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 Chapter 654: Changes in the Crafting School

It had been a very long time since Bai Yunfei left the Crafting School. Ye Zhiqiu, Mo Xiaoxuan, Zhang Sanxian, Fei Nian, and the others, just how were they doing? Bai Yunfei really wanted to know.

"Everything is well in the Crafting School, though plenty of the students have suddenly started to become stronger all of a sudden. Most of the disciples are already Soul Exalts. Seniors Song Lin, Li Tiechui, and Lian Lingmin are all late-stage Soul Exalts. Ye Zhiqiu, Fei Nian, and the others are mid-stage Soul Exalts, and there's already plenty of the inner students who have become Soul Exalts as well....

"The second and third elders became a Soul King two years ago, and senior Jiang Nan is a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, he's trying to become a Soul King, we just don't know when he'll become one."


This was alarming news. When he first left the Crafting School, Song Lin, Li Tiechui, Xiao Nanren, and Lian Lingmin were only just early-stage Soul Exalts. Somehow in three short years, so many people had advanced further in strength?

Comparatively, Bai Yunfei wasn't as surprised to hear the two elders becoming a Soul King. The both of them could've become a Soul King earlier if not for one important reason-finding the best time to craft a lifebound armament.

At that thought, Bai Yunfei asked, "Has....has either of the two elders formed a lifebound armament?"

"They haven't," Kou Tingting sighed, "crafting one of those is extremely difficult, and even after preparing so many years, neither of the two elders were able to do so...."

Huangfu Rui piped up next, "Dad was so hurt after that happened! I even saw him crying his eyes out like a kid! He even wanted mom to comfort him, how embarrassing!"

"Eh?!" Bai Yunfei exclaimed alongside Tang Xinyun and Kou Tingting.

Was the failure in crafting a lifebound armament really that bad that the second elder Huangfu Nan was reduced to such a state?

"Xinyun, did something happen to the second and third elder....?"

"I...I'm not sure. I never heard of such a thing." Tang Xinyun shook her head negatively. "But I did hear my master say in the past that she was trying to become a Soul King before. She also said that if she advanced now, she'd be able to become a mid-stage Soul King in a short amount of time. I don't know why she and the third elder decided to try and become a Soul King earlier than they were planning...."

There it was....a hidden motive?

Suspicious, Bai Yunfei asked a second question, "Was it the headmaster's idea to have so many students become a Soul Exalt?"

The reason why he was asking was due to the fact that students of the Crafting School normally didn't advance in strength so quickly. Even with how many 'gensiues' there might be in the school that'd normally advance in strength faster than usual, training wasn't something the Crafting School particularly emphasized. Even Song Lin, Li Tiechui, and the others mentioned earlier would usually hang around their levels of a late-stage Soul Ancestor for a while. So for them to all become a Soul Exalt meant that the school was telling them to pursue that route.

"Yes." Tang Xinyun nodded, "The headmaster said for us to all concentrate on our training and try to advance as fast as possible. He said that he or the elders will personally help anyone strengthen their soulbound armament and soul compatibility if we become a Soul Exalt to compensate for the rushed timing."

The crease between Bai Yunfei's eyebrows increased, "Did anything out of the ordinary happen in the school?"

"Not that I can recall...."

"Strange..." Bai Yunfei thought to himself. Though he was unsure of the reason behind all these things, Bai Yunfei knew there was definitely something strange. Was....the Crafting School in some sort of trouble?? Was a powerful enemy drawing close? Is that why the headmaster wanted everyone to get stronger all of a sudden?

He was slightly more experienced with how the world worked now.

There was plenty of things Bai Yunfei understand about the world, and now that he was a part of the Crafting School, Bai Yunfei could say that in terms of strength, they weren't very strong, aside from the previous generation. The current generation-which was Song Lin and the others-leaned towards the 'weaker' side. They were like an unripe fruit that hadn't reached maturity yet. With the average rate of training for those in the Crafting School, it'd take them a good ten years of experience or so in order to become strong like the previous generation. Normally, this substantive increase in strength would be a happy one, but Bai Yunfei felt like there was still half the story he was missing.

"No matter the reason, there has to be someone that's trying to take advantage of the Crafting School. It doesn't matter who they are....I'll make sure they won't get away with this!!" Bai Yunfei clenched his fist.

Afterwards, Bai Yunfei told the story of his travels and the many diverse experiences he had during that time. It took a full half hour for him to summarize what happened to him, and everyone was astonished as they listened.

The moon was already high in the sky when the group left the Hundred Aliments. Led by Bai Yunfei, Tang Xinyun and the others were walked back to his home. With how rushed the group was in coming to the Capital, the three of them were in a decent rush to take a nice nap.

Zheng Kai and Bai Yunfei walked at the front while the three females from behind to appreciate the night time scenery and chat with one another.

They came to an intersection of the street. Normally, Zheng Kai would turn left to return to his manor while Bai Yunfei went right, but for some reason tonight, Zheng Kai followed him to the right.

"What are you doing? Your house is that way."

"Well..." Zheng Kai smiled, "I'm going to be sleeping over at your place for tonight."

"My place?" Bai Yunfei asked, "Ah'Kai, just what are you planning?"

Zheng Kai snuck a glance at Kou Tingting behind them as she was looking at a street stall. Pulling Bai Yunfei another two steps forward, he whispered, "Yunfei, you've got to do your brother a favor."

"What favor?"

"I...don't think Tingting likes me very much,. What do you think I should do to change her mind about me? Also, what kind of clothes and accessories do you think she likes? What color? What foods, actually? What type of guy does she like?"

"Er....how should I know?" Bai Yunfei stammered a bit before his eyes flew wide open, "Are you really trying to go after her?! Ah'Kai, I told you before Tingting isn't your average girl. I cannot allow you to go after her like you do with most girls. If you hurt her, then the the Crafting School will definitely flay you alive, I can't help you then."

"Hey, watch what you're saying, how can you treat a brother like that?" Zheng Kai spoke as if wounded, "Of course I won't treat her like that. She's on a whole different level than everyone else...."

The expression on his face froze for a moment before he looked at Bai Yunfei in earnest. "Yunfei, do you believe in love at first sight?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"I didn't believe it at first, I'm a firm believer now. Ever since I saw Tingting, I knew. Brother, I'm being absolutely serious about this!

"I'm want to be with Tingting and have her be my wife!!"