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 Book 1 Chapter 66: You want to fight? Let's fight!

These few words made Bai Yunfei freeze on the spot as if struck by lightning.

"Mister Yunfei, please go save young lady quickly! That Long Tao [the second brother] said that you must go there otherwise young lady will be..."

Xiao Ning anxious voice came into his ears again. Bai Yunfei woke up from his shock and pulled her to one side with a solemn expression, asking in a deep voice: "What's going on? Calm down a bit and tell me in detail! I'll go save Meng'er right away!"

Xiao Ning wiped her tears away and sobbed slightly: "At noon today, when young lady saw that you hadn't come to look for her, she, she took me out for a walk on the streets, wanting to come looking for you...

"Who would have thought she, she would run into that Long Tao and his brother on the streets again? They, they even had two other men from the Long family with them. They're so powerful, even more powerful than young lady...

"They kidnapped her and told me to go look for you, Mister Yunfei. They said that you must go to the Secret Pleasure Tower in the northern corner of the city..."

Xiao Ning was a rather intelligent servant girl so she gave a clear account of what had happened with just several lines then she said to Bai Yunfei with her face full of anxiety: "What do we do now, Mister Yunfei?? It's been nearly two hours since young lady was kidnapped by them. Please go save her quickly!!"

Bai Yunfei frowned tightly with a grave expression. He wanted to remain calm but the anxiety in his heart just could not be suppressed.

"You stay here and wait for me. I'll go there right now! I'll definitely save Meng'er, no matter what!"

After saying these words, he turned around and rushed towards the northern corner of the city.


The Secret Pleasure Tower was located on a small street that was not bustling at all in the northern corner of the city. It occupied a large area and was an extremely luxurious restaurant. The reason it had been opened in such a corner was that it did not do business with the masses. Instead, it was a dedicated entertainment place for those plutocrats and aristocrats in Cuiliu City. And the master of this restaurant from behind the curtain was none other than the Long family.

At the moment, in the spacious hall of the Secret Pleasure Tower, four men were sitting around a table. They seemed to be drinking and eating leisurely. Two of them were none other than Long Tao and his older brother while the other two appeared to be about twenty seven or twenty eight years old. They looked quite similar to each other, both having thick eyebrows, big eyes and fierce appearances.

In a corner of the hall, a young girl was sitting it a large, luxurious chair. She was none other than Liu Meng!

She was sitting there with a calm expression watching the four men drinking and chatting. Although her limbs were not tied, she was motionless. Apparently her entire body was powerless. She should have been given a special drug and therefore was unable to move her body.

"Yunfei, why haven't you come here yet...?" Liu Meng sighed softly in her mind. Her eyes could not help looking towards the door. In her eyes, there was unexpectedly a complicated expression.

"Big cousin, when do you think that brat will come here? We've been waiting for two hours already!!" Long Tao picked up a piece of meat, put it into his mouth and said somewhat impatiently as he looked outside and saw no signs of movement.

"What are you worried about? It's possible he hasn't received the news yet. Anyway, he'll come here sooner or later. Let's just eat and drink to our hearts' content while slowly waiting for him." The man called 'big cousin' in front of him said indifferently after raising his bowl and taking a mouthful of wine.

"Big cousin, why did you dismiss all our subordinates? If several of them had stayed, we'd appear imposing as well." Long Tao asked doubtfully after looking at the somewhat deserted hall a bit.

The big cousin frowned slightly, saying: "What's the point of those pieces of shit staying? The enemy is a soul cultivator of the middle Soul Warrior stage. Even if a hundred of them came at him, they wouldn't be able to do anything! Besides, having more people here would hinder our plan..."


A loud sound interrupted him then wood chips were sent flying everywhere. Following a wave of force, they scattered all over in the hall. It turned out the main gate of the restaurant had been blown into pieces from outside by someone!

Bai Yunfei slowly went into the room with a solemn expression. Sweeping his eyes around quickly, he saw Liu Meng in a corner and immediately let out a sigh of relief. Judging from her appearance, she should not have been hurt.

Looking at those four men, who had already stood up from their chairs and were looking at him vigilantly, Bai Yunfei clenched his right fist tightly. He moved to one side a bit and stood at the optimum place for attack and defense then cast a look at Liu Meng, asking in a deep voice: "Are you okay, Meng'er?"

"Humph!" Before Liu Meng could answer, the man called big cousin by Long Tao gave a cold snort and snatched the thread of conversation, saying sneeringly: "Brat, are you that Bai Yunfei mentioned by this girl? Humph, you've got some balls indeed. I didn't expect you to dare to run over here alone to save her. No wonder this girl trusts you so much. Ha ha, but could it be you think you can rescue her all by yourself?"

Hearing his words, Bai Yunfei wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. Before he could talk back, he heard Liu Meng say in a slightly weak voice: "Be a bit careful, Yunfei. One of these two men is a middle Soul Warrior and the other is an early one!"

That big cousin turned around to take a look at Liu Meng and said laughingly: "Hah, not bad. You've told him the most important information right in the beginning. But, so what if he knows this? As a middle Soul Warrior, he can fight me to a draw at most. But I have my younger brother and Long Tao [the big brother] with me, how can he possibly take on the three of us alone?"

After saying so, he turned around and looked at Bai Yunfei with a vague smile, not taking the initiative to get into action at all. It seemed he was waiting for Bai Yunfei's reaction.

Still frowning slightly, Bai Yunfei stared at this man for a long time before saying slowly: "What's your connection with the Long family?"

That Long Tao [the younger brother] was standing furthest back among these four men because he was just an ordinary man. At this moment, hearing Bai Yunfei's question, he said very arrogantly with arms akimbo: "Humph, what's up? Are your scared now? I already told you earlier that my Long family isn't something you can offend. These two gentlemen are my big cousin and Long Taogu and my second cousin Long Taoyi! This time, they've specifically come here to take care of you, the ignorant soul cultivator who looked down on my Long family!"

The corners of Bai Yunfei's mouth twitched. In the current situation, he was in no mood to make fun of the names of these two brothers who had just come on the scene. Apparently this so-called Long family had an extraordinary attachment for this very promising job of being 'long tao' [a walk-on part].

He kept silent for a while then said in a seemingly negotiating tone: "I can apology for the incident two days ago, and you'll let me leave with her. We'll all act as if nothing happened, okay?"

When Long Tao [the big brother], who was standing on the far left among the four men, heard these words, his eyes immediately popped. He looked at Bai Yunfei as if looking at an idiot, saying sneeringly: "Are you joking? Do you think you have the right to negotiate with us in the current situation? Let me tell you something..."

Before he could finish saying this complacent line, in front of him, Bai Yunfei's eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of ferocity. He reached out his right hand and the Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand. Afterwards, pushing his feet against the floor, he unexpectedly launched an attack directly without a warning sign!

When Long Tao had yet to say the second half of what he wanted to say, a heat wave hit him in the face. The flaming red tip of the spear was already about to reach him!

"Careful!" Terror showed up in Long Tao's eyes. Just when he wanted to retreat, beside him, Long Taogu had already got into action by giving a shout of warning and at the same time hooking his foot into a four-legged chair and kicking it towards the area in front of Long Tao to block the path of the Fire-tipped Spear.

In an instant, the spear pierced into the chair. Bai Yunfei then slightly turned the hand that was holding it. In the blazing firelight, a sound of explosion rang out. That chair was unexpectedly blown into countless wood chips, which then turned into various flames and shot outwards in all directions!

Three of the four men in front of Bai Yunfei were soul cultivators so their reactions were definitely not slow. The moment Long Taogu had kicked the chair out, they had started to retreat continuously together. Now they had already moved back several meters. As they looked at the burning wood chips which had fallen on the floor, astonished expressions showed up on their faces.

"Soul item!!" Long Taogu shouted in shock. Looking at the Fire-tipped Spear in Bai Yunfei's hands, his eyes were filled with fear.

After executing that strike, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly did not pursue and attack them. Instead, he stood in the same place holding the spear, rejoicing in his mind that the first Threefold Thrust had been able to activate the spear's explosion effect. He stared at the four men expressionlessly, saying again: "I'll say it again. Let me go with her and let's act as if nothing happened."

Long Taogu looked at Bai Yunfei, the fear in his eyes intensifying. He waved his hand to motion for Long Tao [the younger brother], who was furthest back, to get a bit further away. Then he gave the other two men by his side a hint with his eyes and said to Bai Yunfei with a cold laugh: "Humph, you think it's amazing to have a high-grade soul item, don't you? Such an arrogant, ignorant brat! Now that you've come here today, don't even think you'll walk out of this gate safely! If you're wise, hand over your soul item then let us brothers teach you a lesson, maybe then we can still spare your life!"

After saying so, he seemed to ponder again for a moment then said jeeringly: "Or let's do it this way. If you can beat the three of us, we'll admit defeat and never trouble you again. What do you think?"

Bai Yunfei frowned, his eyes glittering slightly. He was considering how to deal with this situation in his mind: "Damn it! I can't kill them, otherwise the entire Long family will come at me. Now I simply don't have enough power to fight them head-on. What should I do? I can't use the Fire-tipped Spear, but I'm not sure if I can beat the three of them by myself at all."

Looking at the three men in front of him, who were gradually spreading out, ready to surround him, Bai Yunfei slightly clenched his teeth, knowing that he could not delay anymore: "I have no choice but to use it!"

He put the Fire-tipped Spear in his hands away and, at the same time, pushed his feet against the floor. Like a speeding arrow, he charged at Long Taogu in front of him.

"You want to fight? Let's fight!"