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 Chapter 675: Breakthrough! Experiencing the Soul King Realm!

A brilliant gleam of light erupted from within the maelstrom of elemental fire and the pillar of lava. The light coming from this third source was different than from the previou two, as the flames were slightly violet in light. Exploding into view, this third flame turned into a whirlpool of its own to encompass every single other source of elemental fire!!

There was a tremendous amount of soulforce radiating from the center of the whirlpool before the already tremendous soulforce skyrocketed even higher!

This explosion of power was continuing to increase in level. From a peak late-stage Soul Exalt to a....Soul King!


Wu Shang's eyes perked upwards in surprise at what was happening within the center of the maelstrom. The escalation of soulforce within the maelstrom was causing him to look on in shock.

"No!! This isn't sacrificing his essence fireseed, and neither is this his final death throes. This is....a breakthrough!!"

He could hardly believe his eyes or even what he was sensing. Bai Yunfei-who was on the verge of death-was going to make a breakthrough rather than die?!

Wu Shang couldn't believe such a preposterous event was happening!


But that was exactly it!

Bai Yunfei's situation wasn't as bad as it was before. He was no longer on the verge of dying. His strength was making a comeback with him 'breaking through'!

The fireseed essence within his origin acupoint had indeed 'shattered' when it absorbed more than it could take in. But....rather than disappearing, it had instead formed a completely new fireseed!

Like a cicada undergoing metamorphosis, Bai Yunfei now had a new lease on life!

This was completely unpredictable to both him and Wu Shang. Neither of the two predicted that such a thing would happen!

The reason behind this special situation was all in due to the 'special situation' Bai Yunfei was in!

His soul, body, and origin essenceseed had all been injured back in Baishan City, especially the two fireseeds. Using the Dual Dragon Burst and his strongest Berserk Mode when in 'fusion' form brought Bai Yunfei to new unbelievable levels. At that time, Bai Yunfei was essentially at his limit, and it was fortunate that Wu Dijian stopped him when he did, otherwise Bai Yunfei would've suffered even more damage than he already did.

Bai Yunfei had noticed the peculiar state his two fireseeds were in, but he decided not to think about it much in favor to try and heal his body. The two fireseeds during that time got to familiarize themselves with each other more, though Bai Yunfei never imagined that at the moment when his body was again at its 'weakest', the two fireseeds would help him break the bottleneck!

When Bai Yunfei was in this moment of peril with the elemental fire all around him, he made the last-ditch effort to try and absorb it all. This act had inadvertently fulfilled one of the special requirements for the two fireseeds!

Limits had their own 'classifications' to speak of. When reaching the limits of a level, there was definitely those who weren't able to overcome the challenge and succumb to it. But there was also the chance that someone would overcome this challenge and survive to reach a new realm.

The breakthrough!!

Bai Yunfei had two fireseeds, meaning he had double the tolerance, unmatched talent in harmonizing the Dual Dragon Burst, and a determination stronger than most. Along with the many strengthening and healing-capable upgraded equipment, Bai Yunfei was able to profit from the danger he was in and 'borrow' the boundless amount of elemental fire to metamorphose into a new stronger being!

After the Soul Exalt level was the Soul King realm!


Within the flames, Bai Yunfei stared at the large amounts of elemental fire dance around his body in surprise. He felt as snug and cozy as ever within this warm heat and could feel the wounds in his body start to heal quickly. It was like there was a gentle warm breeze blowing onto him. If before his body was a dried up barren wasteland, then right now that same wasteland was being transformed into a fertile grassland filled with life.

Bai Yunfei still wasn't absolutely sure of what was going on, but he was sure of one thing-he wasn't dead and he had broken the limits. He had become....stronger!

"I broke through? This...." He clenched his right hand to feel the raw power course through it. "This is the Soul King realm? This is really it?! The Berserk Mode could take me into the Soul King realm?!"

Indeed, Bai Yunfei wasn't exactly a true Soul King just yet. By conjunction with the Berserk Mode and the Dual Flame Arts, Bai Yunfei was able to 'temporarily' reach the Soul King realm. His actual strength was still at the Soul Exalt level, and at best, he was a peak late-stage Soul Exalt. With the Berserk Mode he was of course....able to breakthrough the barrier usually known to many as being normally impossible to become a Soul King!

As he was looking on in shock, Bai Yunfei suddenly realized something and jerked his head up. Raising his right hand, the Ardent Sun Glove in that hand exploded with light before a fireball about twenty meters large flew out of it to hit a fifty meter long blade of fire coming at him!


The two fiery objects collided with one another to transform into a deadly rain of fire. A figure in black came out from the fires, his entire person shrouded with black energy. The black energy coiled around his right hand before materializing into a giant sickle to slash downwards onto Bai Yunfei!


Wu Shang was beyond shocked. What he was looking at right now defied every bit of logic he was aware of. He knew....that he had to kill Bai Yunfei at once! He couldn't delay any longer!

For once in this battle, he felt 'threatened'! 'Fear' was starting to appear in his mind!

The unknown was something any single person would fear. And right now, Wu Shang was absolutely 'terrified' at this!

He had a prediction: If he didn't kill Bai Yunfei today, then the situation would spiral out of his control and endanger his life!

The black ephemeral sickle he had in his hand wasn't made of ordinary elemental energy. This was an attack that left the body untouched. What it actually harmed was....the soul!!

This was a physical soul attack!!


Bai Yunfei's eyes widened when he saw the sickle attack come down onto him. Just from looking at it, his body felt a great deal of foreboding!

This was a soul attack!

As fast as lightning, Bai Yunfei thought up of that observation. He didn't know why, but he could just 'tell' this was a soul attack!

At the same time, he was now aware of something he had never been aware of before....

It was hard to even describe it, but it felt as if his eyesight was being split into two different modes. One was the normal vision, the other had no world, no mountains, no forests, and no Wu Shang even. There was only a body of hazy 'mist' that felt extremely strange.

"Is this...a soul?!"

Bai Yunfei realized right away what it was. What he was looking at was Wu Shang's soul!

By the point he realized that, the tremendous black sickle was already about to drop onto Bai Yunfei's head!