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 Chapter 712: Breakthrough by Devouring!

The blood construct over the person's head trembled for a second. The blood that came out from the person was seemingly replenishing the missing portions of its construct, allowing it to grow even bigger. Now fully restored and better than ever, the construct gave a loud 'roar' of happiness.

When the person raised their right hand outwards with their fingers forming a blade, the construct mimicked their actions, but its arm was actually a blade.

Bai Yunfei felt his heart skip a beat at the idea of the blood construct attacking him like it did before. Thinking that the person would come after him again, Bai Yunfei took off in a hasty retreat before either of the two could actually make a step towards him.

But the other person was already making a move. Their right hand was already coming down as Bai Yunfei was moving. It wasn't coming down onto him, however, but.....below his feet!


Bai Yunfei watched in absolute shock as the blade arm of the other person came down onto the head of the blood octopus below them!

The person wasn't after Bai Yunfei but the blood octopus!

The person's right arm stabbed into the weakened octopus without resistance where they twisted their arm once inside. A little ways away, Bai Yunfei watched as a blood-colored energy started to crawl out from the blood octopus' head and onto the other person's arm.

And since that person was moving, so was the blood construct overhead! It roared as its right arm came up before plunging the sharp blade 'arm' into the blood octopus' body just like its master had done!

The only difference was in the sound. The blood octopus didn't have a new wound onto its body when the blade came down, as the construct's 'arm' wasn't solid and phased through it without resistance.

The actions of both the person in bloody robes and the blood construct had been fast and quick. No one there knew what to expect, from Bai Yunfei to Xiao Qi, and even the blood octopus itself!


The entire battlefield was plunged into silence for a moment before a miserable wail rang through the air!

It was the blood octopus!

Its giant eyes were beginning to grow hazy and its body started to bulge outwards with a violent tremble. The hundreds of tentacles connected to it danced frantically as elemental energy started to shine out from it!

A red light, an orange light, and a bloody light....

Then the elemental energy coming out from the blood octopus started to fluctuate erratically. As if getting ready to burst, the energy started to fly outwards!

The energy flew for a good dozen meters before it was attracted somewhere else. Converging together in one spot, it all came to rest right in the middle where the bloody-robed person was!

It was as if was a mysterious force acting as a vacuum for all that energy in the person as all the elemental energy coming out from the blood octopus went there! If there was a straw, then the person was using that straw to siphon every bit of energy from the octopus into themselves!

There was also a great deal of blood being drawn out from the octopus and into the person. Following up the person's arm, all of its blood was being taken into their body!

There was also a transparent flow of energy being drawn out. It wasn't elemental energy or blood, but....soulforce!

The soulforce of the blood octopus was being sucked up by the blood construct!


"What's....what's going on here?!"

Bai Yunfei was thunderstruck. He blinked a few times, mystified by what he was seeing. The enemy was killing its own blood octopus!

"He's....he's devouring it!"

He didn't know the reason for it, but the situation was as clear as day for him. The other person was clearly devouring the blood octopus!

Draining its elemental energy, its blood, and its soulforce....this devouring the soulbeast in all but body!

As Bai Yunfei watched the events go on, the blood octopus was starting to shrink in size as if losing water!

There was a loud wail of anger and shock from the blood octopus, though its body was already growing weaker by the second. Growing still like a statue, it could only stand there and watch as its lifeforce was rapidly flowing away. It wasn't even sure what was going on even, with its low intelligence. The human that had brought it here and 'helped' it hunt for a great deal of delicious prey. Why was the human now attacking it?

Now feeling most of its lifeforce already gone, the blood octopus trembled with fear. In one final desperation for its life, the blood octopus tried to struggle to move, but even as hard as it might, the blood octopus couldn't move.


The wails coming from the octopus now were a lot more miserable in tone. It was mourning for itself. The tentacles were gradually coming to a still and the last of its lifeforce was nearly taken from it. It crumpled to the ground in a shriveled state. The mighty blood octopus was now as weak as it ever was, like a tiny candle on the verge of being snuffed out if even a weak gust of wind were to blow on it.

In contrast, the blood and other energy was being sucked up by the other person. Cloaked in a multi-colored light show, the person was bent at the waist as they let loose a strange cry of some sort. A short moment later, their aura exploded in strength almost as fast as a rocket!

The person was already a peak late-stage Soul Exalt prior to this. But now....the person was very close to becoming a Soul King!

"He's close to a breakthrough!!"

Bai Yunfei realized with a start. His backward retreat came to an abrupt stop before he ran straight ahead for the person!

Bai Yunfei didn't think it was likely for this person to become a Soul King, but there was one thing for sure: He couldn't just sit there and let the person try to do so without obstruction!

But it was already too late!

Bai Yunfei's actions had already caught the eye of the other person. Lifting their head up, the person cackled menacingly at him before their aura exploded again in intensity!


The blood octopus let out one final howl at the same time!


A loud explosion followed right afterwards!

The blood octopus had....exploded!

Countless bits of flesh came flying everywhere to saturate the surrounding hundred meters with the rest of the blood-colored energy being sucked up into the person.


A pained, but happy cry erupted from the person as they threw their head back. Like its master, the blood construct swung its head back and let out a tremendous roar that shook the heavens. So loud was its scream that the blood that made up the construct vibrated before expanding in size again!

Likewise, the ball of blood forming around its master was seemingly starting to split apart almost as quickly as it formed. Inside of it, an intense aura was still continuing to rise!

Then the person stood up. Eyes as crimson as the blood around them, the person glared hatefully at Bai Yunfei and growled. Stepping forward Bai Yunfei, the person then disappeared into a blur to fly after him!

"He....he really broke through!! How!!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes were as wide as dinner plates due to his shock. Now that he was too late, Bai Yunfei came to a stop and made an immediate backtrack to get as far away from the person as possible. The now even more gigantic blood construct was coming for Bai Yunfei now with its blade arm to come slice down onto him!

This time, Bai Yunfei was well and truly afraid. If this blade connected, Bai Yunfei had no doubts his soul would be torn apart for sure....

Just as Bai Yunfei was making his last-ditch effort to escape from the dropping scythe, a voice suddenly called out to the two!

"Gui Nu, stop!!"