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 Chapter 720: Another Enemy?!

"There's someone hiding to the left!!"

What Xiao Qi said to Bai Yunfei was alarming to say, since he didn't sense a thing. Fighting back the instinct to turn his head in that direction, Bai Yunfei activated the Charm Bracelet to link his mind with Xiao Qi. This in turn allowed the two to 'share' what each other was sensing, allowing Bai Yunfei to sense just a short hundred meters to the left, two people were hiding there in the bushes!

Bai Yunfei didn't even know when those two people had appeared in the forest, and neither did he know that they were even here!

As battle weary as Bai Yunfei was, he wasn't so tired that his perception of aura wouldn't be able to pick up somebody hiding within such a short distance away from him.

This meant these two people were considerably strong!

Fearful that he might catch the attention of the two people hiding, Xiao Qi's soulsense was only just strong enough to be able to sense their existence and not gauge how strong they are. The only reason he even sensed them to begin with was because of them entering his range of perception.

Already fidgety due to him trying his best to save the young girl from dying, Bai Yunfei was extremely vexed by the fact that there were people hiding within such a close range. Even if he tried to exclude the shock he was feeling from it, there was no helping him feeling angry about it-people hiding so secretly like that must mean they were enemies!

And it still remained to be seen if they were the people responsible for the disappearance of Huangfu Rui! Or they might even be people from the Soul Refining School!

"Ah'Zheng, Xinyun, Tingting, don't panic and watch over the little girl. Long Lan, keep healing her."

His eyes darted to Zheng Kai and the others, issuing them orders to warn them of the situation.

"Eh? Yunfei, what are you ta-"

Tang Xinyun didn't even finish her question when Bai Yunfei suddenly took off towards the forest to the left with his soulforce blazing for combat!

His entire body was aflame with his soulforce pushed to its limits to burn with solemn determination.

Xiao Qi took off after Bai Yunfei, his soulforce burning comparatively less frightful to provide Bai Yunfei with support.

Bai Yunfei's explosive leap forward took him a good several dozen meters forward. A secondary leap took him up into the trees where he lashed out with his right hand. There was a clanking sound as a stream of red chains came out from his sleeves to snake towards the bushes twenty meters forward.


The burning heat from the chains raised the temperature of the surrounding area by a good few degrees, incinerating any piece of foliage in its path to head towards its target!

At the same time the chain was flying forward, the soulforce of two peak late-stage Soul Exalts leapt out from their hiding spots!


Sneering at their attempts to dodge, Bai Yunfei curved the Devouring Chains left to go after and entangle the one on the left.

A soft gasp came from the one the chains was coming after. Kicking off a nearby tree, the person's right hand shook with a black light before a short sword appeared in it. In a flurry of sparks, the blade clashed against the chain and deflected it away!


What surprised Bai Yunfei wasn't the fact that this person was a female, but that the light that came from the person's body was....black!

Elemental darkness!!

"So they are from the Soul Refining School?!" The glare in Bai Yunfei's eyes was kicked up by a notch.

He pulled his right hand back to turn the chains away from the person. Changing targets, the chains went straight for the waist of the person to the right.

"Be careful, senior! These chains are strange!"

The woman with the short blade called out to her companion as she kicked off from a tree. Borrowing the strength from the rebound, she flew for Bai Yunfei to hopefully force him back and cancel his attack on her companion.

The one known as her 'senior' didn't seem flustered. Raising his right hand, a longsword appeared in it. It came down onto the sword when he flicked his hand and elicited a clanging sound when the blade hit the chain. He gasped to himself when he felt the force behind the chain and twisted his sword up to deflect the chains up into the air, effectively removing the chains as a threat.

Given a clear shot at Bai Yunfei since the chains were going elsewhere, the female soul cultivator flew towards Bai Yunfei. When she was just ten meters away, her shortsword came out to stab at his throat in a burst of dark light!

Not flustered in the slightest at either his chains being parried or the female soul cultivator coming at his throat, Bai Yunfei simply stood there and waved his left hand at the woman.

There was a faint buzzing sound before a fiery object came out from behind Bai Yunfei to slam into the incoming person!

The Cataclysmic Seal!

A bit surprised at the incoming attack, the female soul cultivator shifted her trajectory to dodge. Even as close as the object was coming, she was able to dodge it completely and leap onto a nearby tree branch.

It was a quick and simple exchange of battle between Bai Yunfei and the other two soul cultivators. But in that short amount of time, Bai Yunfei was able to gleam a decent amount of information on them.

They were both peak late-stage Soul Exalts, but their strength was probably a lot stronger than most people in that respective stage, whether it be in speed or strength. One of the more surprising things was their fluctuation of soulforce throughout the fight and how calm they had been. Though Bai Yunfei also had to admit their soul armaments were quite impressive, with both of them being a high-earth tier at the very least.

The man looked as if he wanted to say something after his companion dodged the brick, but before he could, his junior drew forward to attack Bai Yunfei again!

A coil of black energy whirled away from her person when she stepped forward. With that step, she thrusted forward the short sword in her hand to throw it at him!

Like a black mamba, the black light snaked out from her arm to chase down Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei quirked an eyebrow. Rather than dodge it, he lashed out with a left straight!


Under the bewildered eyes of the female soul cultivator, Bai Yunfei's left hand slammed into the jet black beam of light and knocked aside the short sword in it.

"No way!!"

She was thunderstruck by what Bai Yunfei did. Bringing her hand up to recall the sword, a burning sensation from behind her head caused her to turn around. When she did, her eyes widened in shock when she saw a giant 'boulder' coming straight at her to knock her down!