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 Book 1 Chapter 69: Things that always happen at a restaurant

After rescuing Liu Meng, Bai Yunfei went straight back into his tavern.

In a guest room, he gently put she down on a bed then asked in a deeply concerned manner: "Meng'er, how are you feeling? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Liu Meng smiled at him, saying softly: "I'm fine. You don't have to worry, Yunfei. They forced me to take a drug then my whole body became powerless. But there shouldn't be any big problems. I can feel that I'm recovering. I think I should be okay by tomorrow morning at the latest..."

"Really? Are you sure about this?" Bai Yunfei looked at the color of her face carefully. After thinking for a while, he still said worriedly: "I think I should go ask the seniors from the Green Willow School to come and have a look at you. This'll bother them a bit, but I can only stop worrying after making sure that you're okay."

Just when he wanted to stand up, he felt Liu Meng hold his left hand. She raised her voice a little, saying: "There's really no need for that, Yunfei. I heard from them that this drug merely paralyzes my body for a while, weakening my mind, making it impossible for me to channel my soulforce, and rendering my entire body powerless and immobile..."

His hand pulled by her, Bai Yunfei seemed to feel somewhat uneasy. He sat down on the bed again and said in a low voice: "Then... Alright, if you're still not okay by tomorrow morning, I'll take you to the Green Willow School to ask for help."

Liu Meng showed a smiling expression. Her face slightly reddened. She stared at Bai Yunfei long a long time then said tenderly: "Thank you for saving me, Yunfei. I knew... you'd definitely come."

Bai Yunfei shifted his eyes away somewhat awkwardly and gave a slight cough, saying: "Don't say that, Meng'er. After all, their target was me. It was all because of me provoking them earlier that you were kidnapped."

"But didn't you provoke them because of me?"

After saying so, Liu Meng seemed to realize that her words had another meaning and her face reddened even more. She inclined her head, not daring to look at Bai Yunfei again.

The little servant girl Xiao Ning had been keeping watch on one side with wide opened eyes all along. Now, seeing such an atmosphere between the two of them, her eyes rolled and she could not help letting out a laugh then said with pretended arrogance as if she was their senior: "Let me tell you two something. Obviously both of you want the same thing, so why are you still pretending not to understand each other?"

"Cough cough cough!!" Bai Yunfei gave a few dry coughs then stood up, saying: "Meng'er, your body is very weak at the moment so you should go to sleep early. I'll go and have a rest too. After the fight just now, I'm pretty tired. If you want to talk about something, let's wait until tomorrow."

He then walked out of the room in a somewhat embarrassed manner. Behind him, the sounds of Xiao Ning's lovely laughter and Liu Meng rebuking her in a low voice rang out.

After getting out of the room, Bai Yunfei closed the door. When he turned around again, the embarrassed expression on his face had already disappeared and replaced by one of solemnity!

He stood quietly at the door for several seconds and gave a sigh so soft it was inaudible then went downstairs, found the innkeeper, paid for another room and shut himself in it in complete silence.


The next day, when Bai Yunfei saw Liu Meng again, she already no longer looked unwell. Moreover, she seemed quite happy. After eating the breakfast Xiao Ning had bought for her, she suggested to him that they should go for a stroll on the streets.

Today was somewhat cloudy, but the weather was not bad either. Even though there was no sun, the air was cool and refreshing. Bai Yunfei followed the two girls, walking about aimlessly on the streets.

"What's wrong, Yunfei? It seems you've been preoccupied since the morning. Is it because you were injured yesterday?" Hearing Liu Meng's deeply concerned voice, Bai Yunfei raised his head and saw a delicate pretty face with bright eyes full of doubt and concern looking at him without blinking.

Bai Yunfei shifted his eyes to one side a bit and said in a seemingly somewhat uncomfortable manner: "No, I'm fine. I'm just wondering... if the Long family's men will find us now that we're going on the streets like this..."

Liu Meng was startled then said laughingly: "You don't have to worry. Didn't that Long Taogu say yesterday that as long as you defeated them, he wouldn't come to trouble you anymore? Besides, the other two men were injured by you. They shouldn't have recovered from this so quickly."

"Can we believe what they said...?" Bai Yunfei gave a forced smile inside, but his face showed no sign of it. He roused himself a bit and said: "Then, let's continue to stroll about and buy things we want to buy. After that..."

"After that, I'll have some words to tell you, Yunfei..." Liu Meng suddenly changed the topic of conversation, saying with a slightly reddened face.

Bai Yunfei halted his words then said doubtfully: "What words do you have to tell me?"

"This, I'll tell you in a while!" Liu Meng's eyes became a little evasive. She said smilingly: "Now let's continue to stroll about. I like the atmosphere of this street very much! A while later, when we're already hungry, we'll find a place to eat!"

After saying so, without waiting for Bai Yunfei's reaction, she went forwards with Xiao Ning. The two girls began to talk about the various business shops on the sides of the street in a low voice rather excitedly. Bai Yunfei frowned slightly in an unnoticeable manner. In the end, he let out a sigh and had no choice but to follow them.


In the west part of the city, on a similarly bustling street, a lanky youngster dressed entirely in black with a face full of discontentment was walking slowly in the crowd. He had ear-length short hair and a rather handsome appearance, but there seemed to be a sinister air about him.

"Junior uncle Yang is really annoying. It's been a good few days since he left for that Baifeng City, why hasn't he returned yet?!" While walking, this youngster mumbled discontentedly in a low voice: "It was so hard to go out of the school, I'm still counting on him to take me to some more places.

"But fortunately I was wise enough to stay in this Cuiliu City, otherwise unlike junior uncle, I wouldn't be able to bear staying with those gloomy black-robed men all day long." He raised his head. The unhappy expression on his face had already lessened quite a lot. His eyes were sweeping the street back and forth, "He he, there's really quite a lot of beautiful young girls in this Cuiliu City. In the last several days in this city, I really almost died of pleasure."

Withdrawing his eyes from the body of a seductive woman, the youngster rubbed his stomach slightly and said to himself: "Let's go find a place to eat first. Afterwards I'll see if I can run into a woman who makes me fancy her, he he..."


At noon, on the second floor of a rather luxurious restaurant, Bai Yunfei and the two girls were sitting at a table next to a window. There were many extremely attractive dishes arranged on the table. The two girls were eating daintily but Bai Yunfei was gazing at the street outside the window in a trance. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

"Why aren't you eating, Yunfei? These dishes don't suit your taste?" Liu Meng's voice rang out. Bai Yunfei withdrew his eyes and looked at this young girl who was looking at him with a deeply concerned expression.

Somehow, he only made eye contact with her for a moment before looking away at the dishes on the table, saying while shaking his head slightly: "No, just now I was thinking about some things..."

"Are you still worried about the Long family? We spent the entire morning walking about on the streets, but didn't nothing happen? Don't think too much..." Liu Meng gave a smile then picked up a piece of fish maw and put it into Bai Yunfei's bowl, saying, "Quickly eat the meal, okay? You see, you haven't even eaten half of the food in your bowl."

Bai Yunfei nodded then slowly ate the meal, but anyone could tell that he was not paying attention to eating.

"Right, Yunfei, I've always wanted to ask you a question. Yesterday, when you fought those three men from the Long family... what weapon did you use? Why, why did it look like... look like a brick?" Liu Meng's curious voice rang out. It turned out she and Xiao Ning had already finished eating and were looking at Bai Yunfei with their chins resting on their hands. Apparently she had asked the question because she had suddenly remembered something.

The chopsticks in Bai Yunfei's hand trembled slightly. A piece of vegetable he had picked up fell back to the tray. He withdrew his hand and put the chopsticks on the bowl. After hesitating for a while, he said: "Yeah, it was actually just a brick."

"What?" Liu Meng shouted softly. Her beautiful eyes opening wide, she looked at him with an expression of total disbelief: "How was this possible? Where did, where did you get such a... such a formidable brick? Could it be... it's a soul item, right?"

"Yes, you can say so." Bai Yunfei lowered his head and answered softly.

"Really? That's so awesome! I've never heard about this kind of weapon. Besides, it... seems to be very special. Could it be you made it yourself? Could it be you're a disciple of the Crafting School?" Liu Meng asked in a crisp voice, her expression still full of curiosity.

Bai Yunfei kept silent for a while then said: "No... My master gave it to me. There's also that red spear. My master gave me both of them in the past..."

"Oh?" Liu Meng blinked, seeming to think of something, then said with smiling eyes: "Oh, I know it already. You master didn't allow you to talk about them, right? Um, then I won't ask about them anymore..."

"Actually..." Bai Yunfei frowned. Just when he wanted to say something, he was interrupted by a clamor.

"Mister, the second floor is really full. Please stay on the first floor for a bit..." A waiter's frustrated voice was heard, followed by a clatter of footsteps.

"I want a place next to a window on the second floor. So what if it's unavailable? Just tell those people to move away!"

Along with this arrogant voice, a youngster dressed completely in black went upstairs. He looked around then unexpectedly pointed to the table where Bai Yunfei and the two girls were sitting, saying to the waiter who had gone upstairs with him: "I want that position. You go tell them to move away. I'll pick up their bill!"

While he was talking, his eyes unexpectedly brightened, staring at Liu Meng. After being entranced for a good few seconds, he laughed out loud all of a sudden.

"Ha ha!! Who would have thought I'd come across such a beautiful girl in this place?! Not bad, not bad, looks like I'm very lucky today!" While talking in an unbridled manner, this youngster lifted his feet and walked over there.

Liu Meng and Xiao Ning looked at this young man with shocked expressions, but Bai Yunfei frowned slightly. He cast a look at him and continued to keep his head lowered, looking at the meal on the table, his eyes glittering slightly.

"He he, young girl, are you willing to go for a stroll with me in the city? You see, the silent guy next to you, at first sight I already know that he's weak and powerless. Don't care about him anymore. Just go with me!" This young man's arrogance and directness were somewhat unbearable, but he said these words as if they were right and fair. It looked like he was normally accustomed to being this arrogant and, moreover, successful being arrogant.

For no reason, a feeling of agitation suddenly surged in Bai Yunfei's heart. Not even he himself knew why he was like this. In the blink of an eye, the agitation turned into fury, which clogged his mind, making it extremely unbearable for him.

He suddenly lifted his head. A rare hint of ruthlessness had unexpectedly shown up on his face, and he stared at this young man with an ice-cold expression.

"Get lost!"