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 Chapter 694: Hornets of Plum Valley


Watching as the foot of Long Lan was about to burst open the man's head, Bai Yunfei cried out to Long Lan to try to stop him.

Without even fully understanding the situation, Bai Yunfei couldn't have Long Lan kill anyone.


Another voice cried out to Long Lan the same time Bai Yunfei did. From the right side of the second floor of the inn, a single person came barreling out from the window.

Long Lan's foot came to a stop merely half an inch over the scrawny man's head, but the wind pressure from his foot was more than enough to drive the man almost an inch deeper into the ground. The man's eyes were filled with terror and his entire body was shivering with cold sweat to flow into the ground.

Bai Yunfei came to a stop in front of Long Lan. First looking to the safe and sound Huangfu Rui, he then looked to the three other men on the ground. "Long Lan, what in the world happened just now?"

The second person who had called out to Long Lan came descending from the skies. Landing a little farther away to where the other two men were knocked out, he stood there to stare at Long Lan and Bai Yunfei. It was a middle-aged man dressed in purple, but the strange thing to this person was that his head was abnormally larger than average, making him look comically unproportional. But the aura he was blazing out was anything but laughable. He was a peak late-stage Soul Exalt.

The man had wanted to break into a fight straight away, but seeing one of his own underneath Long Lan's foot caused him to rethink his actions. He raised an eye to look ahead at the inn only to see a group of people come flying out from it. Treading through the skies, they came charging over.

Long Lan drew his right foot back at Bai Yunfei's words. He pointed to the one by his foot, "This one tried to bully the little girl, so I knocked him out."

He pointed his finger to the two people slightly farther away, "Those two tried to help him out, so I knocked them out as well."

He then pointed back at the man beneath his foot. "Then this one tried to attack me when he was down, so I decided to stomp him to death."

It was a short and concise summary explained in three sentences. But the fact he spoke about killing a person so readily and without any emotion had been a little bone-chilling to hear.

Trying to bully Huangfu Rui??

Bai Yunfei's eyes narrowed at such a notion. Growing slightly frosty in the eyes, he turned to Huangfu Rui who was still holding onto the squirming Xiao Rourou, "Are you alright, Doraemon? Did he hurt you?"

Huangfu Rui shook her head angrily, "I was playing with the butterfly when this person came flying out of nowhere and scared away the butterfly! He said to come with him, but I didn't want to, so he tried to pull me away. He said something about being comfortable on a bed. His smile was so ugly that it scared me, so I screamed and that's when Giant came to knock him out."

She was an innocent girl who didn't even know the meaning behind the 'obscene' words being spoken to her, so it sounded innocent almost when she repeated the words, but Bai Yunfei and the others all felt themselves narrowing their eyes.

Eyes brimming with anger, Bai Yunfei was about to speak when Zheng Kai beat him to it, "F*ck!! A rapist!! I hate those type of people the most! How dare you try to do anything to little Rui! You've a death wish!! Long Lan, don't bother with them, kill them!"

"Impudence! You wouldn't dare!!"

An even more furious voice called out after Zheng Kai finished his sentence. It was the middle-aged man in purple. Smiling coldly at Zheng Kai, the man spoke, "Brat! If you dare do anything to my sixth brother, I can guarantee that none of you will be leaving this place a live!!"

"Where'd this idiotic brat come from? You must be in a hurry to die if you're willing to anger us brothers! Big brother, let's just fight already! The innkeeper isn't here, so if we kill these brats, we can leave right away!"

"Yeah!! These people hurt fifth, sixth, and even seventh brother! We can't let them off so easily, we have to let them know just how amazing we are!"

"Heh! These two more beautiful girls over there, and this little one isn't half-bad. No wonder sixth brother took action first. But you'll have to pay for his injuries with her body! Kill the boys and take away the girls! We don't need this inn anymore, we can find a random place to enjoy the night, haha!!"

"Third brother's right, let's go after them big brother!"


The people behind the big-headed person started to jeer one after another. They were started to get rowdy, and every single word of theirs was practically an obscenity.

These men were devilish in nature and monstrous in appearance. Two of the people in the group were one of the people that had scanned at Bai Yunfei's group with their soulsense earlier in the inn.

There was a total of nine people in the group, three of them being the ones already knocked out by Long Lan and the other six being the big-headed man and his group standing behind him. With the big-headed one being the strongest one as a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, the two people standing directly behind him were late-stage Soul Exalts. There were also another two mid-stage Soul Exalts, and the rest were early-stage Soul Exalts.

A group of nine Soul Exalts was definitely a considerable force of strength that could probably take on a medium leveled school or so. In the middling stratum of the soul cultivator world, this was a group that barely anyone would anger easily. In other words, they had the power to back up their arrogance.

Such a fighting force wasn't anything much in Bai Yunfei's eyes, though. Even Zheng Kai, Kou Tingting, and the others weren't very afraid.

What a hilarious situation. Even if he disregarded the fact that he was stronger than anyone in the same realm of strength as him, there was also Xiao Qi and Long Lan. Both of which were class seven soulbeasts who could very easily defeat the entire nine Soul Exalts.

Incensed on Huangfu Rui's behalf, Bai Yunfei was starting to feel the urge to kill these people and stop their lecherous words once in for all. With how they were speaking and acting, they were clearly people used to the 'shadier' side of life. And with people like that, Bai Yunfei's eyes increased in frostiness.

Holding a hand up to stop Zheng Kai from saying something, Bai Yunfei stared down the big-headed one. "Who are you people?"

"What?!" The man cried out as soon as the question registered to him. A look of disbelief was etched onto his face, "You....you don't know who we are?"

"Haha!! You hear that, second brother? He doesn't know who we are!! No wonder they're so eager to die, they don't know us! What ignorant children!"

"Hah, it's true when they say ignorance is bliss! Consider it your bad luck to cross the Hornets of Plum Valley! We'll have this lesson ingrained into your heads for the rest of your lives, but....the lesson probably won't settle in until you've kids!!"

Several of them jeered with laughter in response to what Bai Yunfei said. These people were looking at him and the others as if they were idiots or if they were listening to the greatest joke they ever heard.


Several more people were coming out from the inn by now. In smaller groups, they huddled around the entrance. Several of them narrowed their eyes with loathing when they heard the laughter of the group, but none of them said a thing or moved. Clearly these people just who the 'Hornets of Plum Valley' were and how strong they were, but they themselves weren't willing to get involved on another person's behalf.

"Sigh....what a reckless group of youngsters!! Though they were strong enough to knock out the three weakest of the Hornets, they're no match for the Boss Hornet, the peak late-stage Soul Exalt! Their second and third brothers aren't weak either. I can see those youngsters are quite strong, but they're no match for the Hornets!! How unlucky of them...."

"Tch, I knew those people were going to get into trouble the very moment they walked in. The sixth brother of the group, the 'Rapist Hornet', is infamous for his lecherous deeds. Any beautiful girl that manages to get into his grasps won't die a peaceful death. And if my prediction isn't off, those people will definitely die a painful death for hurting their sixth brother...."

"How unfortunate boss Lei isn't here. Those Hornets wouldn't dare act the way they are now, let alone fight in the surrounding area of the inn. He could've saved those youngsters...."


The people in front of the inn talked amongst themselves as they watched the two groups start to prepare for a battle. Behind them, the receptionist from the inn stared at Bai Yunfei's group for a moment before secretly releasing a small bird from his side. Spreading its wings, the bird took off towards the south direction into the night.


"Hornets of Plum Valley??"

Zheng Kai snorted upon hearing the name of their group. Cleaning out his ear with his left pinky, he jeered, "To be proud of such a sh*tty group name like that, what a bunch of idiots you guys are...."

"What did you say you brat!!"

"F*ck! You looking to die?! Let's save sixth brother and kill them!"

The group of eight were incensed by what Zheng Kai had said. The two who had been knocked down by Long Lan earlier were already back onto their feets, and now the eight of them were more than ready to leap into action any second now.

"Che! Have at it then, you think we're scared of you?!"

"Sixth brother, get out of the way!!"

Just as Zheng Kai was about to ask Bai Yunfei if it was okay to fight, the 'Boss Hornet' took the initiative to leap forward. Grunting, the man clenched his right fist tightly. The muscles in his right arm bulged with power as the purple light around his body began to converge in it. Traveling from his left arm to his right, the man lashed outwards with a mighty punch!


There was a sound reminiscent of lightning as the fist came forwards. A thick bolt of lightning came out from his fist to go charging at Long Lan!

The scrawny little man that had been underneath Long Lan's foot earlier, the 'Rapist Hornet', suddenly blazed to life with soulforce. Diving to the side by kicking off the ground, the man took off in retreat. The wretched state of pain the man was in earlier had all been a ploy to bide for time to make his escape!

"Hmph!!" Long Lan sneered. Having been waiting for Bai Yunfei's orders to attack, Long Lan had neglected to keep a proper guard on the scrawny man. With the powerful attack of purple lightning coming at him, Long Lan's lips curled in disdain before he clenched his right hand. A dreadful amount of energy began to rise up from his person as he prepared to take part in the fight.

"Long Lan, let me!!"

As he was about to make a move, a voice called out to him. Then, a streak of red light came flying past him to take on the bolt of purple lightning!