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 Book 1 Chapter 65: Sudden event

After Mu Wanqing had left, Bai Yunfei and the two girls chat with each other leisurely.

Qiu Luliu talked about various interesting things in Cuiliu City, Chu Yuhe 'gave an account' of her life since joining the Green Willow School in a low voice and Bai Yunfei also talked about what he had gone through from when he had parted ways with them at that time until now.

Of course, he concealed some details that should not be mentioned. Even so, his story still made the two girls nervous and anxious, especially Chu Yuhe. Upon hearing that Bai Yunfei had fallen into a trap in the town of Old Well then fled for three days in a row and even been caught up with by Zhang Zhenshan, she was so tense that her little face became very red. When she heard that Bai Yunfei had eventually escaped after an arduous battle, she had a very happy expression, looking extremely delighted. Seeing this, both Bai Yunfei and Qiu Luliu could not help laughing.

Only when a person came and informed the three of them that lunch was ready at noon did they stop chatting. Mu Wanqing unexpectedly did not show up during lunch. According to Qiu Luliu, all the senior members of the school ate their meals in a different place.

In the afternoon, under the guidance of the two girls, Bai Yunfei went for a stroll in the Green Willow School. The three of them talked and laughed with each other quite happily as they walked.

Bai Yunfei raised his head to observe the color of the sky. It was almost evening already. He halted his steps and said to the two girls by his side: "Luliu, Yuhe, it's time I went back already..."

"Ah? You want to leave so soon?" Qiu Luliu asked somewhat disappointedly. On one side, Chu Yuhe also had a trace of unwillingness on her face.

Bai Yunfei laughed and said: "Yeah, I still got some things to do. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'll probably leave Cuiliu City, but I'll come to say goodbye to you two before that."

He looked at Chu Yuhe, who was looking at him anxiously on one side, and said smilingly: "When the time comes, I'll give younger sister Yuhe a present. Hopefully you'll like it."

Chu Yuhe was stupefied then showed a happy expression. She said expectantly: "Really? What's the present?"

"Ha ha, you'll know at that time."

Bai Yunfei lifted his head to take a look. Suddenly he saw two silhouettes going towards them side by side from up ahead. After taking a careful look at them, he said in amazement: "Oh? Isn't that headmaster Mu? This is perfect timing. I'll say goodbye to her then leave."

The three of them walked towards Mu Wanqing, who had already noticed them as well. As they came near her, Bai Yunfei cast a look at the person by her side - a man about thirty years old. He had an upright posture and a handsome face. The rare thing was that his elegance contained maturity and dignity. This was a man who could make a good impression on people at first sight.

"This must be that man called You Qingfeng from the Wood School." Bai Yunfei thought to himself.

Mu Wanqing first nodded slightly to Bai Yunfei then waved to Chu Yuhe, saying: "Come here, Yuhe. Greet your senior uncle You."

Chu Yuhe was always somewhat timid in front of strangers. She did what she was told by walking up to Mu Wanqing and making a salute to that man, saying in a low voice: "It is an honor to meet you, senior uncle You..."

"Ha ha, is this the little girl you told me about? Not bad, well-behaved and sensible, and pretty talented, very good." You Qingfeng nodded to Chu Yuhe and said laughingly. His tone was amiable and his voice gave a feeling of intimacy too.

Qiu Luliu also went forwards to salute him then stood respectfully to one side.

Bai Yunfei took another look at this man, but met the smiling look in his eyes. He nodded slightly in salute then folded his hands to Mu Wanqing, saying: "Headmaster Mu, I still have something to do so I can't stay any longer. I have specifically come here to bid farewell to you before leaving."

"Oh? You want to leave already, young hero Bai? That's fine. Then I won't ask you to stay either. If you need my help with something in this city, feel free to come to the Green Willow School. Now that you're already Yuhe's sworn brother, my Green Willow School will definitely do our utmost to help you."

"In that case, thank you very much, headmaster. Before leaving Cuiliu City, I'll come here to pay a visit again."


After watching Bai Yunfei walk outside seen off by the two girls, Mu Wanqing suppressed her smile, a thoughtful expression showing up in her eyes.

"Wanqing, is he the young man related to the Fate School you told me about? From what I saw, he's just a middle Soul Warrior. Besides, there doesn't seem to be anything special about him either..." You Qingfeng withdrew his eyes and asked somewhat doubtfully.

Mu Wanqing shook her head, saying: "Don't underestimate him, Qingfeng. No matter his power level, just the fact that he was taught by senior Ge Yiyun is already enough to show that he's definitely not an ordinary junior. Plus, I heard from Luliu that when they met for the first time, he was using a spear that should have been a high human-tier soul item at least, or maybe even an earth-tier one! Besides, after killing the son of that Glacial School elder Zhang Zhenshan, he was still able to reach Cuiliu City safely even though the Zhang family has been doing their utmost to hunt him down. This is already enough to show that he definitely has outstanding qualities."

"Oh? These things happened as well? You didn't tell me about them earlier." You Qingfeng was slightly surprised, "In that case, he's indeed worthy of your help. To this kind of man, if you take advantage of the fact that he's not powerful at the moment to help him, when he really accomplishes something in the future, this will benefit the Green Willow School greatly as well."


With his head lowered, Bai Yunfei was walking alone on a road leading back to the city. His eyebrows slightly wrinkling, he seemed to be considering some issue.

"No matter the reason, the fact that the Green Willow School's headmaster is willing to help me is a good thing to me. There's nothing bad about it! Though I already decided to leave right away, I always feel that something is wrong..."

"I must not get involved with Cuiliu City's Long family again. Now the ideal scenario is, though Zhang Zhenshan has mobilized a large number of men to search for me, he hasn't employed all of the Glacial School's forces. After all, he's just an elder. So, even if the Long family is connected with the Glacial School, it's also possible that they haven't received information about me...

"The longer I stay here, the more dangerous it gets! I've been delayed for two days already. I can't stay here any longer! Now let's go back and tell Meng'er clearly that I'm leaving tomorrow!"

As soon as he thought of Liu Meng, he felt somewhat frustrated in his heart because he did not know if she was still 'angry' or not. Moreover, when he thought of the fact that he would leave this place tomorrow, a feeling of unwillingness came into being in his heart for no reason...

Thinking of these things confused Bai Yunfei's mind somewhat. In this complicated state of mind, he slowly entered the city then headed for the place where Liu Meng had said she was currently staying.

However, he did not find anyone after arriving in that tavern. Bai Yunfei was rather disappointed, thinking that she had probably gone out to relieve boredom. Now he had no choice but to decide to come here again tomorrow in the early morning.

When Bai Yunfei returned to the tavern where he was staying, he was surprised to see a person waiting for him anxiously at the door - this was unexpectedly Xiao Ning!

As soon as she saw Bai Yunfei, her eyes brightened. She ran up to him hurriedly. Only now did Bai Yunfei see clearly that tears were rolling down this servant girl's face, which also looked extremely anxious.

"Mister Yunfei, it's bad! Young lady has been abducted by the Long family's men!!"