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 Chapter 668: Difficulties

Blanching as the chain came at him again, Bai Yunfei twirled his Fire-tipped Spear downwards to stop the chain from hitting his leg.


A strange buzzing sound began to vibrate into his ears and through his mind the moment afterwards, causing Bai Yunfei to fall into a state of disarray!

A soul attack!

Bai Yunfei paled. The Soul Sentinel Scarf on his forehead was already transmitting its warm energy throughout his body to repel the soul attack. Moving his right hand, Bai Yunfei twirled the Fire-tipped Spear and blocked the tip of the chain, diverting it away from his leg.

Taking advantage of the miss, Bai Yunfei kicked off into the air to escape even farther away.


An expression of surprise escaped from Wu Shang. He had felt the soul attack land on Bai Yunfei and be immediately rebuffed, surprising him. Before this, Wu Shang had already pegged Bai Yunfei as someone who over estimated himself and didn't really think of Bai Yunfei as being a threat. A Soul Exalt was nothing more but an ant, no matter how much they tried to power themselves up. To kill them was easy, and Wu Shang threw out his Flaming Palm Press, soul attack, and chain as a casual way of attacking since he figured that'd be enough to kill Bai Yunfei. But somehow, Bai Yunfei was still alive.

Still, this wasn't too unexpected of an occurrence. Wu Shang could tell that Bai Yunfei was relying on the bird soulbeast to escape. And now that he caught up, there wasn't a chance Bai Yunfei could flee. Even if Bai Yunfei had something special up his sleeves, it was futile in the face of true power.

Sending some more soulforce into his weapon, Wu Shang had the now thick-as-bones chain start to twine around Bai Yunfei again.


There was a loud chirp from the skies above, causing Wu Shang to frown in shock. Abandoning his attack on Bai Yunfei, he quickly flew backwards.

Three separate blades of darkness dropped down from the skies not even a moment too soon on where he used to be.

"A spatial tear!!!"

Wu Shang cried out in his disbelief. He looked back up at Xiao Qi with renewed shock, unable to believe his eyes.

"This is a space-type soulbeast?!"

From what he observed from Xiao Qi, Wu Shang took him to be a wind and lightning-type soulbeast. The fact that Xiao Qi was capable of using space-related attacks was extremely astonishing. The space element was extremely rare to see, and a class seven soulbeast capable of that element was even more so. There wouldn't be a single person that wouldn't be surprised.

In the beginning Wu Shang hadn't even considered Xiao Qi to be a problem. But now that he knew of this particular ability, he had no choice but to treat the bird as a threat. Space-type attacks were merciless and couldn't be blocked. Though he was stronger than Xiao Qi, he couldn't treat the bird lightly anymore.

"No wonder he's so brazen if he has a special soulbeast like this. He's not a Soul King, but he has a class seven soulbeast. What kind of person is this...."

Wu Shang hadn't been in the Capital for long, and even then, most of his time spent in the Capital was spent in training. He didn't come out from isolation often before the Cheng invited him to the Capital for help. That was why he only knew Bai Yunfei from his name and reputation and couldn't recognize the fact that this person was actually one of his targets.


On the other side, Bai Yunfei had finally managed to disentangle himself from the chains and moved himself a hundred meters away. Coming to a stop now, he glared at Wu Shang.

"Damn, so attacking up close won't work!"

Bai Yunfei grumbled to himself. After this exchange, he knew close combat was all but impossible-he was no match for Wu Shang this way! The chains Wu Shang wielded were far more powerful than he expected, and under the control of a mid-stage Soul King, Bai Yunfei was completely unable to properly defend himself from it!

He was already in berserk mode, meaning he was as strong as he could possibly be. Whether it be his strength, speed, or perception, bai Yunfei was still unable to even contend with an early-stage Soul King. So in the face of a mid-stage Soul King, Bai Yunfei was powerless.

If he couldn't take the advantage by taking the initiative....Bai Yunfei would have to be on the defense and hope for the 'right' timing, wouldn't he?

Battles where Bai Yunfei was weaker than his enemies wasn't a very uncommon sight. By using the effects of his equipment and timing the effects to activate at the right time, Bai Yunfei was normally able to either equalize or win the fight.

But right now....that situation couldn't be applied here!!

He could maintain berserk mode for twenty most at most. But since he still wasn't fully healed from his wounds from Baishan City, Bai Yunfei was under a great deal of pain in the berserk mode. Every action he took felt like he was being stabbed again and again. And even with his strength, enduring all this pain was making fighting in the berserk mode very difficult. Furthermore, if he were to persist in this mode, the backlash afterwards would be extremely unbearable, and how would he fight against his opponent then?

So his options were to beat his opponent within twenty minutes or run away!

But both these options were as doable as scaling the heavens....

If Bai Yunfei were to think about how to turn the tide, then he had several opportunities available to him:

Use the Soul Sentinel Scarf's to rebound soul attacks.

Use Yun's Soul Ring to ignore any single spirit-related attack.

Use the Fire-tipped Spear to ignore any elemental defense.

Use Xiao Qi's attacks to catch the Soul King off guard.

Combine the Dual Dragon Burst and the Charm Bracelet's pseudo soul attack together.....

He had plenty of 'opportunities' to choose from, but those were easier said than done. If by chance he failed, there probably wouldn't be a chance to recover from it....

"I can't be too pessimistic. I managed to survive the battle in Baishan City, I've it 'better' than before. If I go all out, I should be able to hold it out until the right moment. And this time....I have 'that' to help me. If I do it right, I should be able to turn the tables!"

Watching as Xiao Qi weaved about and around as Wu Shang tried to beat him back with his chain, Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes. Storing away the Fire-tipped Spear, he raised his right hand and aimed his palm at Wu Shang. Gathering his soulforce to his palm, the Ardent Sun Glove he wore began to light up as he activated the +10 additional effect. A fireball about twenty meters wide formulated in his palm before shooting outwards like a bullet!

After the first one was shot, the Ardent Sun Glove fired off a second and third fireball right afterwards!

A flicker of shock crossed Wu Shang's eyes when he saw the three fireballs come at him. Rather than parry the fireballs, Wu Shang instead flew higher in the skies.

His raise fifty meters higher into the sky wasn't too hurried. Dodging the fireballs without an issue, Wu Shang looked back to Bai Yunfei just in time to see Bai Yunfei point his middle and index finger at him and bend his fingers up!

The fireballs flying underneath Wu Shang at this moment changed directions in accordance to Bai Yunfei's fingers to chase Wu Shang upwards!

At the same time, Xiao Qi's entire body glowed red before he flapped his wings and sent down a hailstorm of fire!


A series of explosions rocked the world as the three fireballs and the rainstorm of fire covered Wu Shang's person and the entire area in a sea of fire.

Bai Yunfei didn't look happy, however. He knew this wouldn't be nearly enough to even hurt Wu Shang. He wouldn't let a 'chance' like this go though. Arms extending outwards to have them in front of his chest, Bai Yunfei began to flip through several hand seals-now was the time for the Dual Dragon Burst!

At the same time, Bai Yunfei was telling Xiao Qi to get ready to use the spatial edge.

But, just as he was about to attack....


From the ocean of flames, a crimson-red chain of chains flew forth to come striking down Bai Yunfei in almost no time at all!!