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 Chapter 686: Xiao Lan's Battle

The depths of the Training Forest was normally a quiet place to be. But right now, it was a place filled with noise and light.

A giant beast three stories tall could be seen thrashing about in the forest. Cloaked in blue light as it thrashed underneath a giant mountain, the giant beast swiped out with its claws and swung its tail to fight.

This giant 'beast' was without a doubt a blue-eyes wyrm. Fighting with all its might, the wyrm was trying to attack what seemed to be an orange housefly flying around it.


Another furious roar exploded from the wyrm. Eyes glinting with a fearsome light, the wyrm leaned backwards and swung its giant tail out. It crashed against the mountainside with a resounding crash and sent dust and stone flying everywhere. Large pieces of stone shrapnel were sent out like a barrage from the impact zone to pelt at the orange figure.


There was a sneer from within the orange light. A hand could be seen waving once, and then right in front of the orange light appeared a giant wall made of elemental earth. There was a crashing sound as the tail came smashing into it. Though the wall crumbled, the tail was sent flying back!

The right hand of the person within the orange light waved around again. A beam of orange light shot forth like an arrow to strike at the tail of the wyrm. Seemingly piercing through its elemental defense, the arrow struck into the wyrm's flesh with a sickening squelsh!

Blood poured down like rain as the wyrm let loose a pain-filled roar. Not at all weakening from its wound, the wyrm swept to the right with a determined glare. Roaring loudly, it let loose a beam of elemental water to strike down the enemy!

The person in orange didn't seem like they were wanting to even fight the wyrm. Blocking the attack, the person cast a glance over to the left. Pausing for a moment, the person snarled and then flew to the left. From the looks of it, it seemed the person wanted to leave this place as fast as possible.

But no sooner did the person move did the elemental attack of the wyrm come into his trajectory to stop them!

"Damn!!" The person howled in anger. Killing intent kicking up by a notch, the person whirled around to stare at the wyrm and raised their right hand up. As if consolidating to become a sword, the energy around their hand then extended outwards to slash at the wyrm!

So much energy had gathered around the hand that it looked like a giant sword a hundred meters tall to strike down the wyrm!


The blue-eyes wyrm stared at the incoming attack with angered determination. Roaring loudly, it brought both its short forelimbs up and gathered as much power it had as a peak late-stage class six soulbeast. Elemental water converged all around the top of its head before forming a giant barrier to protect the wyrm from the incoming blade of elemental earth!

It was trying to stop the attack of a Soul King!

Even the earth-type Soul King was surprised the wyrm was trying to do so.

As was Bai Yunfei when he got within a kilometer of the two and saw what was going on.

"Xiao Lan!!" Bai Yunfei cried out in alarm. Pushing even more soulforce to his feet, Bai Yunfei called out his Cataclysmic Seal and had the fireseed inside it fuse into his own chest for preparation for battle.

"Hold on you two!!" Suddenly, a person came flying out from the side to stop Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi.

It was Wu Dijian.

Bai Yunfei looked incensed that Wu Dijian was stopping him, "Assistant chairman Wu, what do you mean by this?! Why are we not fighting that person? That soulbeast is a friend of mine, I must go help it, so don't stop me!"

Wu Dijian looked a little unhappy at Bai Yunfei's anger, "Bai Yunfei, what are you in a hurry for? Take a good look at the situation. With senior Long Zhen nearby, what right have you to interfere?"

"Senior Long Zhen?"

Bai Yunfei repeated numbly before staring to where Wu Dijian was pointing at. Two kilometers away to the right, there stood a single at the edge of the battlefield. This person was a little hard to see with it being night time, so if it weren't for Wu Dijian's pointing, Bai Yunfei would've missed this person entirely.

As if sensing that Bai Yunfei was looking at them, the person raised their head to stare back. At the same time, Bai Yunfei heard a gentle voice transmit itself into his mind.

"Have no fear. This old man is quite confident in his strength."

This voice-it really was Long Zhen! Bai Yunfei nearly gasped at the voice.

This sensation felt extremely similar to the mental link his Charm Bracelet was capable of...Soul Communication! This was something only a late-stage Soul King was capable of doing!

That reassured Bai Yunfei almost immediately. Though surprised by how Long Zhen spoke, he was now completely confident that the blue-eyes wyrm was no longer in any real danger.

With Long Zhen there, Bai Yunfei didn't have to do anything.

"Yunfei, what is senior Long Zhen trying to do?! How is Xiao Lan even going to win against that person? Are we really not going to help him? Xiao Lan's going to get killed!"

Unlike Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi was still in a flux. He observed the battle with unease as he spoke to Bai Yunfei.

"Can't you see? Senior Long Zhen is trying to draw out the the blue-eyes wyrm's latent power so it can breakthrough....is that wyrm close to becoming a class seven then? Fighting a battle like this is the best way to breakthrough then."

Wu Dijian answered casually. He was watching the battle take place with some interest.

"I see....."

Bai Yunfei understood the meaning behind that. It was in the moments of greatest danger that one would have a great chance to breakthrough. He himself was no stranger to opportunities like that, Bai Yunfei just never thought that Long Zhen would be employing a method like that to train the wyrm.

Compared to his own experiences, the wyrm was in an extremely 'safe' situation. With the master watching nearby, there wouldn't be any chance of danger getting out of hand.


As they were speaking, the battle between the Soul King and the blue-eyes wyrm had already underwent several developments.

The barrier the wyrm put all its energy into had only lasted against the elemental earth for a scant few seconds before it burst apart with a loud bang. The force of the blow had been strong enough to cause the ground beneath the wyrm to crater even deeper, and the wyrm itself was bent down in fatigue. Blood could be seen dripping from its many wounds onto the ground like rain.


Another pain-filled roar erupted from the wyrm as it staggered two steps back, still reeling from the blow. It crashed against the mountain behind it, and the remaining energy from the previous blow had dissipated soon afterwards. Raising its head to look back at the enemy, the wyrm wanted to try and attack again, but it couldn't even gather any more soulforce anymore. Eyes brimming with reluctance, the wyrm gave a deep grumble from its bloody jaws and began to form elemental water in front of it. The convergence of the elemental water looked a little unsteady, as if it was ready to collapse at any second. But somehow, the elemental water grew denser and denser in color and energy and....had a tint of black in it!!

As if some sort of power had suddenly awakened inside the wyrm, everyone could feel a strange energy emanate from it. It wasn't very powerful, but it gave a very gloomy sensation to the senses.

But it didn't matter just what kind of transformation was taking place inside the wyrm-it was already in a state where it could hardly even stand. If the earth-type Soul King bothered to strike, the wyrm would be killed!

The eyes of the earth-type Soul King lit up at the opportunity. With another raise of their right hand, the nearby mountain started to tremble and the boulders on it started to avalanche. By his command, the boulders slowly rose into the air, encapsulated by elemental earth, and transformed into giant bullets as they sped towards the injured wyrm!

As soon as the boulders were sent out, the earth-type Soul King immediately took off in the opposite direction! The Soul King didn't even care to see if it hit, they just wanted to get away as soon as possible!