Chapter 681: Plans

Tang Xinyun and Bai Yunfei froze at this careful accusation with the latter giving Zheng Kai a strange look and smile. "Ah'Kai, you can't just say things like that out of the blue. If someone overheard you, there'd be trouble if they misunderstood. What makes you think I had anything to do with this?"

Zheng Kai's lip curled up into a smile. "I was just joking. There's only us here, what are you acting so 'scared' about? If it was really you that did it, you'd be one amazing person, haha...."

"Ah..." Bai Yunfei muttered under his breath, preferring to say nothing else.

"Anyways, there's been a big commotion since this happened to the two families. Both the Xu and the Cheng have been going into a craze, and so are the families of the four other victims. Even the Royal Family is getting involved. They've the Tianhun School sending plenty of people everywhere even. I heard from my brother earlier this morning that several of the earlier 'suspects' were dragged out by their heads almost. The Tianhun School have their own suspects, the Xu theirs, and the Cheng theirs....I wonder just how many more 'suspects' will appear."

"Oh? They're going full force so quickly?" Bai Yunfei remarked in surprise. Having people arrested already since last night was indeed a fast reaction to this information, but....to have arrested so many people, Bai Yunfei was really curious on what basis these people were supposed to be 'suspects'.

Actually, Bai Yunfei was curious if he supposed to be a 'suspect' as well? What Zheng Kai said about those five deceased people annoying Bai Yunfei was true, and many people knew about it. There would be no doubt people that'd be suspicious of him as well. This also meant there'd definitely be people who would want to implicate him in this matter. However, the fact that the Cheng, Li, or the other houses weren't coming to him now meant they were afraid of moving against him without a solid plan.

Even if they had their 'doubts' about him, they didn't have proof. And if they did try to arrest him, Bai Yunfei wasn't a person they could simply try to do so without consequences.

He had his mind made up. He wouldn't say anything about this matter even if he died, and with how chaotic things were getting, Bai Yunfei was doubly assured that he wouldn't be telling anyone anytime soon. The conflict between the Xu and Cheng had nothing to do with him after all. While it seemed that the Soul Refining School was getting involved, Bai Yunfei was only guessing that, he had no proof that they were really involved or not.

With so many chaotic elements in the mix, it was best to simply stay out of the entire thing and wait.

After talking about the matters with the two families, Zheng Kai changed the topic, "Ah, Tingting, did you all have fun yesterday in the southern outskirts?"

"Haha, it was quite fun, the mountains and clouds were very beautiful to look at, it was very satisfying." Tang Xinyun answered on her behalf. She was afraid that Kou Tingting would say something about them being ambushed yesterday and wanted to divert the topic so that no suspicion would be had.

A little surprised by Tang Xinyun answered for her, Kou Tingting nodded her head and didn't say anything. She didn't even have any intention on talking with Zheng Kai, let alone tell him about what actually happened. The polite treatment she was getting from Zheng Kai had done nothing to sway her opinion for him in any major way. Whereas she used to think Zheng Kai was a decent person before, he was now only just an ordinary friend and nothing more.

As the daughter of the Crafting School's headmaster and disciple of an elder from the Water School, Kou Tingting had her fair share of suitors. Even within the Water School, there was a large group of people vying for her attention, and a junior headmaster from the Fire School himself was trying to win her affection. Being as tactful as she could, Kou Tingting refused all that came to her, citing that she wanted to focus on her training and didn't have the time to pursue personal relationships. Soul cultivators had longer lives than ordinary people, so pursuing a romantic relationship in their thirties or forties the usually the norm. Therefore, even the 'Sex Lord' Zheng Kai wasn't able to captivate the heart of Kou Tingting.

"What a pity I wasn't there...." Zheng Kai sighed regretfully. "Though, the sunset at the eastern outskirts is a rather pretty sight. Every sunset, the lake near there is dyed almost a brilliant ruby-red. How about we head over there today to see it?"

Tang Xinyun replied for Kou Tingting again. "We are feeling a little fatigued from our times yesterday still and plan to rest in the Capital for the meanwhile. Thank you for your consideration, lord Zheng."

"Ah?? Not going huh...." Zheng Kai folded his arms in thought, "Then we can stay in the Capital. I know of a decent theatre in the southern district. We can watch a play there and feel at ease."

It was rather admirable how Zheng Kai was trying so hard to find an excuse to be with Kou Tingting.

Unable to hear this conversation any longer, Bai Yunfei shook his head, "Ah'Kai, I'm afraid we can't. I was planning to take them to the academy today to find them a place to stay. We don't have time to go elsewhere."

"Finding a place to stay in the academy? Why?"

"I was curious on what life is like in the academy." Tang Xinyun smiled, "Bai Yunfei offered to arrange for a few things as well. Tingting said before she was curious how classes were like in the academy, so we'll be living in the academy to see what being a student is like."

Kou Tingting flashed her a strange look, but the pinch Tang Xinyun gave her underneath the table was more than enough for Kou Tingting to get the message and nod her head in agreement to Zheng Kai.

"I see...." Zheng Kai sighed, crestfallen. There was a small tint of suspicion in his eyes when they flickered over to Bai Yunfei to give him a quick look.

The four of them continued to talk for a little longer until the sun was now fully visible in the sky. By now, Huangfu Rui was fully 'awake' and as energetic as ever. Prepared now, Bai Yunfei was ready to take Tang Xinyun and the others to their lodgings in the academy, and Zheng Kai was all too happy to tag along with them to see if he could help expedite the process.

He wasn't actually very useful in this case. All Bai Yunfei did was find Mo Wanxia and Zheng Kai was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Led by Mo Wanxia, Tang Xinyun and the other two girls were given a tour of the 'dormitory', which was basically a villa in size and a dormitory in name. It was wide and had a decent scenery where several other students from the crafting class like Fang Yong and Fan Tianmeng resided.

There was a wall that divided them from the male students from the crafting class. When they were first enrolled into the class, they all decided to move into this dormitory so they could all talk with one another when convenient, and leave for the mountain together to reach their crafting caves.

While Tang Xinyun and the others were getting acquainted with the area, Zheng Kai decided to give his antics a break. Since he couldn't go find a young woman to chat up, he decided to chat with the males in the dormitory like Mo Chen, since he was already rather acquainted with the male students in Bai Yunfei's class.

Likewise, Bai Yunfei didn't have anything to do while Tang Xinyun and the others were doing their thing. Without anything better to do, he walked up the mountain and entered his own crafting cave.

Once inside, Bai Yunfei sat down and waved his right hand. With a bang, the Lightningfire Cauldron came plopping out.

With another wave of his right hand, the two sections of the Devouring Chain came into view.

He was planning to try and see if the Devouring Chains could be reconnected to have the soul armament repaired for usage.