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 Chapter 710: Blood Construct

"What kind of soul skill is this?!"

Bai Yunfei just had to scream when he saw the gigantic figure of blood in front of him. Never had he heard of such a soul skill before, and the appearance of a being like this was huge shock to his person.

The blood that came out from the other person had formed the upper half of a person about ten meters tall. The head and arms were the most distinguishable points to the blood construct, and only two bright red 'eyes' were formed on its 'face' as it stared Bai Yunfei down.


It took less time for the blood construct to actually form than for Bai Yunfei to actually react to it. As he was standing there still, the blood-red robed person was already taking action. Brandishing their right arm, the person came flying at Bai Yunfei again!

There was something strange to the motions of the arm though. It looked as if the person was holding something that'd bisect Bai Yunfei in two from the waist across, but Bai Yunfei couldn't even see any elemental energy or soulforce forming there. But the more important thing was the blood construct above the person!


At the same time the person was moving, the blood construct above their head was also....doing the exact same thing the person was doing!

But instead of being 'weaponless' like its master, there was definitely 'something' in the construct's 'hand'. The blood around the area was squirming and changing itself to elongate and form a crimson-red scythe about ten meters in length!!

The 'arm' was now the 'shaft' for the scythe, and the 'hand' was the blade with a curved edge about four meters in width!

A being made of blood with a gigantic scythe.... This looked like the reaper of death himself!

Wielding the giant scythe, the construct swung it down with sickening speed to have it try to cut off Bai Yunfei's left shoulder!

Bai Yunfei right now was in a state of power almost equivalent to that of a Soul King. But there were a set of factors that made even that difference in skill slightly insignificant. The soul skill formed far too fast and was moving quicker than he thought. The other person was coming at him as well, so Bai Yunfei had to keep an eye on that. And Bai Yunfei had just never thought that the two would attack in such a way!

He leapt back with his left arm going up over his head to protect it from the incoming attack from above.


But in a completely strange twist, the blood scythe had....phased through Bai Yunfei's arm rather than be stopped by it!

This slash was completely out from left field. There had been no stoppage and no resistance when the scythe went past his arm. It continued onward through his left shoulder before through and out from the right side of his waist!


There was a loud scream just a moment after the scythe came out!

It was from Bai Yunfei!!

He was still running backwards in an attempt to retreat from the other person and blood construct, but his hands were pressed to both sides of his temples and his eyes were wide-open as he screamed. His face was ashen-white as if he was experiencing an excruciating amount of pain!

It was a pain that Bai Yunfei had practically no tolerance for. It was also an injury that left no physical marking on his person. That meant only one thing. It was an attack onto his soul!

At that moment the scythe went through his body, his soul was experiencing the pain of what it felt like to be cut apart by a blade!


A soft humming sound started to play out in the depths of Bai Yunfei's mindspace and comfort his soul, decreasing the amount of pain he was feeling. It was also flowing through his body like a spring to rejuvenate his soul back to its normal condition.

The Soul Sentinel Scarf!!

Equipment Effect 1: Decrease damage taken by all spirit-related attacks by 50%.

Equipment Effect 2: 200% Increase in healing from damage done to the soul.


Like a fountain himself, Bai Yunfei was gasping for air. All over his body, sweatdrops started to formulate and cascade down from his face and back. When he was 'cut' by that scythe, Bai Yunfei felt as if his soul would've been extinguished if not for the Soul Sentinel Scarf!

As expected, this soul attack was a terrifyingly powerful one! The other person was only a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, but the soul attack was enough to kill even an early-stage Soul King!

"What a powerful soul skill.....I can't let them do that again!"

It took a second for Bai Yunfei to regain the right mindset for battle. As shocked as he was by the appearance and effects of the blood skill, Bai Yunfei couldn't afford to slack off again. Gritting his teeth, he waved his left hand towards the enemy!


There was a sneer as he activated the Charm Bracelet. As the bracelet activated, the Soul Sentinel Scarf on his head pulsated with light as well.

His actions were identical to what the other person did a moment before. The only difference was that the gigantic blood construct above the other person's head obviously didn't move with Bai Yunfei. But there was one other similarity, and that was in the aftermath!!


Another loud roar erupted into the air, but this time.... It was coming from the mouth of the enemy!

A change was already starting to take place over in the body of the blood-red person. The person looked a little scrawnier than before now, and the aura was a lot weaker than what it was before they used the soul skill. Even the blood construct above their head was looking a lot more faint than before. The attack the two just did took a large amount of energy, it seemed, but that was of no importance to the person. The person was happy that the move even connected. The soul skill used was one the person normally liked to employ. The person hadn't expected Bai Yunfei to be hit by it, but since it did, the person fully expected Bai Yunfei to be without a life sooner or later, and his soul would be completely vanquished!

However! Just two seconds after the scythe finished its motions through Bai Yunfei, the other person saw Bai Yunfei lift his hand up towards them. A sharp piercing pain stabbed straight through their head and into their soul the very next moment!

Just like how Bai Yunfei didn't expected to be hit by that soul attack, the other person didn't expect Bai Yunfei to survive the encounter and counterattack with a soul attack of his own!

Those who weren't as strong as Soul Kings were essentially defenseless when struck by a soul attack. The only thing they could do when hit by one of those was to simply scream out in pain!

The gigantic blood construct over the person's head looked like it was in pain as well! Writhing about, the construct looked as though it was on the verge of fading away from sight.

Even a peak late-stage Soul Exalt would be rendered incapable for battle in that one moment when hit by the soul attack of Bai Yunfei. But the figure in red was no ordinary soul cultivator. The person screamed for another two seconds before they recomposed themselves. Their aura was nearly half of what it was before, but the person could fight! The person had managed to ward off Bai Yunfei's soul attack!

"Bang bang bang bang....."

Yet while the person had only managed to recuperate from the soul attack of Bai Yunfei, a series of popping sounds snapped the person to attention. At some point, Bai Yunfei had pulled out two strange soul armaments in front of himself to fire off a series of pellets of elemental energy!

The person's pupils dilated at the sight. Leaping backwards, the person waved their right hand in front of their face to protect them from the incoming fire.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang....."

In the next moment, nearly a dozen bullets of violet energy exploded onto the person!