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 Chapter 687: The Power of Long Zhen: Soul Extraction!

The earth-type Soul King had only one goal, and killing the blue-eyes white wyrm wasn't it. As long as the Soul King could get the expert watching the battle from far away distracted enough in trying to save the wyrm, the Soul King would hopefully be able to get away.

The Soul King felt so much regret that he wanted to die right now. He had only gone into the Training Forest because of an on-the-spot judgement call. As he was thinking himself lucky in not coming across any blockades, this damnable class six soulbeast came into his path. Though normally he'd be able to kill such soulbeasts with a flick of his finger, this one was somehow stopping him!

The many powerful soulbeasts in the Training Forest wasn't unknown to him, and he also felt it extremely fortunate that none of the class seven soulbeasts came over to him. He felt a little worried when the auras of Wu Dijian and Bai Yunfei came to a stop a little farther away, but the bigger fear on his mind was.....he could feel an even greater danger somewhere in the nearby vicinity. It was just his 'intuition' speaking, but even for those in the Soul King realm, 'intuition' was something many people relied heavily on in order to live.

Hence why the Soul King was in such a desperate rush to leave this place.

The Soul King was also feeling a little furious at his current predicament.

While he infiltrated Tianhun Academy by himself, he had a comrade that was meant to coordinate and plan with him, but right now, neither rescue or support was coming!

But that wasn't very important right now. He had only one thought on his mind, and that was to....escape with all his might!

The attack was just twenty meters away from the wyrm by now, and it didn't seem like either Wu Dijian or Bai Yunfei would make a move-this made the Soul King very happy.

But then a sneer immediately vanquished any single hope he had left....


A relatively silent voice spoke out from the skies, almost so faint that people thought they were just hearing things. But it was real. As if activated by that sneer, the entire area around the Soul King froze up!

It really was as if the world froze. Like a silent picture, everything went still in the air.

Even the giant boulders flying at the blue-eyes white wyrm seemed to pause in the air just ten meters away. Likewise, the earth-type Soul King froze there like a statue. Even the light around his body wasn't moving an inch!

The world froze for a second before without warning, it went back into motion yet again.


An explosion rung through the area as soon as everything was back to normal. The boulder that had been so close to claiming the wyrm's life had suddenly exploded into fine dust! It scattered into the air and across the wyrm's face, but it did nothing to exacerbate the wyrm's wounds.

When the earth-type Soul King regained control over himself, the Soul King looked panic-stricken and remained stuck to his spot!

A single person had somehow reached the front of him!!

This person wore gray robes and had grizzly-white hair. Almost as if he had been there the entire time, this person stared at the earth-type Soul King with a calm look.

This person was Long Zhen!

"You..." The earth-type Soul King's eyes widened and his pupils dilated to the size of needles. Then like a coiled spring, the Soul King launched himself backwards with all his might to try and retreat backwards.

But before a single step could even be taken, the stare in Long Zhen's eyes intensified for a moment with a glimmer of light. Simultaneously, the earth-type Soul King came to an immediate stop! Even the soulforce in the Soul King's body was squashed down! There was a grunt from the Soul King, and then his eyes grew unfocused!

This was....a soul attack!!

If a soul attack could cause such a reaction from an early-stage Soul King like this one, it only stood to reason that Long Zhen was a terrifyingly strong person....

Then came an event that fully cemented just how terrifying Long Zhen was.....

Still staring at the frozen earth-type Soul King, Long Zhen slowly reached out with his right hand and pressed it against the Soul King's head.



A shriek of pain erupted from the earth-type Soul King's mouth! His eyes were as wide as dinner plates now, bulging so much that they almost seemed like they would pop out from his head. His jaw was stretched wide open to scream loud enough to make his throat hoarse, and his body was spasming as if shocked by lightning for an extremely grotesque sight!

This chilling sight continued for two seconds longer before Long Zhen grunted and took away his right hand and brought it upwards.

What Bai Yunfei saw next nearly saw to his heart coming to a stop almost.

When Long Zhen's right hand detached from the earth-type Soul King's head, it looked as if he was grabbing something out from the Soul King's head. Then when it pulled away, there really did was 'something' being pulled out!

A black 'shadow' could be seen in his hand, seemingly coming from the interior of the Soul King's head to be pulled out by Long Zhen!

When this black 'shadow' was pulled out, the earth-type Soul King stopped screaming immediately. His body stiffened at once as if really becoming like a statue, and then....he dropped from the skies!

There was no soulforce left in his body!

"Soul Extraction!!"

Bai Yunfei heard Wu Dijian exclaim under his breath. Turning his head, he saw Wu Dijian staring at Long Zhen in shock. The older man looked as if he wanted to say something, but had thought the better of it and said nothing.

"Soul.....Soul Extraction??" Bai Yunfei rolled the two words over on his tongue in confusion.

Then his eyes flickered back onto the black 'shadow' in Long Zhen's hand, "Is....is that the 'soul' of the Soul King?!"

He wasn't seeing things-this black 'shadow' he was looking at right now looked exactly like that of a person's silhouette! But the most important thing was that he could feel an unbelievable amount of soulforce from the shadow!

It was soulforce at its very essence! An intangible state of being that could very much be said to be pure energy-the energy of soulforce!


Just as Bai Yunfei was trying to digest this inexplicably amazing sight, Long Zhen gave one last look at the soul energy in his hand and then at the head in front of him with a small smile. With a shake of his hand, the soul was.....thrown away!

The black shadow sailed through the air and traveled several kilometers before 'hitting'.....the blue-eyes white wyrm! Rather than bounce off, the soul simply melted into its head!

Originally, the blue-eyes white wyrm had been bent down low to the ground, growling slightly in fatigue. Its black and blue energy was flickering and trembling around its body, flickering as if they would be extinguished at any second. The moment when the soul entered its body, the wyrm froze up. The minute tremblings of its body started to grow even more fearsome, and then after a few seconds, it brought its head up to let loose a heaven-shattering roar!


Soulforce poured out from the blue-eyes white wyrm like never before. The black and blue energies in its body exploded in intensity before taking material form as two twisters of energy to swirl and protect its body!

As Bai Yunfei looked on in both confusion and shock, he heard Wu Dijian right next to him sigh. "As expected as Long Zhen, he's capable of something like 'Soul Extraction'....Haha, with 'luck' like this, breaking through to become a class seven will definitely not be a problem for it...."

Bai Yunfei was even more surprised at Wu Dijian's words, though his eyes lit up with a great deal of joy.

Was Xiao Lan really on the verge of becoming a class seven soulbeast?!