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 Chapter 667: To Battle

The chains were tiny, like the size of an infant's arm almost, but they were red all over and had a pointed rhombus-shaped tip at the very end of it. When Wu Shang swung out with it, his target had been the back of Bai Yunfei's head to hopefully spear through him with the chain traveling as fast as a fire dart.

When the chain was about ten meters away from the back of Bai Yunfei's head, Wu Shang saw Bai Yunfei turn his head and swing his right arm back to throw something!


The Cataclysmic Seal came flying out, shining bright red as it struck against the chains.

It was with contempt that Wu Shang watched Bai Yunfei try to use his soul armament to stop his chains. Shaking his right arm slightly to send some soulforce into the chain, Wu Shang had his weapon coil and spin to allow for a 'passageway' in the middle of the chain to go through it. He'd allow for the weapon to enter the passageway before he narrowed the spiral and catch Bai Yunfei in it as well!

But. Would things really work out that way?

Of course not.

The moment the chains started to change in flight pattern, Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed once with light! His right hand-previously closed together after he tossed the Cataclysmic Seal-thrusted open his fingers! As if the activation signal for something, the Cataclysmic Seal started to tremble before it exploded in size!

In no time at all, the Cataclysmic Seal went from being the size of a brick to being as tall as a wall!


There was a ringing sound as the tip of the chain struck against the enlarged Cataclysmic Seal. The tip bounced backwards, and then so did the rest of the chains behind it as the Cataclysmic Seal continued on its path!

"A heaven-tier soul armament!"

Wu Shang remarked in surprise. He jerked his right hand back to recall the chains to him. Traveling back into his sleeves, the chains began to shrink in size to become as tiny as his pinky so that the last segment of the chains could wrap around his arm.

It took some time for the extremely long chain of chains to shrink and coil around his arm, and Wu Shang came to a stop.

It wasn't as if he was giving up the chase, but that Bai Yunfei had stopped as well to turn to face him.

Unharmed due to his Cataclysmic Seal, Bai Yunfei faced Wu Shang with Xiao Qi. Leaping to the side, Bai Yunfei's hands flipped through several hand seals and immediately felt his soulforce start to increase in strength!

Dual Flame Arts: 'coil' form!

Dual Flame Arts: berserk mode!

He was entering his strongest mode for fighting! This meant....he had given up trying to flee and was prepared to fight!

The Cataclysmic Seal seemed to shrink away from sight as Bai Yunfei went into berserk mode. It flew around to Xiao Qi who gave a small chirp and flew to Bai Yunfei's head in a protective position.


Wu Shang felt surprised by Bai Yunfei's actions. Was Bai Yunfei really trying not to run? Did he think he could fight against him?

"A power-enhancing soul skill?"

Wu Shang muttered as he witnessed Bai Yunfei increase in strength. But then his eyes flickered with the light of disdain-Bai Yunfei was going to fight like that?

He was overestimating himself!

Hiding his sneer, Wu Shang didn't even bother to say anything to Bai Yunfei. He just needed to capture him and then slowly interrogate him for what he needed to know. Raising his left hand, Wu Shang swiped it through the air!

The temperature in the surrounding area increased by nearly half of what it used to be. Red light started to fill the air and area as more and more red light started to converge here. Elemental fire began to flicker into being, and soon enough, the entire place was engulfed in fire.

The changes in the area wasn't anything much compared to what was being changed above Bai Yunfei's head. After Wu Shang had swiped his hand, a 'cloud' of fire began to form over Bai Yunfei's head. Swirling in on itself as if to build up power, the cloud then took on the shape of a giant palm to smash down on him!

Eyes flying up to stare down the flaming palm, Bai Yunfei threw up his own right hand to have the Cataclysmic Seal fly up. Shining with light as bright as a miniature sun, the Cataclysmic Seal increased in size again to stop the giant palm!

At the same time, Bai Yunfei was feeding his soulforce to his feet to shoot forwards against Wu Shang. From behind, Xiao Qi flew in close pursuit.


The flaming palm and Cataclysmic Seal slammed together. Wu Shang's eyes narrowed for a moment, the fingers on his left hand bending slightly as he increased his soulforce to increase the gravitational power of the palm!

In the next moment, the flaming palm smashed down even harder onto the Cataclysmic Seal!

The Cataclysmic Seal was unable to fully stop the flaming palm!

Bai Yunfei spared a quick glance at the situation of the brick before having it grow larger in size again. Its downwards descent slowed by a small amount, allowing Bai Yunfei enough time to escape from the radius of the palm and into the airspace right in front of Wu Shang!

Eyes still flashing coldly, Bai Yunfei called his Fire-tipped Spear to him. When it appeared, the Fire-tipped Spear soon split into three to attack at Wu Shang from three different angles!

Simultaneously, the Cataclysmic Seal behind Bai Yunfei shrunk in size and fell to the side, allowing for the flaming palm to smash fiercely into the ground without anything to resist it anymore.

Wu Shang hadn't the intention to even move from his spot to dodge Bai Yunfei's spears. Instead, he flew forward to meet the spear-wielding 'doppelgangers' and swung his right arm around to hit them all!


The faint clanking of his chains hitting against the three spears could be heard as Wu Shang used his chains to stop the spears advances!

Having timed it perfectly, Wu Shang had his chains continue onwards to Bai Yunfei to try and slam into him!

"Bang! Bang!"

The chain swung through the midriff of two of the doppelgangers, and with the blade-like properties the chains had with its swing, the two doppelgangers were immediately dispelled!!

After the two doppelgangers were destroyed, the crimson-red chain continued onwards with only a slight decrease in speed to attack the real Bai Yunfei!


There was another bang, but this time, the chain didn't cut apart Bai Yunfei. It slammed into the left part of his waist and tore at his robes to reveal the golden armor he wore underneath. Paling in the face from the blow, Bai Yunfei was forced to stop his spear just three inches away from Wu Shang's chest. He stumbled backwards and whirled away from the chain's path to retreat!

Because of the chain hitting Bai Yunfei in the waist, the forward half of the chains coiled around Bai Yunfei to wrap around him!

If Bai Yunfei were to let the chains fully wrap around him, escape would be extremely difficult, hence why Bai Yunfei had to bend his body as he retreated.

While Bai Yunfei was able to avoid being wrapped up before the chain could even make a half-circle, he wasn't fully safe from danger. At the same time as he was retreating, the tip of the chain took on a strange trajectory and coiled around to stab into his right leg!