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 Chapter 655: The Restless Second Generational

It was getting late at night with the full moon shining brightly overhead. Several dark clouds would roll and obscure the moon from sight, leaving parts of the Capital darker than usual at times.

In the western parts of the Capital, there stood a relatively isolated villa away from the other buildings.

In one of the more luxurious rooms, five young men sat around a round table to talk with one another.

"Damn!! I didn't think that this Bai Yunfei would be that amazing-even the combined efforts of our experts weren't able to do anything!"

A young man with a wide forehead and small eyes grumbled, his fist slamming down onto the table. With how heavily bandaged his arms were, he yelped in pain as soon as his hand touched the hard surface. Gritting his teeth and pushing his soulforce to his arms, the man tried his best to alleviate the pain.

Amusingly, every single one of these five people were all similarly injured with both their arms at the very least injured to some degree. Everyone else had bandages wrapped around their arms, and one of them had also a plaster cast on his right leg. With how everyone here was injured, it looked like a gathering for the crippled.

"Isn't this ridiculous? With the Soul Exalts from each of our four families, there was at least thirty of them there. And they couldn't beat a single person? He isn't even a Soul King! Just what in the world do we have to do?? I heard the assistant headmaster was involved, did he help Bai Yunfei?"

A young man with a small birthmark on his chin cried.

"No-can't be. I heard that the assistant headmaster tried to stop Bai Yunfei. If not for him, I heard that all of our men would've been killed by him!!" Another bellowed, "That Bai Yunfei went crazy, I think. He was completely reliant on a super strong soul armament of his and didn't even move a finger to defeat all of our men!"

"That must be what his Crafting School calls a 'soulbound armament'. Didn't we get beat up by something like that that day? Damn! Crafters are an annoying bunch! They rely on their soul armaments to harass others and beat others that'd normally be stronger than them!! Why can't I have a soul armament as strong as that!!"

"Pah, you're too full of yourself. Bai Yunfei would beat you even without his soul armament!" One of the more silent members on the right finally spoke, "My elder brother fought with him. Even without his soul armaments, that Bai Yunfei knows some amazing soul skills. No one that isn't a Soul King isn't a match for him, not even my older brother!!"


The other four cried out at once, "Xin, are you serious?! Your older brother was the one that lost in the spar?!"

"Do you think I'd really say something untrue at the expense of my own house?! I'm telling you the truth, that day, it was my brother that lost! That Bai Yunfei wasn't without his own injuries. I recall my brother saying that Bai Yunfei's soul was injured. The reason why he went crazy and nearly killed the people you four sent was because of the instability of his emotions."

The one they were calling 'Xin' was none other than the youngest son of Minister of the Right Cheng Huayu, the one Bai Yunfei had a 'grudge' with, Cheng Xin!!

Both of his arms were likewise heavily injured, but his facial expressions looked a far magnitude better than the others. His treatment was presumably better than the others, though his right arm was extremely bandaged up and hung limply at his side.

Cheng Xin and the other four people gathered here were the ones Bai Yunfei taught a lesson from that day in the Training Forest.

The reason why the five of them were gathered here was simple.

With the elders of their family not being able to teach Bai Yunfei a lesson, how could they not be angry? Thus, they were here to vent and discuss to one another.

Li Chen sat to the right of Cheng Xin. "Fuck!" He swore, "Why couldn't that Bai Yunfei just go full on out crazy?! Our families would have all the reason to take action against him if he killed the ones we sent! The more trouble he makes, the less likely he'll be able to get away! Even my dad is afraid of dealing with Bai Yunfei, I think he's hoping to drop the issue...damn! There's no way I'm going to take this lying down, you know?!"

"But....with how our elders are trying to keep the peace, how are we supposed to do anything? We tried to fight him and lost, and we aren't even a match to him in status. How are we going to take revenge?"

The one with a birthmark asked-he was the young son of the Zhu, Zhu Yizhi.

"If we can't do things by right, we'll do it out of sight! We'll find a criminal and have him assassinate Bai Yunfei!" The one with a large forehead cried, this one was Zeng Fei, son of the Zeng.

"Out of sight? If several late-stage Soul Exalts were defeated by him, do you think an 'ambush' will work? Aside from a top-notch assassin, they'd have to be a mid-stage Soul Exalt at the very least. I'm not saying we shouldn't hire one, I'm saying we probably can't find one."

The last one to speak was Peng Huaguang, son of the Peng.

"Then what are we going to do?!" Zhu Yizhi exploded in anger, "Don't tell me you're trying to find a Soul King to deal with Bai Yunfei? How are we going to find someone like that?!"

"Lord Xin, what do you think we should do?" Li Chen asked when he saw Cheng Xin not saying a word.

"Yes, lord Xin, we'll listen to your ideas!"

In the perspectives of the others, Cheng Xin and his house was the strongest of the five, so it was natural that they wanted to listen to him.

Cheng Xin grew silent for a moment to think. "If we really want to stick it to that Bai Yunfei, we don't necessarily have to make a move on him...."

"What?" Everyone spoke.

"Lord Xin, what do you mean?" Li Chen asked for clarification, "According to what I know, Bai Yunfei came by himself to the Capital, are we going to go after one of his students then? Would that even be enough to threaten him?"

"He came here alone, true, but now....I heard that there were a few people that came to him today in the academy? The one that stopped him from going crazy wasn't the assistant headmaster, but a girl that appeared out of nowhere...."

"Was there?" Li Chen's eyes grew wide, "Could it be that that girl is Bai Yunfei's....?"

Cheng Xin nodded, "I shouldn't be wrong. I've already sent some people out to look into the matter. That girl is currently with Bai Yunfei and resting in his home."

"Then...." Zhu Yizhi started to speak, "We should go after Bai Yunfei's girl?"

"Think about it," Cheng Xin barked in laughter, "If Bai Yunfei were to know someone assaulted his woman, how angry do you think he'd be? If he loves that woman enough, don't you think he'd be willing to sacrifice his training or life possibly?"

The eyes of everyone sparkled in fantastical glee at that, Peng Huaguang most of nodded.

"I like it! Let's do that! If we can't do anything to Bai Yunfei, why not his woman then?! I very much doubt Bai Yunfei will be constantly with that girl! Once we've the chance, we should go after her! Hehe....I can't wait to see the look of pain on his face, you think he'd become a lunatic? Haha!!"

But Zeng Fei voiced his doubts, "Shouldn't we first confirm her identity? If in the chance she's...."

"What is there to investigate? She's most likely just another student at the Crafting School," Cheng Xin waved his hands arbitrarily. "But so what? This is the Capital, not the Great Plaints Province! We don't even have to do this ourselves, we can have a servant or guest do the dirty work! Let's find a criminal and give him some incentive. I'm sure he'll be willing to sacrifice himself for us. And even if it fails, it won't be led back to us, so we'll be fine!"

"If that's what lord Xin has come up with, then let's do as lord Xin says! Allow us to prepare for a moment and find some incentives! This time....we'll definitely get our revenge!"

Now at the end of their conversation, the five men stepped out from their rooms and out the villa. It was late at night, so the five were prepared to return to their own homes when two figures suddenly came walking into the villa and met them by the gates.

At the sight of the elder on the right, Cheng Xin immediately bent down into a bow.

"Sec-second grandfather!!"

This elder was Cheng Chaochuan!