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 Chapter 711: The Final Strategy

The pseudo-soul attack took a lot out of Bai Yunfei in his injured state, so it took him a second for him to catch his breath. Instead of getting up close to the enemy after the soul attack with his Fire-tipped Spear, he instead took out the Desert Eagles.

He fired six bullets from each gun first. And since the enemy was so startled by the soul attack, they hadn't enough time to make it away from danger before the twelve bullets broke past their defenses and exploded on contact.

It was a cacophony of explosions as the bullets exploded one after another. There were a few that didn't manage to hit the person, but at least seven or eight of them managed to make contact. Two bullets crashed into the metallic glove the person was wearing and was deflected aside while the others exploded on the other parts of the person's body. But none of them managed to pierce into their chest!

The blood-red robes of the person was burnt away in those spots where the bullet collided, revealing a dirt-gold plate of armor!


Bai Yunfei clicked his tongue in disappointment. A strong soul cultivator like that would obviously have some defensive type of armor, and the Desert Eagles weren't nearly strong enough by themselves to pierce through the armor of what a peak late-stage Soul Exalt might wear.

But his attack wasn't without profit. The chest might've been protected by this piece of armor, but their thighs weren't. A fire bullet had only managed to create a superficial wound onto the left thigh, but a lightning bullet had managed to fire straight through the right thigh!

+10 Additional Effect: 8% Chance to fire a bullet twice as fast and strong.


The person grunted in pain as they took one staggered step behind. Their soulforce was looking a little disturbed, and before they could recover, a single spear was already coming up to stab them through the head!

Taking advantage of his small victories, Bai Yunfei replaced the Desert Eagles with the Fire-tipped Spear to chase down the person!

The other person had still their right arm in front of their head to protect them from the bullets when Bai Yunfei came forward. Eyes realizing the danger, the person used that hand to try to knock away the Fire-tipped Spear.


There was a spark of fire as the Fire-tipped Spear scratched onto the palm of the glove. Before the other person could relax, another two Fire-tipped Spears came at their heart and throat!

+12 Additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear: Doppelganger!

Left with hardly any time to relax, the other person swung their right hand down to try to bring the spear he had just deflected down onto the other spears!!

As the spear came down, it scratched and left behind a bloody line onto the person's front.

The fact that the person was able to avoid the two potentially fatal blows with one swing of the spear was a testament to how fast the person was. But.....there wasn't only two spears to dodge, but three!

The two spears he managed to stop had only been doppelgangers and not the real ones! The real spear was the one that was coming for his heart!

"Clang! Pcht!"

There was a metallic clang, and then, the squelching noise of flesh being penetrated!

The Fire-tipped Spear was a spear that even an early-heaven tier soul armament wouldn't be able to defend against. In other words, the armor the blood-robed person was wearing wouldn't be nearly enough to stop the Fire-tipped Spear. Helpless, the person could only watch as the spear stabbed five inches deep into their chest!

But it wasn't through the heart where the spear was going into, but the left shoulder! The person had been able to dodge at the very last moment to prevent the spear from being a fatal one.

The person was lucky in yet another way: the Fire-tipped Spear's additional effect hadn't activated either!

Disappointment bled in Bai Yunfei's mind for a moment, though he continued on with the attack. The Fire-tipped Spear was at the end of its momentum, so he stepped forward with his left foot to deliver a mighty punch with his left hand!


There was a metallic glint from his left fist as it landed squarely onto the abdomen of the other person!

+12 Additional effect of the Critical Glove: Consume soulforce to grant the ability to deal 400% damage with the next strike. Cooldown of 5 minutes.

But that wasn't all! The punch onto the other person had also managed to activate the +10 additional effect as well!

+10 Additional effect of the Critical Glove: 30% Chance to deal 300% damage with the next strike. Cooldown of 1 minute.

With power like that behind the blow, it was little wonder that the person came flying away like a kite without a string. A trail of blood was left behind as the person spiraled into the air and beyond.


The person flew for another two hundred meters before finally crashing back into the body of the blood octopus!


Xiao Qi had been battling the blood octopus at the same time Bai Yunfei was battling the blood-robed person. As the stronger one of the two soulbeasts, Xiao Qi had the advantage in dealing with the octopus, but the other soulbeast had a strange property to it that made battle with it difficult. Even as the weaker peak late-stage class six soulbeast, it was still able to fight on the same level of equity with Xiao Qi almost. And since Xiao Qi also had to mind the little girl not too far away, the bird wasn't able to fight to his fullest.

It was like describing night and day when talking about Xiao Qi and the blood octopus. The tentacles from the blood octopus were many and large, but Xiao Qi was impeccably fast. The octopus didn't have to worry about having any of its tentacles broken or anything, as it only cared about stopping Xiao Qi within the network of coverage it was making with its other ones.

With his innate advantage in power and speed, Xiao Qi was dodging each tentacle with relative ease. Raining fire, wind, and lightning onto the blood octopus, Xiao Qi was also resorting to using the Spatial Edges to try to gain a second advantage. It was working too, as the bird had already managed to fell several of the octopus' tentacles, including two of the special black-colored ones.

But while he was fighting the octopus, something suddenly came flying over to careen into the blood octopus.

Like a red eraser of some kind, the blood-robed person crashed into the blood octopus. In turn, the blood octopus was hurt and sent flying away into the ground where it created a crater upon impact.


Xiao Qi turned around to look at Bai Yunfei. He was shocked at just how weak Bai Yunfei was looking right now. Hesitating for a moment, he flew back to Bai Yunfei and came to a stop above his head.

Bai Yunfei really was feeling very weak right now. Experiencing that soul attack and then attacking with one of his own did a heavy number onto him. So much energy was used that Bai Yunfei didn't even feel like chasing after the other person. Instead, he just stopped in the air to try to suppress the pain he was feeling from his soul and the usage of his soulforce.

Since he already gave the Yun's Soul Ring back to Tang Xinyun, Bai Yunfei was currently down a soulforce recovery item and was subsequently a little slower to heal.

"That....should be it...."

Bai Yunfei gasped out. That last punch he landed onto the person had been extremely powerful, and Bai Yunfei was sure he heard several bones cracking after it connected. There would surely be damage done to the internal organs from the sheer force of the blow as well, so Bai Yunfei was confident that the other person would at least be down for the count.

The blood octopus looked to be at the end of its rope as well. Xiao Qi would just need another few minutes and the octopus would be in just as bad a state as its master.

As Bai Yunfei was recovering his soulforce, he gripped onto the Fire-tipped Spear tightly to speak, "Xiao QI, lets...."

But then a loud roar interrupted him before he could finish his sentence!


Having been stuck to the blood octopus when they collided into it, the blood-robed person came standing up. The very same person who should've been completely unable to fight!!

"Die.....Die.....Die!! I'll kill you!"

The person called out again and again, blood spraying from their mouth with just time they repeated themselves. There was bits of flesh being sprayed out from their mouth as well, but the person didn't quite seem to notice just how injured they were. The person was as angry as ever, and it didn't seem like they were capable of rational thought right now with all their screaming. Raising their right fist up, the person tried slammed it into their chest again!!


Another mouthful of blood came out from the person's mouth as they cackled with laughter. Not even caring for their own health, the person began to go through a series of hand seals again!!


Bai Yunfei blanched when he saw the hand seals being formed. For some reason, the enemy was trying to do the same soul skill as before!

The soul skill was a powerful one, Bai Yunfei could admit that much. But for the person to do it again when they were in such a state already meant that the person was traveling the road to self-destruction for the sake of killing Bai Yunfei!

But just a second later, something else happened to cause Bai Yunfei to feel even more surprised than before....