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 Chapter 676: The Killing Blow

As the dark sickle dropped down towards his head, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand to point a finger at Wu Shang!

A soul attack!

He didn't use the Charm Bracelet this time. This soul attack was powered purely by his abilities as a Soul King to launch a true soul attack!

He could see something akin to a flow of water spread out from his finger to instantly spread towards Wu Shang. From there, he saw the 'mist' that was Wu Shang's soul start to churn. The dark sickle Wu Shang was attacking with flickered for a moment as if on the verge of collapsing!

Using the Flash Step to move away, Bai Yunfei zipped back in retreat to dodge the giant attack-he wouldn't dare try to block this attack!

"Damn!! How can his soul attack be this powerful!!" Wu Shang cursed to himself. The dark sickle was gone now, but with a shake of his hand again, Wu Shang sent the Devouring Chains in his sleeves to go after Bai Yunfei.

He sneered when he saw Bai Yunfei try to run away. With his left hand, he swiped out at the space towards Bai Yunfei!

Another soul attack!

Bai Yunfei blanched. From his 'special vision' he could see a series of transparent 'claws' come flying out from Wu Shang to seemingly grab hold of his own soul!

Lifting his left hand up, Bai Yunfei was prepared to try and block against this attack when all of a sudden, he felt the Soul Sentinel Scarf on his head start to pulsate strangely!

In the next moment, the soul attack from Wu Shang seemingly came crashing into an invisible wall. It paused there for a second before going into the opposite direction of which it came from!!

This was....the +10 additional effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf!!

30% chance to completely deflect a spirit-based attack.

Cooldown of 10 minutes.

A 30% activation rate combined with the doubling effect of the Luck Pendant (double the chance of an equipment or additional effect triggering) meant that this was now a 60% chance of activating! It hadn't activated the past few times, but it was finally doing so now!

"Now's my chance!!" Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up. He took out the Fire-tipped Spear without hesitation and dove at Wu Shang!

Wu Shang's face had gone white the moment he used his soul attack. His eyes widened in fear as his aura suddenly dropped drastically! As if hurt by something, Wu Shang stumbled backwards. Even the Devouring Chains lost half their brightness and speed.

Being hurt by his own soul attack was something new to Wu Shang. As soon as he was hit by it, he froze, unsure of what to do or think.

Eyes glistening with opportunity, Bai Yunfei rushed past Wu Shang's chains to deliver a stunning thrust of his spear at Wu Shang's chest!!

Having been lost in his own thoughts, Wu Shang had nearly allowed himself to be speared through by the Fire-tipped Spear. He drew back in panic, his feet moving one after another to beat a hasty retreat!

His reaction speed was fast, as expected from a Soul King. Even under a state like this, he was still able to dodge a fatal blow like that!

Bai Yunfei had thought that Wu Shang would use his elemental energy to try and block the spear and preemptively activated the +13 additional effect of the spear. But since Wu Shang fled backwards rather than activate a shield, Bai Yunfei lost half his soulforce for nothing!

Because of the sudden loss of half his soulforce, Bai Yunfei wasn't fast enough to do a follow up on his attack. Eyes filled with anguish at this lost opportunity, Bai Yunfei waved his left hand out with a violent vigor!

This wasn't an attack with soulforce, elemental fire, or even a command for his Cataclysmic Seal to attack. What he was doing was sending soulforce to the black ring on his hand. At the farthest reach his left hand could get, all Bai Yunfei could see was a bright flash of white light before a gigantic white figure pounced towards Wu Shang!


There was an ear-deafening roar when the figure appeared. A chilling aura descended upon the place and immediately dropped the temperatures down from roasting hot to a gentle warm.

This was the....permafrost mastiff!!

At last Bai Yunfei had decided to unleash one of his strongest weapons to help him fight!


In this current moment, Wu Shang was alarmed. He hadn't finished rousing himself from the soul attack yet when this white streak of light came at him. The fear he felt was elevated to new levels, and as he brought his right hand up to try and protect himself, there was a tremendous roar that revertebrated through his head and shook his soul even.

A soul attack from the permafrost mastiff!


Nearly faster than he could respond, the white streak of light that was the permafrost mastiff streaked towards Wu Shang!

The jaws of the mastiff could clearly be seen when it was only a good ten meters away from Wu Shang. Its jaws clamped down onto Wu Shang's arm, the one with the chains coiled around it!


There was a splurt of blood from Wu Shang's arm as the mastiff's jaw clamped down. As the blood drained from his shoulder, Wu Shang stared at the spot in disbelief.

His entire right arm had been ripped off by the mastiff!!


A second later, Wu Shang let loose an agonized scream!

His left hand came up to grab at his right shoulder to try and staunch the blood while also staring at the permafrost mastiff. His face was twitching violently from both shock and pain, "A soulbeast puppet! This is a soulbeast puppet!! How....are you from the Beast Taming School!? How is this possible?!"

He had been so sure that this person in front of him was Bai Yunfei. But now that he was using a soulbeast puppet to fight, Wu Shang was no longer sure. He was so certain that only beast tamers would use such soulbeasts to fight. It was almost common sense, so....was he wrong about this person being Bai Yunfei?!

As shocked as he was, he was still fully capable of rational thought. Re-evaluating the situation, Wu Shang had only one option left. He had to run!!

He hadn't thought that he'd be brought to such a desperate state like this in this battle. His right arm was gone and his soulforce was all but depleted. He himself was injured and fighting against an early-stage Soul King and two class seven soulbeasts. If this fight continued, the only end result left for him would be death!

As unwilling as he was to flee, Wu Shang really had no other choice but to accept the reality of the situation. He had lost this battle. He needed to escape if he wanted to live!

The remaining soulforce he had in his body wasn't going to his right shoulder to heal his wounds, but to his feet so he could ascend to the skies!

A hundred meters was ascended within an instant before Wu Shang came to a stop to run back towards the direction of the Cheng's villa.

But how would Bai Yunfei let him escape like that? The usage of the permafrost mastiff had been extremely effective, and now it was finally time for him to counter attack-he'd settle this battle once in for all!


The permafrost mastiff roared again before unleashing a soul attack onto Wu Shang. At the same time, a burst of elemental ice streaked out to strike down Wu Shang!


There was a chirp from the right as an injured Xiao Qi came flying back up to follow up with a soul attack of his own! And at the same time, another five Spatial Edges came up to attack him!


Bai Yunfei's eyes narrowed dangerously. His left hand came up to point at Wu Shang-not only was he attacking with a soul skill, he was using his Charm Bracelet embolstered with the Soul Sentinel Scarf's additional effect to deal the final blow onto Wu Shang!

Even for a mid-stage Soul King, there was no way he'd be able to withstand three simultaneous soul attacks!!

His entire body came to a stop as if he had turned into a statue in midair!

"You're a beast tamer....from the Beast Taming School! How can you kill me! How can you kill me!!!"

Wu Shang roared in fury and in despair, but the only response he got was a resounding explosion!


The elemental ice attack from the mastiff collided with the elemental fire Wu Shang put out, creating a bright explosion of red and white.

Simultaneously, the five Spatial Edges went straight through the center of the explosion of colors....