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 Book 1 Chapter 68: Mission accomplished; conspiracy discovered!

Bai Yunfei wanted to defeat the opponent's soul technique with the brick, even though this came at the cost of overloading his right arm's muscles and bones!


A deep sound rang out as the brick hit the opponent's wrist squarely!

Long Taogu was frightened inside, but after getting hit by this strike, he only felt his right arm get deflected away slightly. The pain coming from his wrist was not intense either and, moreover, nothing unusual happened.

After Long Taogu's momentary fright, a hint of delight flashed across his mind. He secretly thought that he had been overcautious and that this was merely an ordinary brick. At the same time, his eyes flashed with coldness. He forcefully halted his right arm, which had been deflected aside, then bent it again and attacked Bai Yunfei's left shoulder!

Even though he was also controlling his arm regardless of overburdening it, having used the Arm Bending Hand twice in quick succession earlier, he wanted to deal the opponent a heavy blow!

After Bai Yunfei had knocked away the the opponent's arm, seeing that no additional effect had been activated, his eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment. Before he could withdraw the brick, he was surprised to see the opponent use his soul technique once again without pausing at all!

This attack was sudden and fierce. If the side of his left shoulder was hit by it, because this area was not protected by the Goldsilk Soul Armor, he would not be able to use his left arm at least for a short time.

Having no time to think, Bai Yunfei clenched his teeth. His eyes showing a hint of madness, he unexpectedly changed the original movement of his right arm in the blink of an eye and blocked his left shoulder with the brick at the last moment.


Although he had made a block with the brick, the impact force coming through it still made Bai Yunfei retreat half a step involuntarily. At the same time, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, but fortunately he was not seriously injured.

As Bai Yunfei backed off, his eyes flashed with a tinge of happiness. For a moment just then, he had felt a strand of soulforce flow into the brick in his hand, which also meant an additional effect had been triggered! What he did not know was, which effect had been triggered...

The moment this thought appeared, he lifted his eyes and saw that in front of him, Long Taogu was already flying backwards with an astounded expression!

As expected, it was still the 'hurling' effect, which had the highest chance of being successfully activated!

This rare opportunity must be taken. As soon as Bai Yunfei stabilized his body, he charged up without hesitation. Using the Wave Treading Steps to the utmost, he was unexpectedly even slightly faster than Long Taogu was flying backwards!

When Long Taogu was caught by Long Taoyi, who had rushed up from behind, Bai Yunfei had already charged up to his face. Clenching his left fist, he struck a blow instantly!

Overlapping Waves Art, Ninefold Fist Force!

Long Taogu had just been caught by his younger brother and was yet to regain his balance. Faced with this incoming punch, he had no choice but to once again make a block by crossing his arms in front of him and channel his soulforce, ready to resist it head-on!

As the fist and the arms collided, a deep sound was heard, which even seemed to be mixed with a slight sound of broken bones. Long Taogu and Long Taoyi, who was supporting him, then were sent flying backwards again.

Bai Yunfei's body paused for a moment. Because he had overloaded his right arm twice in quick succession earlier, he had only been able to attack with his left arm, which naturally was much less powerful and, even worse, rather unsuited for this move.

After retreating several meters, Long Taogu and his young brother were finally able to stop their bodies. Long Taogu's drooping right arm was trembling slightly. A hint of a painful expression showed up on his face. His right arm, which had been put in front of his left arm just then, was not broken at all, but it was injured quite seriously.

They had been fighting him three on one for some time but they were unexpectedly still at a disadvantage!

Long Taogu's eyes were filled with amazement and disbelief, not only because of the opponent's strange body-maneuvering skill, but even more because of that inexplicable brick in his hand.

"Go up together! Be careful not to be hit by the brick in his hand!" Seeing Bai Yunfei already charging up again, Long Taogu gave a warning. He then unexpectedly was the first to rush up to engage the opponent, disregarding his right arm's injuries.

Bai Yunfei shook his right arm slightly, feeling that it was already much better. He was somewhat doubtful in his mind but now was not the time for him to care about this. The current situation was advantageous to him. He needed to defeat these three men then save Liu Meng first.

One against three, the four of them moved and jumped about in the hall, fighting each other to a stalemate. Bai Yunfei's three opponents already knew that they should not come into contact with the brick in his hand easily therefore they were all extremely careful. As for Bai Yunfei, relying on the Goldsilk Soul Armor's defense, as long as an attack was not aimed at a spot on his body not protected by the armor, he would not even bother dodging it. And if necessary, he would use the Wave Treading Steps to dash away. Brandishing the brick, temporarily he could not achieve victory either.

After dogfighting for several minutes, Bai Yunfei finally grabbed a slight opportunity and deliberately revealed a weak point, luring Long Taoyi on the left into throwing a punch at him. In the blink of an eye, he lifted the brick and blocked the punch with it. The moment Long Taoyi's fist smashed into the brick, his expression changed greatly, thinking he would be sent flying inexplicably again. But after he waited for a moment, nothing unusual happened. When he had just begun to rejoice over this in his mind, he felt a pain in his stomach. It turned out Bai Yunfei had taken advantage of this moment of inactivity to throw a kick at him.

Long Taoyi was kicked away. Bai Yunfei turned around and resisted a punch from Long Taogu head-on with his back. After that, he raised the brick and smashed it towards Long Tao on the right without pausing at all.

Long Tao was terrified and hurriedly dodged it, but his left shoulder was still hit. Although no additional effect was triggered, because he had dodged in a hurry, he lost his balance. Bai Yunfei immediately swung the brick at him again, hitting him squarely in the head!

Next to Long Tao, seeing that he had been hit, Long Taogu gave a cold snort and immediately threw a punch at the back of Bai Yunfei's head. However, when his punch was just halfway through, something he had not expected happened!

Without a warning sign, his right cheek was hit squarely with a punch. Completely unprepared for this, he was sent flying to one side! His attacker was unexpectedly Long Tao, who had been by his side.

The brick's +10 Additional effect, confusing, had been triggered!

Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed with delight. He had not expected this effect, which had the lowest chance of being activated, to be activated when he had hit the opponent in the head with this strike of the brick.

In confusion, Long Tao wanted to attack Bai Yunfei, but he was simply unable to aim at his intended target. After sending his big cousin flying with a punch, he still kept attacking recklessly like a madman. Bai Yunfei backed off a bit, just enough to avoid an incoming kick from him. However, Long Taoyi, who happened to be coming at Bai Yunfei at this moment, was not so lucky. Just like his older brother, he was caught completely unprepared by a kick from Long Tao and was sent flying with a face full of bafflement.

The three of them were separated from each other again. Bai Yunfei's eyes glittered. When Long Tao had just woken up from his confusion and had yet to know what had happened, a Ninefold Fist Force strike hit him in the stomach, sending him flying two meters away. He then fell to the floor for good.

Afterwards, with a dash of his body, creating a string of afterimages, Bai Yunfei instantly closed in on Long Taoyi, who had been knocked back by a kick from Long Tao, and threw a horizontal sweep kick at his waist, making it impossible for him to keep his balance. Then, giving the opponent no time to take a breath, he began to attack non-stop. Long Taoyi did his utmost to dodge but he was still unable to avoid the third strike and was sent flying by the brick again.

And his flying direction was none other than the direction of Long Taogu, who had just been hit by Long Tao's 'surprise attack'!

The moment Long Taoyi was sent flying away, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly chased after him at a high speed while he was still in mid-air. The brick had already been switched to Bai Yunfei's left hand. His right arm's muscles bulging out, he struck the opponent in the stomach with a fierce blow!

Long Taoyi was simply powerless to resist this focus attack of the Ninefold Fist Force. His flying speed shooting up, he spouted a mouthful of blood and was smashed towards Long Taogu.

Astonishment showing up in Long Taogu's eyes, he hastily caught his younger brother, who came smashing into him, then thudded backwards continuously several meters before finally stopping.

"Wait, wait!!" After taking a look at his already unconscious younger brother, who he had just caught, Long Taogu raised his head to look at Bai Yunfei, who was ready to attack him again, and said hurriedly: "Let's stop fighting! We admit defeat! You can take her with you!"

Bai Yunfei halted his steps and looked at the opponent expressionlessly, his eyes sightly glittering. It seemed he was arguing with himself in his mind. A short while later, he put the brick away with a shake of his right hand. Still staring at the opponent, he then slowly moved towards the corner where Liu Meng was.

After going up to her side, he gently picked her up then slowly went towards the door. All along, his eyes never left Long Taogu. Only when he had got out of this restaurant did he turn around then disappear quickly at the end of the street.

Only a long time after Bai Yunfei's departure did Long Taogu sigh as if relieved of a heavy load, saying bitterly in his mind: "When did we ever need to lose 'on purpose'? The three of us were simply no match for him! This was the case even when he didn't use that spear, his other soul weapon. He got two powerful soul techniques and that baffling brick. We were just completely defeated..."

Shaking his head in frustration, he looked at the two men lying on the floor. Luckily neither of them was seriously injured and they would be all right after several days of recuperation at most. As for Long Tao [the younger brother], his presence had been nonexistent since the beginning of the fight. At the moment, he was hiding in a corner gazing in the direction where Bai Yunfei had left to the point of stupefaction.

Long Taogu took a glance around the hall. It had been turned into a complete mess during the battle just then. There were even many holes in the floor, which had been caused by the combatants' vigorous steps just then.

Withdrawing his eyes, he unexpectedly raised his head to look at the seemingly empty second floor. His expression also became respectful. He said: "Elder Liu..."

"Mm, you did well." A deep voice came out from a room on the second floor. The door of the room then opened and a middle-aged man about forty years old walked out - he was unexpectedly none other than that elder of the Glacial School, Liu Cheng!!

Standing on the second floor, Liu Cheng swept his eyes over the four men down below in the hall, saying slowly: "You all did very well. Now go home and treat your injuries. When this matter has been dealt with, you will receive your promised things."

Long Taogu said respectfully with a happy expression: "Thank you so much, Elder Liu!"

After that, he gave Long Tao [the second brother] a call and walked out of the restaurant while assisting the two injured men...

Liu Cheng lowered his head looking at an object in his hand, his eyes showing a thoughtful expression - what he was holding was unexpectedly that light blue bracelet Bai Yunfei had given to Liu Meng in the early morning today!

"Make no mistake, there's definitely something strange about that spear, which appeared for a short while in the beginning, and that brick, which wasn't mentioned even by brother Zhenshan!"

As he stared at the bracelet in his hand, the wonderment in his eyes intensified: "This is obviously one of the ordinary items of jewelry he bought three days ago when he had just gone into Cuiliu City, but now..."

Judging from his words, he unexpectedly knew even these details! This also meant that he had already been keeping watch on Bai Yunfei since the first day he had entered the city!

"Besides... who would have thought he would make connections with the Green Willow School? I can't delay anymore. The plan must be carried out ahead of schedule!"

While planning in his mind, Liu Cheng slowly walked out of this Secret Pleasure Tower as well, heading for another street.

Only, despite being a middle Soul Sprite, he did not notice that on a roof about a thousand meters away from this place, a silhouette was leaning on an upright post looking at this Secret Pleasure Tower with a solemn expression!

This person was over twenty years old, wore a silvery robe, had long hair and was ordinary-looking. There was a white, little animal looking like a rat crouching on his shoulder - this was none other than the young man who had talked with Qin Zheng of the Fate School the other day and called himself the Bloodhowl Wolf King's adopted son, Hong Yin!

Only when he had seen Liu Cheng disappear in an alleyway did he withdraw his eyes. After pondering for a while, he disappeared with a shake of his body.