheng of the Fate School, um, he's the senior who looked for you that night."

Bai Yunfei fell silent, seeming to be arguing with himself in his mind. Hong Yin did not disturb him and waited for him patiently. A while later, Bai Yunfei raised his head again and asked with a much less cautious expression: "Then what do you want to tell me, brother Hong Yin?"

Hong Yin said laughingly: "I discovered some matters, and I feel that I should tell you about them. You..."


Liu Meng and Xiao Ning were standing in front of a market stall that sold baubles next to the restaurant. Xiao Ning was looking at the various little things on the stall with a curious expression, but Liu Meng was glancing at that alleyway where Bai Yunfei and Hong Yin had gone into in a somewhat preoccupied manner.

Suddenly, her eyes brightened as she saw Bai Yunfei walk out from the alleyway and go towards her. With a happy expression, she pulled Xiao Ning and went up to meet him.

"How are you, Yunfei? Who is that man?" Liu Meng asked while looking at Bai Yunfei in a concerned manner.

"Oh, I'm okay. Don't worry..." Bai Yunfei shook his head, but did not go on to answer her question. Instead, seeming to suddenly remember something, he asked: "Right, Meng'er, earlier you wanted to tell me something, what is it?"

"Oh? This..." Liu Meng did not expect Bai Yunfei to ask this question all of a sudden so after being startled for a moment, she lowered her head slightly, her face gradually reddening. Only after a long time did she say in a tiny voice: "It's, it's that... my father is about to return to Cuiliu City. I want, I want you to go and see him..."

"What?!" Bai Yunfei was stupefied and asked in astonishment, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

Liu Meng lowered her head without saying a word. Her beautiful hair glided over her shoulders, covering her face, making it impossible to see her expression clearly.

On one side, Xiao Ning cut in, saying: "Mister Yunfei, this is what happened. Yesterday someone from the family found the young lady and told her that master already knows she's in Cuiliu City and is very angry that she still hasn't returned home in such a long time so he's personally set out on a trip, rushing over here. He should arrive in the afternoon today. It's possible young lady will be taken home. So... she wants you to go and have a meeting with master. Since you're already a Soul Warrior at such a young age, you'll definitely have great achievements in the future. Maybe after seeing you, master will... will agree to let her be with you."

"This..." There was a complicated expression on Bai Yunfei's face. It seemed he was at a loss as to what to do because of this sudden information.

At this moment, seeming to have finally mustered up enough courage, Liu Meng lifted her beautiful face and stared at Bai Yunfei, saying gently: "Yunfei, when my father arrives, he'll definitely tell me to go home and keep watch beside Zhang Yang's coffin... Could you go and see him with me? This means, this means we'll go together. I think... I think he'll agree."

Bai Yunfei looked at Liu Meng in stupefaction. Just when she became anxious inwardly thinking that he would not agree to do this, Bai Yunfei's slightly quivering voice came into her ears.

"Alright, tonight... And when?"

Liu Meng raised her head and said with a happy expression: "Um, I don't know exactly when he'll arrive either. Xiao Ning and I will go and meet him first then... I'll talk with him a bit before telling Xiao Ning to go and take you there. Is this okay?"

Bai Yunfei fell silent for a short while then said with a nod: "Alright, then I'll be waiting for your message in the tavern."

"Mm! Then I'll leave first, Yunfei. You should go back and prepare a bit. I think my father will definitely approve of you..."

After watching the two girls' silhouettes disappear in the crowd, Bai Yunfei turned around with a complicated expression then disappeared on the other side of the street.