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 Book 1 Chapter 67: The brick defeats a soul technique

"You want to fight? Let's fight!"

Bai Yunfei put the Fire-tipped Spear in his hands away and, at the same time, pushed his feet against the floor. Like a speeding arrow, he charged at Long Taogu in front of him.

Long Taogu gave a cold smile with the corners of his mouth because the opponent had unexpectedly put away his weapon. Although he was somewhat curious about this, he secretly let out a sigh of relief and also charged at Bai Yunfei.

The original distance between them was extremely short so they came within striking distance almost in the blink of an eye. The moment they closed in on each other, Long Taogu lowered his body and unexpectedly took the initiative and attacked Bai Yunfei's legs with a sweep of his right leg.

Bai Yunfei, who was rushing up, unexpectedly stopped his momentum in the blink of an eye. At the same time, he leaned backwards and retreated several steps continuously, avoiding this sweep kick right away. After that, his body cut obliquely through the air in an arc, unexpectedly changing from leaning backwards to bending forwards. At the same time, he lifted his right hand. A rectangular object suddenly appeared in his hand and he smashed it down towards the opponent's head!

What he was holding in his hand was none other than that +13 brick!

Although Long Taogu's attack had been avoided by the opponent with a strange body-maneuvering technique, he was not much surprised by this. His eyes flashed, but just when he wanted to rise to attack, he was surprised to see the opponent counterattack in a breath's time after avoiding his attack. Having no time to see clearly what that rectangular object really was, he hurriedly made a block by crossing his arms in front of his head.

"Bang!" Right after Long Taogu got his defense ready, the attack arrived. A great force hit him, forcing him to retreat involuntarily several steps. Even though he felt pain in his arms, this did not seem to be serious at all.

At first Bai Yunfei wanted to pursue and attack him, but he heard sounds of movement coming from the left and the right hand sides simultaneously. This was none other than Long Taoyi and Long Tao attacking him. So, he had no choice but to avoid the incoming punches and kicks with several evasive movements. While backing off, he threw a kick, which collided with a kick coming from Long Tao, forcing the opponent back several steps. But he was hit in the shoulder by a punch from Long Taoyi and slightly staggered half a step. Giving a cold snort, he thrust the brick in his hand forwards, hitting the opponent's shoulder in a seemingly gentle manner.

This time, Long Taoyi was not so lucky as his older brother. When hit with the brick, at first he was frightened inside, but then he noticed that there was not much pain coming from his shoulder and it was not injured at all. Just when he was secretly rejoicing over this, a strange force unexpectedly came from his shoulder all of a sudden and spread through his entire body in the blink of an eye. Afterwards, his whole body flew out upside down uncontrollably and smashed into Long Tao behind him. The two men then tumbled backwards together. Only when they had rolled to the side of Long Taogu did they stop.

This was the brick's +13 additional effect, hurling!

Originally, Long Taogu had wanted to charge forwards to jointly attack the opponent, but when he had just taken a step, he saw his young brother and cousin sent flying backwards in a baffling manner. Very frightened, he halted his steps and fixed his eyes on the weapon in Bai Yunfei's hand. Despite being a middle Soul Warrior, he could not help widening his eyes and blurting out in shock.

"Are you kidding me?! A brick?!"

Bai Yunfei, however, was in no mood to discuss the weapon in his hand with him. Using the Wave Treading Steps, he charged up and attacked again without saying a word.

Even though in his mind Long Taogu was puzzled and even amazed by the brick in the opponent's hand, he brushed it aside in an instant. Giving a cold snort, he bypassed the two men on the floor and charged forwards with quick steps.

The moment the two of them about to come into contact, facing a forceful punch from Long Taogu, Bai Yunfei raised the corners of his mouth slightly. With a slide of his feet, he avoided contact with the opponent. Then, with a sideway movement and a turn of his body, under the astonished look in the opponent's eyes, he went around him to attack Long Tao and Long Taoyi behind him, who were both getting up.

Making use of the forward-charging momentum, he threw a kick at Long Taoyi and swung the brick at Long Tao's head simultaneously.

Long Taoyi was after all a Soul Warrior so he reacted extremely fast. Doing a cartwheel, he immediately avoided this kick. But Long Tao was not so lucky. He basically had yet to wake up from the puzzlement caused by when he had been sent flying inexplicably earlier. Moreover, he had not expected the opponent to give up fighting Long Taogu to run up and attack him, the weakest of the three men.

Therefore, Long Tao was hit very squarely by this blow of the brick. With a deep groan, he was sent flying to one side at an angle. The additional effects were not triggered and he was instead sent flying by the original impact force. However, he had still known to control his head muscles to strengthen his defense at the last moment so he was not seriously injured at all.

A large force then hit Bai Yunfei's left waist. It turned out Long Taogu had turned around and thrown a punch on his waist. Bai Yunfei staggered half a step to the left, but now he was faced with a kick thrown at his chest by Long Taoyi. He hastily held the brick in front of his chest. Long Taoyi's kick slammed into it. Before he could withdraw his right leg, he was unexpectedly sent flying again without a warning sign - Long Taoyi was really unlucky enough to unexpectedly have his coming into contact with the brick regarded as a strike of the brick and, moreover, to even have the 'hurling' effect triggered again...

Bai Yunfei eyes flashed with a hint of happiness. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity when he had separated all three opponents from each other, he took half a step backwards to stabilize his body. Just when he wanted to turn around, he felt a strong force coming at him from behind again. This was another attack from Long Taogu. He seemed to have already noticed that it was impossible to seriously injure Bai Yunfei by attacking the torso, so this time he was aiming for the head!

Not having enough time to turn around, Bai Yunfei could only stoop down. The opponent's raised kick grazed his back. Bai Yunfei took advantage of this opportunity and attacked his supporting left leg with a sweep kick, but the opponent jumped away vigilantly and avoided it.

Making use of the sweep kick's momentum, Bai Yunfei turned around then charged forwards without pausing. When Long Taogu had just stabilized his body after jumping away, he saw the opponent charging up again. Giving a cold snort, he began to fight Bai Yunfei without any sign of panic.

Both of them were at the middle Soul Warrior stage so as they exchanged blows, several bouts were fought in just several blinks of an eye. Long Taogu's moves were steady and showed no flaws. Even though Bai Yunfei was relying on the agility provided by his body-maneuvering skill, he was only at a slight advantage, but it was impossible for him to defeat the opponent in a short time.

Worse still, Long Taogu had also noticed that there was something extraordinary about the brick in the opponent's hand so he was very careful not to be hit by it.

Seeing that the other two men were already charging up again, Bai Yunfei was unavoidably slightly anxious inside. Faced with a punch thrown at his face, he leaned to one side with a slide of his feet and avoided it. Just when he was ready to raise his hand to counterattack - at this moment, something unexpected happened!

The opponent's fist, which had already missed him with this punch, was suddenly opened into a palm. His arm then was bent in a strange manner and attacked Bai Yunfei's throat at a humanly impossible angle!

Arm Bending Hand!

This was a low-level soul technique that could achieve the same goal as the Arm Lengthening Fist with a different means. The difference between them was that this technique did not 'lengthen' the arm but 'bend' it. Using an arm bent to an inconceivable angle, the user could take the opponent by surprise.

This change of moves took place too suddenly for Bai Yunfei to dodge it even if he used the Wave Treading Steps so he had no choice but to do his utmost to jump backwards at the last moment. However, he was still hit in the throat by this horizontal knife-hand strike.

Pushing his feet against the floor nonstop, Bai Yunfei used the Wave Treading Steps to the utmost, creating a string of afterimages of his body. In the blink of an eye, he moved back ten something meters. He felt that his breathing had stopped the moment he had been hit by that strike. The pain coming from his throat even made him begin to cough violently uncontrollably.

However, when Bai Yunfei had just slowed down for a moment, another attack from Long Taogu was already going after him!

Fury flickered vaguely through Bai Yunfei's eyes. Instead of retreating, he move forwards to engage the opponent, creating several afterimages. The opponent still threw a punch at his head in an uncomplicated manner. Bai Yunfei slightly leaned to the right at the last moment and, at the same time, swung the brick, smashing it towards the opponent's shoulder.

His eyes flashing, Long Taogu once again bent the fist that had just missed and swung it at Bai Yunfei's temple. However, to his surprise, Bai Yunfei also changed the path of his arm halfway through and smashed the brick towards his right arm!

Bai Yunfei was not using the Arm Bending Hand. Instead, having already made preparations earlier, he had controlled the muscles and bones of his arm to change the angle of his attack by means of forcefully pulling it. Even though his arm was slightly injured by this, he still wanted to defeat this soul technique of the opponent!


A deep sound rang out as the brick hit the opponent's wrist squarely!