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 Chapter 677: Tragedy at the Manor

This time, the five Spatial Edges sliced straight through the explosion of white and red light without much trouble.

And by the time it came out the other side of the explosion, Wu Shang's aura was nowhere to be felt!!

Several pieces of flesh fell down from the skies where Wu Shang used to be. Dropping into the sea of flames down below, they were immediately brought to cinders.


At last Bai Yunfei sighed. The enemy was well and truly dead now, and the tired Bai Yunfei could relax for once.

"Finally....I managed to live...." Bai Yunfei wiped the sweat off his forehead. "I really thought I was going to die back there, how dangerous....

"My enemy this time was a Soul King, my lucky really isn't all that great...." Bai Yunfei lamented, his finger touching at the Luck Pendant on his chest. "Your 'luck' doesn't really seem to work in cases like this...."

He clenched his fists tightly, "But....I was able to gain such a huge boost in strength after this. That's some great 'luck' in itself. Desperation really is the easiest way for a person to surpass their limits. It feels like every time I breakthrough it was because of a situation like this....

"But if I had a choice....I wouldn't want to always be in situations like this! In the case that I fail just once, I won't have a life to fall back on...."

He sighed. Looking around himself with a wistful smile, Bai Yunfei tried to cheer himself up. "Is this what being a Soul King feels like? It's a strange feeling, like if I really am someone strong....this feels far different than to what a Soul Exalt feels like...."

He wasn't stuck in his fantasy-like state for long, however. The elemental fire around his body gave a violent shiver before it was forcibly drawn back into his body. Simultaneously, Bai Yunfei's face paled as an unstoppable force forced his aura to drop intensively!

In a matter of moments, the powerful feeling Bai Yunfei had before was all but gone. He had fallen from essentially the heavens to revert back to a Soul Exalt. Staggering back like a drunkard in a drunken stupor, Bai Yunfei nearly fell down from the skies from his abrupt change in feeling.


He gasped heavily, taking in deep heavy breaths to try and quell the flushed colors on his face. He looked as if he had just emerged from a very long dip under water. After a good ten or so breathing cycles, he managed to tilt his head high enough to look at Xiao Qi, "Xiao Qi, look around the place. Then we go home...."

He turned his head to look further away, "From the elder's reaction, something must've happened back there. I wonder if it went as smoothly as I thought....but no matter. Even if Qiu Bailu fails, I won't be harmed. And if there's any survivors, I'll think of something later...."


A little while before after Bai Yunfei and the other two Soul Kings left the Cheng property.

It was only after Cheng Chaochuan and Wu Shang left the place to give chase after Bai Yunfei that Cheng Xin and the others timidly poked their heads out from their room. Watching as the three streaks of light disappeared beyond the horizon, they all looked then at each other with a hint of fear.

"Whe...lord Xin, what was your second grandfather doing here? And who was he chasing after? Didn't it look like that person was hiding just outside our room?!"

Li Chen asked Cheng Xin.

But he shrugged his shoulders in response, "How should I know?? My grandfather hasn't come back to this place ever since that one time. They weren't here when we first got here, were they? Soul Kings can go wherever they want, do you really think we can predict where they go?? I don't even know where they were before, let alone just who they're chasing."

"What kind of battle happens between Soul Kings? We shouldn't stay here and guess, I....I think we should leave, this place isn't safe. Right??" The relatively more cowardly Zhu Yizhi proposed.

Ruminating on the idea, Cheng Xin nodded his head. "That works, this place is already being used as a place to receive more secretive guests for my second grandfather. I don't think we should come back here for now. Let's....return to the Capital. We can meet again in another place next time."

Just as they were planning to leave this place....


There was a loud explosion that rocked the earth underneath Cheng Xin and the other four. Out of nowhere, a powerful aura revealed itself in the area to come rushing over to them!

The guards around the villa sprung to action at once to whatever intrusion was happening. But as soon as they drew close to the source, they were blown to the side one by one. Crying as they were smashed away, the guards were powerless to stop this intrusion to get close to Cheng Xin and the others!

"What's going on?!"

Startled, Cheng Xin and the others began to send out their soulsense in an attempt to see who it was. But before they could even do so, the doors to their room was blown apart to allow a person to come in!

Amidst the sand and dust that kicked up into the area, this figure in red came to a stop into the room.

"Who-who are you?!"

Someone cried out from within the room. Everyone was backed as far away as they could away from this person in a defensive formation.

"Eh? Isn't....isn't this Qiu Bailu?!" Peng Guanghua cried out, "You! What are you doing here? Aren't you-"

"Watch out!!"

Before he could even finish his sentence, Li Chen and Cheng Xin from the side cried out in warning. There was a streak of red light before a flaming fist blew past them with great vigor....


There was a muffled explosion as if something exploded. Red and white matter exploded everywhere, splattering the wall behind with its color....

"Plop...." Peng Guanghua collapsed to the ground, his arms and legs spasming slightly. But his head....was gone!!

The lightning-quick movement of Qiu Bailu had been done to smash his fist through Peng Guanghua's head!

Peng Guanghua was only an early-stage Soul Exalt while Qiu Bailu was a late-stage Soul Exalt. He had no chance of dodging, let alone coming out of this alive!

Cheng Xin and the others watched in stunned silence as Peng Guanghua's body gave its final spasms. Qiu Bailu brought his bloody fist back to turn his eyes at the other five. At his glance, the other four jumped a bit before scattering in every way possible.

Zhu Yizhi was the first to start crying out.

"Ahhh!!! Ahhhh!!!! Guards! Guards!! Save me!!!"

Unfortunately for him, all of the remaining guards were elsewhere due to the earlier privacy they were giving the five for their 'meeting'. The ones who did come here fast enough had already been completely defeated by Qiu Bailu when he first stormed in!

There were no emotions in Qiu Bailu's eyes. Almost like a bloodthirsty animal, a guttural growl escaped from his lips as he stared down the noisiest one first, Zhu Yizhi. Straightening the fingers on his right hand, he lashed down with his right hand at him!

A stream of red light flew out from his hand, cutting apart the ground and table in between him and Zhu Yizhi several dozen meters away!

"Save me! Save meee!! Sa-!"


Due to his flustered state of being, Zhu Yizhi hadn't thought that he-being the 'farthest' target away from Qiu Bailu-would be the first one to be chased down. By extension, he hadn't thought to dodge and was ultimately cut into two by the flying streak of red light from Qiu Bailu!

There was still no emotion in Qiu Bailu's face after he killed this second person. Kicking off the ground, he went after yet another person to the left.

This time, his target was Cheng Xin!