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 Chapter 705: The First Battle Underwater

Bai Yunfei roared furiously, his face an extremely dark shade of anger. As his soulforce coursed through his body, Bai Yunfei took out his Fire-tipped Spear from his ring. Kicking off against the waters, he rushed towards the octopus!

"Look after the girl, Xiao Qi!"

His left hand released the young girl before he left. The Cataclysmic Seal stuck close to her and erected a barrier about a meter wide in radius to protect her within it like a bubble of air in the water.

Xiao Qi had wanted to fly forward to fight the octopus with Bai Yunfei at first. But with Bai Yunfei telling to stay behind, Xiao Qi froze up and returned to the young girl's side.

Through their soulbond, Xiao Qi was able to tell just how angry Bai Yunfei was about this situation. It wasn't as bad as the 'fury' Bai Yunfei went through back in the Capital where he lost all rational thought, but the soulbeast in front of them had well and truly angered Bai Yunfei into wanting to kill it.

It wouldn't take very long to kill the octopus if Xiao Qi and Bai Yunfei fought together. Bai Yunfei could do it himself if he went all out too though, so Xiao Qi decided to listen to him and stay behind to protect the young girl. They were in a very strange situation after all, and anything could really happen, so Xiao Qi needed to protect the young girl just in case.

Because of the sticky nature of the 'pool of blood', Bai Yunfei's movements were more sluggish than usual. Still, he was able to achieve the fast speed of a fish in water if he used the Flash Step to move. His body leaned forward. His left hand rotated in a circular fashion to have a cone-shaped burst of elemental fire form around it. Heaving the Fire-tipped Spear with him, Bai Yunfei launched himself like a torpedo towards the octopus a few hundred meters away.

"Bang bang bang....."

Any bodily fragment from the floating corpses were blown apart as Bai Yunfei shredded his way forward. He wasn't too concerned on their behalf since the corpses were already dead, and there was no way forward without doing so. He wouldn't be able to reach the octopus if he didn't. Killing this murderous soulbeast would resolve any grievances from the dead.


There was another deep grumbling from the octopus. The blood water around Bai Yunfei started to churn violently again as a gigantic tentacle shining with blue light tore through the countless bodies to come striking at Bai Yunfei!

Narrowing his eyes at the beam of light, Bai Yunfei continued onward rather than try to move to the side. His right hand clenched tightly around the Fire-tipped Spear as he spun it to stab at the tentacle. Without any fear, he moved forward to meet the tentacle head on!


There was a squishing sound as the Fire-tipped Spear stabbed into the meter-thick tentacle. It inserted itself halfway in before stopping like a needle in a pincushion before Bai Yunfei yanked the spear back out!

Before Bai Yunfei could swim around the tentacle, the tentacle froze up and started to emit a bright red light from it. Cracks traveled down the tentacle like a spiderweb, and soon, even more red light started to shine from between the cracks!


The tentacle exploded in a muffled explosion due to the dampening properties of the water. And from within the bloody mess of tentacle flesh, Bai Yunfei came flying forward!

+10 Additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, activated!


There was a pained gurgle from the octopus as its tentacle exploded. Clearly furious at its wound, the glowing-red eyes of the lantern flashed several times in response. Glaring, the octopus sent several more tentacles at Bai Yunfei from every direction!

Using the explosion of the Fire-tipped Spear on the tentacle had only been a test for Bai Yunfei. Now that he had his answer, Bai Yunfei drew away from the others. Kicking again and again against the water to swim away, Bai Yunfei dodged the incoming tentacles. Despite all the tentacles coming at him, Bai Yunfei had the advantage in that he was 'tiny' compared to the octopus. The gigantic tentacles left behind cracks in between each other whenever they tried to grab onto Bai Yunfei, and he was more than willing to swim through these cracks to escape. As diminished as the Flash Steps and the Wave Treading Steps were underwater, Bai Yunfei was still able to travel fast enough to evade the twenty-something tentacles underwater.

With each tentacle dodged, Bai Yunfei was able to progress just a little bit closer to the main body. And within ten seconds, Bai Yunfei was within a hundred meters of the octopus!

There was a considerable amount of pressure on Bai Yunfei though. Just traveling these several hundred meters had forced Bai Yunfei to use a decent amount of soulforce. Battling underwater made his elemental fire a lot weaker than they would be on land. And without replenishing his soulforce, Bai Yunfei was in a disadvantageous situation.

"Can't let this drag on any longer, I have to finish this soon!"

Focused at the task at hand, Bai Yunfei activated the Violet Soul Ring's effect. Reinvigorated by the flow of stockpiled soulforce into his body, Bai Yunfei kicked off against the waters with his right foot again. He swam forward like a scorching fireball, leaving behind a trail of bubbles to get close to the right eye of the octopus!


Since Bai Yunfei was taking on a different approach, the octopus did the same. Its entire body glowed bright blue again, and it was starting to gurgle, but higher pitched this time. A slit underneath the eyeballs opened up wide....was this its mouth?!

"Gurgle gurgle...."

Bubbles flowed forth from the 'mouth' in great droves. It looked like the giant body of the octopus was drawing in on itself for a moment before a dark red liquid came shooting out from its 'mouth'!

The waters around the octopus was already a very dark red from all the blood, but the liquid being spat out from the octopus was even more crimson somehow. It jettisoned through the water with even greater speed than Bai Yunfei was traveling. In the blink of an eye, it blew past the area between the octopus and Bai Yunfei and engulfed him in it.

With how fast and sudden it was, the beam of liquid was just too wide-reaching for Bai Yunfei to escape from!

Alarmed, Bai Yunfei had no other choice but to stop dead in his tracks. Looking as hard as he might, Bai Yunfei simply couldn't see anything past ten meters of him! Even worse, the liquid around him was stickier than before, making it even harder for him to even move!

That wasn't the only thing! The liquid around Bai Yunfei was seemingly corrosive to his elemental energy barrier, as it was dissolving it even more with each passing second!

As Bai Yunfei fed even more soulforce into his defenses, Bai Yunfei realized a black shadow was already coiling around him!

It was another tentacle, and a thinner one at that. It was only as thick as his legs were and didn't have a protective layering of blue light around it. This one was a dark red color in fact, but the more important thing was that it was a lot faster than the others! And by the time Bai Yunfei realized that, it was already coiled tight around him!


Bai Yunfei groaned in pain when it constricted onto him and felt his pupils dilate rapidly from how abrupt the attack was!

Somehow, the dark red tentacle had shattered his barrier as soon as they touched!

Its soft squishy flesh closed in upon Bai Yunfei's body, wrapping around his arms like a python constricting around its prey. There was a soft creaking sound from Bai Yunfei's body as his bones started to groan under the pressure.

Inexperienced because of the fact this was his very first underwater battle, Bai Yunfei was now in danger due to an unexpected development!