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 Chapter 653: A Warm Recount


A sweatdrop dripped down from Bai Yunfei's forehead before he rushed to explain to Tang Xinyun, "I....he's just poking some fun, don't mind him...."

He gave Mo Chen a glare while Tang Xinyun wasn't looking.

But Mo Chen didn't seem to get the hint, "What? Instructor Bai, she isn't your wife?"

"Wi-no-me...?" Tang Xinyun seemed to finally respond, her face scarlet. "What are....I'm not..."

"You're not instructor Bai's wife?" Mo Chen repeated, "But instructor Bai said before his wife was called Tang Xi-err...."

A second glare from Bai Yunfei finally caught onto him. Now that he realized just what Bai Yunfei was trying to tell him, Mo Chen blinked and scratched his head in mock embarrassment, "Haha!! Maybe not now, but later! I was a little early I guess, but hehe, it's all the same...."

The red flush on Tang Xinyun's face was already traveling down to her normally white neck. She casted Bai Yunfei a quick look, but other than that, she said nothing in response to Mo Chen.

Was....was that silent approval??

Bai Yunfei's eyebrows flew up on his head with delight, though he coughed when he thought about just how inappropriate this question was starting to get. "And this is Kou Tingting, the daughter of the Crafting School's current headmaster. She's also a student of the Water School....and this is the daughter of our second and third elder, Huangfu Rui."

"Xinyun, Tingting, these are the students of the class I'm in charge of. This is Mo Wanxia, the granddaughter of headmaster Mo. This is...."

One by one, Bai Yunfei introduced Tang Xinyun to each of his students. When he reached Wu Yang, both Kou Tingting and Tang Xinyun were surprised beyond belief.

He was only using a few words to introduce everyone, but it was still taking a decent amount of time with just how many people there were.

"Hem hem!!"

As Bai Yunfei was wrapping up the introduction of his students, there was a loud unnatural cough as if trying to remind Bai Yunfei just who he was forgetting.

Blinking, Bai Yunfei turned to Zheng Kai with a perplexed face.

"Ah, I nearly forgot," he smiled, "Xinyun, this person is a good friend of mine from the Capital, he's Zhe-"

"Hem hem! This one is Zheng Kai. Zheng as in the character for Solemn, and Kai as in the character for victory. Pleased to meet you three."

Seemingly unhappy with how Bai Yunfei was introducing him, Zheng Kai chose to do so himself. Speaking in a refined manner like that of a scholar, Zheng Kai introduced himself, though both Tang Xinyun and Kou Tingting were a little taken aback.

"Ah, lord Zheng...it's nice to meet you...." Kou Tingting bowed her head politely, though her face looked a little strange.

Was she....a little 'guarded' against him?

Clearly, Zheng Kai's nickname of being the 'Sex Lord' was not lost on her. As no idiot, Kou Tingting wasn't disarmed by the smiles Zheng Kai was putting up and looked very cautious.

"Er...." The smile slipped a bit on Zheng Kai's face, much to Bai Yunfei's secret amusement.

With the introductions all well and done finally, Kou Tingting asked, "Yunfei, were you about to start class?"

"I was planning to when these people came came forward and delayed that."

"Then please teach your class first, we'll pay our respects to headmaster Mo first. Our teachers have matters to talk with with senior Mo."

"Oh? Alright then." Bai Yunfei nodded, "Then please do that, I'll be on the mountain top for my class. If I'm not here when you're done, you can find me up there."

He pointed to the right, "Headmaster Mo's building should be in the stone tower over there."


Bai Yunfei watched Kou Tingting and the others leave before he clapped his hands to catch the attention of his students. "Alright, let's head up the mountain for our lesson."

"We're still going to have a lesson?" Mo Chen groaned, "Instructor Bai, it's not every day you can have a reunion with your wife, why not go see her? We can put off class for today even...."


They turned afterwards to head up the mountain. A few steps later though, Bai Yunfei realized the addition of one more person. "Ah'Kai, why are you following us? Don't you have a female student to chase after?"

"Hehe, I want to see the scenery from the mountain top, that's all. I'll leave when you guys are done for the day...."

"You're really coming with us?" Bai Yunfei asked in surprise. "Don't tell me you're trying to wait for Tingting and the others to come back?!"

Bai Yunfei saw earlier the type of looks Zheng Kai was giving Kou Tingting. "I'm warning you, Tingting is the only daughter of our headmaster, don't you dare treat her badly!"

"What are you even talking about? Who said anything about treating her badly? Why do I feel like you always think I'm up to nothing good?" Zheng Kai retorted, "Am I some sort of vulgar and crude scourge on women in your eyes?"


Bai Yunfei levelled a calm glance at him, a small smirk on his face. "Aren't you?"

"You-!" Zheng Kai choked, "I might be known as the 'Sex Lord', but I've never bullied or harmed a pretty young girl yet. All those females have been with me willingly, and we even broke up without trouble. I'm actually a pretty innocent guy, you know?"

"...." Bai Yunfei stared at him a moment longer "Why didn't you just say you're a virgin?"

"Why would I? That'd be embarrassing. But....hehe, don't tell me you're a virgin?"

"Go die!!"


Late that night at the Hundred Aliments.

In honor of Tang Xinyun, Kou Tingting, and Huangfu Rui's arrival in the Capital, Bai Yunfei held a welcoming party after class was over.

But aside from the four of them, there was one more shameless person.

Zheng Kai.

As confidently and suave as always, Zheng Kai spent the entire supper speaking attentively to Kou Tingting. Bai Yunfei watched from the side with a twitching lip, determined to find out just what Zheng Kai's intentions were as soon as he could.

During their meal, it was only after Bai Yunfei asked a bit before he found out that the group was here because of him. Tang Xinyun specifically, was worried about his wellbeing and finally was able to make the trip here to find him.

It all started two months ago when Bai Yunfei's life jade started to grow fainter in light. When it dimmed so drastically, the entire upper echelons of the Crafting School was startled. If not for the fact that his life jade started to improve in color directly afterwards, elder Xiao Binzi would've come to the Capital himself to see what was going on.

Two months ago was when Bai Yunfei was with Zheng Kai right outside Casino Jin and was nearly killed by the Soul Refining Palm.

Despite the seemingly fatal period coming to an end, Tang Xinyun was still worried. Without even waiting for Bai Yunfei to send any information back from the Capital, she made up her mind.

She'd go to the Capital to find Bai Yunfei!

Three years had gone by since Bai Yunfei left the Crafting School. It wasn't a very long time for soul cultivators, but for two people that longed for one another, every day that passed felt exceedingly lost almost. In Tang Xinyun's case, she'd always be thinking about Bai Yunfei whenever she wasn't training or crafting. Even though she was waiting for him to return, Tang Xinyun was more willing to be at his side or even take care of him if he was injured....

The emotions between Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun was without a doubt deep. Neither of the two had touched upon the topic of marriage or such, but something like that was already a done deal well before Bai Yunfei even left the Crafting School.

The fact that Tang Xinyun was so determined to come so far away to the Capital for him made Bai Yunfei extremely delighted.

There was no way the Crafting School would allow Tang Xinyun to come to the Capital by herself. As it just so happened, Kou Tingting had only just returned from the Water School, and Huangfu Rui said she wanted to go see Bai Yunfei as well, so the two went with her. Aside from them three, there was also the second elder Huangfu Nan as their guard. But for some odd reason, he circled back to the Crafting School when they were nearing the Capital in a hurry.

Once Bai Yunfei heard the reason for their coming to the Capital, he decided to ask, "How has the Crafting School been in the last three years?"