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 Chapter 709: Who Is It?


The very distinct sound of teeth meeting flesh rang through the air before Bai Yunfei felt his right side start to hurt!

The two fangs of the person he was being held by had broken through his flesh and stabbed into one of his main arteries!

Bai Yunfei's face drained of blood at the pain and his pupils dilated somewhat in his surprise. Never did he think he'd be attacked with such a method!

But while he stood there in shock the enemy was already doing something else! The pain in his neck took only a second before it spread throughout to the rest of his body and brought his body to a slight sliver. Then.....like a balloon with a hole in it, blood started to flow out from the holes in his throat!

Or perhaps it was better to say that there was a strange sucking force taking place over those two holes as both his blood and soulforce was being drained out from him!!

This was the exact same sensation he felt from when the black tentacles of the blood octopus first touched him before!

It had only been a quick second when the fangs of the person he was fighting touched his throat, and it was only their fangs. Bai Yunfei shuddered to think what would've happened if the entirety of the person's teeth managed to break through his defenses and skin!

That wasn't the only thing affecting him though. From where his wrist and shoulder was being clamped, Bai Yunfei's soulforce was being drained out from those places too!

And the black tentacle from the blood octopus was still coming ever so closely to him. If Bai Yunfei didn't move, the tentacle would go straight through his head like a skewer....


A loud chirp rang through the air in his moment of utter peril. A series of ripples traveled through the air with extreme speed before 'colliding' with the blood octopus! There was no physical reaction where they touched, but the blood octopus immediately came to a stop!

Xiao Qi was coming to the rescue with a soul attack!


Practically milliseconds after the blood octopus came to a stop, a sparrow-sized bolt of violet and green came bounding through the air to collide furiously with the octopus' head!

As tiny as Xiao Qi was, the colliding force enacted onto the octopus was still dreadful to behold. The part where the octopus was hit curled inwards a bit before the octopus was sent trailing away with a wind trail following it!


Bai Yunfei howled in anger when he realized his momentary crisis was over. Gritting his teeth and allowing his eyes to bleed over with rage, he redirected his soulforce into his Charm Bracelet to emit a soft glow from it!

It was a pseudo-soul attack!

Though it was primarily aimed at the blood octopus, the soul attack managed to affect the person holding on Bai Yunfei as well. The fangs sucking on Bai Yunfei's throat paused for a moment before Bai Yunfei burst forth with a tremendous amount of power. The Charm Bracelet was beginning to pulsate wildly with light before it sent an incorporeal blade of light into the other person's head!


There was a guttural growl from the fanged person's mouth as the soul attack took hold. Bai Yunfei felt the pressure around his wrist and shoulder loosen just enough to step back and lash out with a vicious kick onto the person's throat!


The two were thrust apart from one another when the kick landed. Holding a hand to his throat as he fled, Bai Yunfei widened the distance between him and the other person by a hundred meters.

It took only a sparse two seconds for Xiao Qi to knock the blood octopus away and Bai Yunfei to disentangle himself from the other person. Xiao Qi let out a chirp of relief when he saw Bai Yunfei escape before going after the blood octopus again.


Bai Yunfei breathed in and out laboriously. Sweat drops were forming on his forehead as he pressed a hand to his throat. His face was abnormally pale.


Bai Yunfei spat out the three words with great indignation. This sinister way of stealing soulforce from their enemies was even more dangerous than the previous methods Bai Yunfei came across before in his life!

How long had Bai Yunfei been stuck to the other person? A mere three seconds, but in those three seconds, Bai Yunfei had at least a tenth of his soulforce and blood taken straight out from his body!

It was only natural for Bai Yunfei to assume this person was from the Soul Refining School with how they were able to drain soulforce. But a method of draining soulforce like that was completely unheard-of by Bai Yunfei.

"A peak late-stage Soul Exalt.....Is this person the one behind the blood octopus?? That's weird, even if the blood octopus was hiding their soulforce, I should've been able to sense their aura a lot sooner than this....

"And judging from their aura.....this person's just like the blood octopus, are they both about to become Soul Kings?? Is that the reason? Is that why Formagua City was turned into a ghost city? So they could use a dastardly method like this to become Soul Kings?!"

Bai Yunfei was thinking to himself as he waited for the wound on his throat to heal. He did notice that the aura of the other person seemed to be fluctuating wildly as if unsettled. The other person was shining a dark red color to match with their blood-red robes, making them look as though they were blood-soaked. Even the bloody-stench of death could be smelt from their person.


Bai Yunfei blinked. He had heard something just now. The other person was mumbling something just barely audible enough for him to pick up on.

"Bai....Bai....Bai Yunfei.....Bai Yunfei! Bai YUNFEI! Ahhhh!!!"

As Bai Yunfei was trying to hear what was being said, he suddenly realized that it was actually his name being spoken!!

"Bai Yunfei! I'm....I'm going to kill....kill.....kill you! Die! Die! Die!!"

The person threw their head backwards to scream out to the heavens. Stooping back down, the person kicked off against the sky with such force there was a ripple of wind in the air to come flying at Bai Yunfei!

"He knows me? Who is he??" Bai Yunfei was taken aback at the resentment this person seemingly had for him. The next thing he saw as a blur of light before he had to throw up both arms in front of him to protect himself. There was a clang of metal hitting metal and sparks flying everywhere before he was forced back several dozen meters.

The robes on his left arm were torn apart by something and his Flameblade Bracer had three white marks on it as if struck by an intense source of heat.

Bai Yunfei looked up. The other person was only just steadying themselves when Bai Yunfei honed in onto their right arm with his eyes. There was a dark-red glove made of metal on it, and jutting out from the spot above the knuckles were blades as sharp and cold as steel.

If it weren't for his Flameblade Bracer, Bai Yunfei probably would've lost his hand in that exchange.

"Kill! I'll kill you....Bai Yunfei! Die!!"

The other person garbled again. Eyes as furious as anything Bai Yunfei had ever seen before stared him down before the person started to go through a series of hand seals!

"Hand seals!" Bai Yunfei's eyes widened in shock. The usage of hand seals meant only one thing: there was a soul skill about to come into play!


But then just a second later, the person spat out a mouthful of blood as if they were seriously harmed by something!

Before Bai Yunfei could even gather his thoughts on this latest development, the blood coming out from the other person's mouth was already disseminating through the air. Turning into a bloody mist, the blood spread to around the other person's being and started to shine red with light as if it was starting to become alive!

"This....this is...."

Bai Yunfei had no words to say almost as he watched the sight. The mist of blood had already formed a sphere around the man and continuing to grow in size with each passing moment. Before long, the sphere of blood had turned into a gigantic humanoid figure about ten meters tall!!