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 Chapter 672: Forced Back Step by Step

Wu Shang hadn't even finished fully unleashing his soul attack when he felt his own soul be attacked, prompting him to spit out a mouthful of blood!

Meanwhile, Bai Yunfei was just snapping his head out from the pain of the soul attack. Wu Shang's attack hadn't done too much damage for Bai Yunfei to quickly snap out of. Without a break in his step, Bai Yunfei raised both of his hands in front of his chest and began to go through a series of complicated hand seals!

Weakened by what Bai Yunfei did, Wu Shang looked a little dejected almost from his ordeals. Feelings of shock and even indignation swam through his mind as he thought about the wounds inflicted onto him.

How could he not be angry?

Spurring his soulforce into healing the damage done to his soul, Wu Shang's body began to blaze with intensified killing intent. He just needed a few seconds at most to heal from this, and then he'd completely destroy Bai Yunfei to make him pay for what he had done!!

But why would Bai Yunfei allow Wu Shang the few seconds he needed to heal?


Wu Shang blanched at the sound, his head snapping towards the direction of the chirp!

Xiao Qi was using a soul attack!!

As a class seven soulbeast, Xiao Qi now had a new powerful technique in his arsenal. Taking advantage of the injured state of Wu Shang, Xiao Qi launched with his own soul attack. Though Wu Shang was stronger than Xiao Qi, his weakened state would still reel from Xiao Qi's attack!

It took an additional second for Wu Shang to fully neutralize the soul attack and regain enough of his cognitive functions to respond to his surroundings. When he lifted his head again, his eyes widened in shock-eight separate Spatial Edges were already nearly upon his head!!


Wu Shang clicked his tongue. Before he could even regain his usage of soulforce, he twisted his right leg into another direction and scurried forward.

That's right-Wu Shang had 'scuttled' forward! He was actually being forced to scuttle!

He fled ten meters forward as the Spatial Edges just barely graze the back of his spine. Parts of his robes that had fluttered in the wind were eaten up by the Spatial Edges, leaving behind nothing but sweaty flesh and a nearly traumatized Wu Shang.....

Before he could even finish reacting to that, Wu Shang felt an indomitable amount of soulforce start to gather right in front of him!

Heart skipping a beat, Wu Shang tilted his head up to look at the now flame-enveloped figure of Bai Yunfei. His right hands were clenched tightly by his side, and a terrifying amount of elemental fire was gathering around him to coil around his arms!

This was a soul skill! A soul skill that was powerful enough to threaten the life of even him!

Even at a glance, Wu Shang was thoroughly filled with fearful emotions. Once again urging his soulforce to help him, Wu Shang fled backwards while trying to attack Bai Yunfei with his soul attack to hopefully cancel out Bai Yunfei's ultimate move.

But....with how Bai Yunfei had been taking advantage after advantage against him earlier, this time was no different!


Bai Yunfei roared abruptly. It wasn't very loud in the audible sense, but it echoed through Wu Shang's mind very clearly like a sharp sword to stab into his soul. Freezing as it reverberated throughout his body, Wu Shang's soulforce began to slow down!

This was the pseudo soul attack from Bai Yunfei's Charm Bracelet!

Practically the moment after he cried out with this attack, Bai Yunfei's arms punched outwards!

Berserk mode: Dual Dragon Burst!!

Two dragons materialized out into the world in a burst of fire. Intertwining around each other so that one another seemed to touch each other almost, the two Dragons flew with terrifying speed and power!

By the time Wu Shang was back to semi-decent clarity, the two dragons were already about to devour him!

It was too late for him to even try to dodge!

"Damn!!!" Wu Shang howled to himself with wide-open eyes. Abandoning the idea to dodge, Wu Shang's eyes flickered dangerously as his hands went through several quick hand seals!


Fire exploded out from Wu Shang's body as soon as his hands landed on the last seal. Forming a giant whirlpool all around him, the flames circled first around Wu Shang before spreading outwards.

But a second before the whirlpool formed, the two flaming dragons had converged into the center of the whirlpool onto Wu Shang!

The Dual Dragon Burst had hit their target!

Like how a misstep led to stumbling, Wu Shang was being forced back again and again in increasing intensity starting with his soulbound armament being damaged. Bai Yunfei's actions had been completely unpredictable and beyond his imagination. In that one moment of negligence, Wu Shang ended up being forced into a situation where he had to endure the Dual Dragon Burst!


There was an ear-deafening explosion as a shockwave exploded outwards for nearly a kilometer in radius. As if a miniature sun had appeared out of nowhere, the entire evening sky was illuminated by light.

The Dual Dragon Burst exploded with terrifying turbulence where Wu Shang was. With how devastating and tremendous the area of effect was, it was for certain that Wu Shang wouldn't be able to dodge this without being able to instantaneously teleport!

For several hundred meters in radius, the area was washed in a sea of flames and stifled with scorching heat. Even Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi had to retreat a few hundred meters away so they could stare anxiously at the heart of it.

Because of how powerful the Dual Dragon Burst was and how chaotic the elemental fire was being, peering into the area with soulsense was impossible, and Bai Yunfei couldn't even hope to guess how it was going with his naked eye.

"Did it work? It has to, please..."

Bai Yunfei's face looked a little haggard. His reserves was noticeably deplenished and his breathing was rough. A faint red light was still flickering around his body as if trying to replenish the amount of soulforce he had just used up.

At last, the painfully 'long' ten seconds had passed. The aftermath of the Dual Dragon Burst was starting to fade, and Bai Yunfei could finally start to make out a few things.

"It....worked?! He's definitely pretty injured!"

Bai Yunfei whooped internally in delight. He could sense with the sea of flames that Wu Shang's aura was weaker by over half of what it was before! His aura was flickering as if unsteady, meaning he was seriously hurt!

"This is great!! In this case, I can..."

Bai Yunfei was thinking to himself in delight when his thoughts came to a pause. Eyes widening, Bai Yunfei saw something that caused his joy to turn into shock!

The flaming whirlpool that had been around Wu Shang had all of a sudden....stopped!

For some strange reason, the flames had all froze where they were!

A second later, Wu Shang's aura exploded dramatically before the whirlpool started to move again, but this time in the inverse direction!

Even more shockingly, Bai Yunfei could see two pillars of flame rise up from the center of the whirlpool as Wu Shang's aura increased. The whirlpool began to reduce in size as if being drawn into the pillars. Rising into the sky, the pillars began to twist around one another before turning into two flaming dragons to head towards Bai Yunfei!

Incredibly fast like lightning, they closed the distance quickly enough to be right on him!

This was.....the Dual Dragon Burst?!