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 Chapter 708: Sudden Changes

The might of the Dual Dragon Burst was beyond strong. Under Bai Yunfei's control, he had the 'heat energy' of the Dual Dragon Burst transfer over into the water. And it worked! The water was beginning to boil!

Bai Yunfei could confirm the blood water around him already less than half than its original darkness. The pressure that had been forcing Bai Yunfei to move at sub-optimal speeds was growing less, and now Bai Yunfei could even send his soulsense to the surface of the water!

To which, there was one thing he noticed. The water level was dropping rapidly!

Somehow, the Dual Dragon Burst was evaporating a good portion of the lake water!!

Something as strange as this was actually within the realm of probability to Bai Yunfei's plans, and the Dual Dragon Burst was the key for him to put the plan into motion!! Even an early-stage Soul King wouldn't be able to export as much elemental fire as Bai Yunfei did without expending even more energy.

The boiling point of water was roughly around one hundred degrees Celsius, and that was just in the case of regular water. Special water like this had definitely a much higher boiling point. Someone on the level of a Soul Sprite would probably not be strong enough to withstand the temperature of the waters now. A great ways away, Xiao Qi was still protecting the little girl in the brick's barrier and a secondary bubble of elemental wind, else the little girl would've died a long time ago.


There was an unprecedented level of pain and terror in the octopus' wail this time. It was still writhing around in the water with its tentacles flying everywhere as it tried its best to shrug off the extreme heat. Never had it experienced a situation like this before. It didn't even know how to best handle the situation with its level of intelligence other than to try and use its elemental water to try and bring the temperature around it back to manageable levels.

But without the assistance of its special blood water the octopus was extremely hampered in what it could do. To make matters even worse, the panic it was in was making it even harder to control its elemental water. But with each passing second it couldn't, the temperature of the lake only grew even higher and the water levels even lower.

It took only another ten seconds before Bai Yunfei felt the pressure on him decrease by practically eighty percent. He smiled when he tilted his head up and saw the water levels significantly lower than before. Looking back to the octopus, Bai Yunfei calmed his soulforce and prepared to start the second round.


A series of bubbling sounds invaded the ears of Bai Yunfei, and the next thing he knew, the top of his head was popping out from the surface of the water. Looking up, he noticed then the starry canvas of the night skies above, followed by a kilometer wide surface area of water all around him.

There was another loud pop from a little farther away. Bai Yunfei turned his head in time to see a waterfall come pouring down from the night skies.

"Isn't this.....Mount Teapot??"

Bai Yunfei remarked. Wasn't this deluge of water coming from the 'spout' of Mount Teapot?

So they were in the back of Formagua City this entire time! The waterfall originating from Mount Teapot was crashing down into the crater of the lake Bai Yunfei was in with a great rumble. From beyond the lake, a series of rivers was flowing into it from different areas.

Bai Yunfei scanned the environment he was in. Now that there wasn't any water to obscure his vision and nothing to stop his soulsense, he could scan the surrounding kilometer. There wasn't anyone, so that meant Bai Yunfei could focus on killing the blood octopus in front of him and then get back to the city to regroup with Zheng Kai and the others.

He was back in the air now to stand above the lake. Bai Yunfei looked down to the bloody waters, watching as the lake steamed a bloody red to enshroud the nearby area in a bloody mist.

"Xiao Qi."

Bai Yunfei spoke, still watching the giant writhing figure of bright blue down in the lake below.

"Chirp!" Xiao Qi called out in response. Wrapped in a green light, the bird flapped his wings and sent a fearsome gale through the area to sweep around the mist and allowing Bai Yunfei to see everything in the lake without distraction.

There was practically no water left in the lake. All there was was a 'block' of blood congealed black due to its age. There was also a sea of bony-white fragments at the bottom....

The sight of that of course only served to infuriate Bai Yunfei even more. Eyes like daggers, Bai Yunfei glared at the octopus.

There was something happening to the blood octopus he hadn't expected though. The hundreds of tentacles writhing about without energy was within expectations. But that the octopus was bent slightly at the side as if slightly drunk so it couldn't remain upright.

In a way, it looked kind of like a 'beached fish' that was halfway to death.

"Was it really that effective??" Bai Yunfei was slightly surprised. He hadn't thought that the blood octopus would be this easy to take care of when the blood water was all taken care of. As much of a good thing this was, Bai Yunfei hadn't much room to err still. He raised his right hand to have his palm face the octopus. Transmitting his soulforce to it, he powered up the Ardent Sun Glove and fired off a fireball three-meters large at it!

"Wuu!!" The blood octopus cried out loud. It didn't move, but it lashed out with one large tentacle to try and bash the fireball away from it.


There was an ear-deafening explosion as the fireball exploded and reduced the octopus' tentacle to ashes.

"It really is a lot weaker now...." Bai Yunfei murmured after noticing just how weak the soulforce coming from the blood octopus was. "There's still too many tentacles to fight up close though. And with those feelers sucking up soulforce and blood, it's just not worth it. "If a close-combat battle is out of the question, then I'll just bombard it from afar and turn it into fried octopus!"

He backed up a bit to prepare for his next move. His hands moved through several hand seals with rapid speed to gather an abundant amount of elemental fire in both arms.

From the looks of it, he was going to use the Dual Dragon Burst again!


There was a very clearly terrified wail from the octopus. Its gigantic frame trembled violently as it tried to move away from the area. Glowing orange with light, the blood octopus lashed out with over a dozen tentacles towards Bai Yunfei. There were another hundred tentacles that drilled straight into the ground as if trying to excavate the area. Like drills, they dug at the ground in a way that surprised Bai Yunfei with their efficiency.....


There was a mighty crash as the octopus suddenly flew up into the air like a bullet! Airborne, the octopus flew off into the skies to try and slam into Bai Yunfei!

It's leaping height was tall enough to shoot past even Bai Yunfei and come crashing back down like a mountain with a plethora of thorns!

Because he had been priming up the Dual Dragon Burst, Bai Yunfei lost his target for a moment and was immediately besieged by hundreds of tentacles!

Needless to say, this startled Bai Yunfei. Growing flustered for just a second, Bai Yunfei locked back onto the octopus and was right about to attack with the Dual Dragon Burst!

But the moment before he did came yet another distraction!


There was a loud explosion from where the blood octopus jumped from. Casting his look down, Bai Yunfei saw the ground explode, sending both dirt and bone flying everywhere. A red light shot out like a beam of lightning from the storm to come straight at Bai Yunfei!

"Someone's here!!"

Bai Yunfei blanched. He hadn't thought that there really would be an enemy here, and hiding under the blood octopus no less!!

Traveling at unbelievably fast speeds, the figure was soon right in front of Bai Yunfei's eyes almost! This person's timing was impeccable, as Bai Yunfei was nearly done with aiming the Dual Dragon Burst!


He cursed to himself. Unable to cast his ultimate attack, Bai Yunfei canceled it by disengaging his hands away from one another. As the elemental fire was still wrapped around his arms, Bai Yunfei borrowed its power to lash out with a punch at this person coming at him!

"Bang!! Crack!!"

There was a bone-cracking sound as Bai Yunfei's punch landed squarely onto the other person's stomach! The person didn't even bother to dodge!


Whilst Bai Yunfei was trying to understand why this person didn't even bother dodging, a sinister croak started to play from the person. Something clasped around his right wrist before he could bring back his arm. Then Bai Yunfei felt another hand grapple onto his shoulder. Then the person began to laugh out loud right in front of his face!

Even after being hit with an Eighty-one Fold Fist Force, this person was completely unaffected by it!

When this person started to cackle with their face in front of Bai Yunfei, he could see a set of teeth sharp and pointy like a beast jutting out from their gums. Then the person.....snapped their jaw onto Bai Yunfei's throat!!


A gust of wind from overhead came as a black-colored tentacle came down like a sword to try and pierce his head from the top!