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 Chapter 666: Being Chased!

With how strong Bai Yunfei was, he didn't need to use his soulsense to eavesdrop on the conversation between Cheng Chaochuan and Wu Shang. His ears alone were perceptive enough to be able to hear anything within this silent part of the villa.

Bai Yunfei had been surprised enough when he heard of the names 'Xu Jiang' and 'Xu Jinlin'. Those two people belonged to the house of Xu, and the Left Minister was also from the Xu. It was the family of Xu Sihan.

This Cheng Chaochuan-or perhaps it was better to say the Cheng-was conspiring against the Xu!

Furthermore, Bai Yunfei heard them say that the eldest heir, Xu Jiang, had already been 'taken care' of!

Many people within the Capital was already aware of how the two Ministers of Left and Right didn't get along. It was also known that the two often fought with each other in secret, but Bai Yunfei just couldn't believe that the Cheng would even go as far to attack one of the major members of the Xu!

And their next target was the current head himself!

While hearing the names of those two was surprising enough, Bai Yunfei was sent into an even deeper level of shock from what two said next.

They had mentioned his own name!

From the person Bai Yunfei knew was 'Wu Shang', he found out Wu Shang was going to conspire against him as well!

If that wasn't enough, Tang Xinyun, Kou Tingting, and even Huangfu Rui were being targeted as well!

At this, Bai Yunfei couldn't hold his stasis anymore. His heart was beating rapidly, and his aura was now going into a frenzy!

And the moment his aura started to fluctuate wildly, Bai Yunfei realized his mistake. "Crap!"


Far too late to hide himself now, Bai Yunfei immediately began to feed soulforce into his feet to shoot into the skies!


A moment later, there was an explosion from where he used to be hiding. A fireball about twenty meters in size came flying out from the room from the right and impacted against the tree. Upon collision, the tree blew apart and the surrounding area was reduced to ash!

Bai Yunfei frowned at the amount of elemental fire fired at him. If he had been a moment too late, then Bai Yunfei would've had to block the attack, and that wouldn't have ended well for him, let alone allow him enough time to escape.

Not even caring in what direction he ran away towards, Bai Yunfei ascended to the skies a hundred meters up. His feet were flashing violet in light as he used the Flash Step to travel over a dozen meters each activation. His Tempest Sword was already out now, and stepping onto it, Bai Yunfei was able to fly even faster to blaze through the skies like a shooting star!

From when he fled the tree to when he was on his Tempest Sword, not even three seconds had passed!

An idea struck Bai Yunfei as he was fleeing from on top of the Tempest Sword. His right hand touched at the Charm Bracelet on his left wrist, allowing for a mirage-like light to glow, and then his soulforce dropped by a portion!

At the same time he was flying, a red and green light was flying out from the half-destroyed room from the right like bolts of lightning. Wu Shang was a step behind into the air when he saw Bai Yunfei start to fly. Sneering, he took off with renewed speed after him!

Cheng Chaochuan was slower than him by a step. When he saw the startled five young men peek their heads out form their rooms, he cried out to them "Stay in your rooms and don't come out!".

Then without further ado, he took off after the direction Bai Yunfei was traveling towards.


In the night sky, a light green blur of light could be seen with a red and a dark green streak chasing after it.

Within the green light, Bai Yunfei's eyes were flashing rapidly as he tried to think of what to do as he fled.

Chasing after him were two mid-stage Soul Kings. He would definitely die if the two caught up to him, no matter how powerful his options were!

Suddenly, Bai Yunfei forced his Tempest Sword to turn abruptly so that it'd fly to the right at once!

Just a hundred meters in the original direction Bai Yunfei was traveling in, a figure in red was stepping out from a distortion in space. He was slightly surprised to see Bai Yunfei turn direction, but he sneered and chased after him again.

Bai Yunfei looked a little more troubled after he changed direction, "Xiao Qi!"


There was a resounding chirp from Xiao Qi on his shoulder. Extending its wings wide and activating the Wind and Lightning Feathers, Xiao Qi revealed itself as a class seven soulbeast to fill the area around his wings with elemental wind and lightning.

Storing away the Tempest Sword, Bai Yunfei leapt onto the back of Xiao Qi.

As soon as he was safely secured on Xiao Qi's back, Bai Yunfei took off with speeds even greater than before!


Xiao Qi wasn't as strong as Wu Shang or Cheng Chaochuan who were both mid-stage Soul Kings, but he was still a soulbeast capable of flying and had the advantage in this aspect. He could go even faster with the Wind and Lightning Feathers. Though Cheng Chaochuan and Wu Shang could teleport every so often, Xiao Qi would be able to change direction fast enough so that he and Bai Yunfei wouldn't be hard-stopped by either of the two.

The more they gave chase, the more Wu Shang and Cheng Chaochuan felt surprised about. They could tell just who they were chasing: a Soul Exalt and a class seven soulbeast. It was surprising enough neither of the two felt them when they were hiding, but it was even moreso that they weren't able to catch up with their strengths as mid-stage Soul Kings!

Cheng Chaochuan was prepared to use teleportation even to block off Bai Yunfei, but as he was preparing to do so, he came to a screeching halt. Whipping his head back, he looked off in a distance in their original direction in abject shock.

Almost two seconds later, indignant wrath flooded the eyes of Cheng Chaochuan. "Damn you!!" He roared out loud.

Seemingly no longer caring for Bai Yunfei, he took off to fly back in the direction where he came from without even warning Wu Shang.

Wu Shang on the other hand looked strangely at Cheng Chaochuan when he heard him curse out loud. Still curious as he watched him fly away, Wu Shang hesitated for a moment before deciding to chase after Bai Yunfei.

From up ahead, Bai Yunfei looked a little pleased when he heard the roar of Cheng Chaochuan, though he didn't look back. Instead, he patted Xiao Qi on the back of his neck and transmitted his thoughts to him. Xiao Qi chirped once in response and then turned direction again to fly quickly in that direction.


Anger filled Wu Shang's eyes as he saw Xiao Qi try to fly away. Sneering, he increased the soulforce circulating through him to fly even faster after them.

With him going full speed, it didn't take long for Wu Shang to catch up. The head-start Bai Yunfei had before was now all but gone now, and the distance between him and Wu Shang was almost non-existent. Wu Shang didn't even have to teleport anymore, and it felt like within ten minutes, Bai Yunfei would definitely be overtaken by him.

At last, there was only fifty meters between Bai Yunfei and Wu Shang when the latter took action. Throwing his right hand out, chains seemingly made from fire flew out from his robes to fly at Xiao Qi and Bai Yunfei as if it was alive!

"You'll stop here!!"