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 Chapter 646: Thundercloud Tempest

"He has to have used up some soulforce by now, so why is it that it looks like nothing's changed?!" Cheng Yao's eyes looked pained.

Frost overtook them though with his next thought, "If that's the case, I'll have to use that move then....you've led me no other choice!!

"With His Majesty and Prince Hao here, they should be able to save Bai Yunfei before any damage becomes fatal....but if he does get severely injured, that's just his bad luck then!!"

Determined to launch a new plan of attack, Cheng Yao's eyes landed back onto Bai Yunfei. Looking as though victory was certain, Cheng Yao whiffed his right hand to unleash the Lunar Chakram again. This time, the chakram took an irregular arc that left behind several mirror images that all then shot towards Bai Yunfei like one!

The wind wings on Cheng Yao's back flapped twice to accelerate him into the skies and to widen the horizontal distance between the two.

His arms were right in front of his chest as he retreated. They flipped through countless hand seals to meld his soulforce around in his body. With each hand seal made, his soulforce made a different circulation through his body, and when the final one was made, his soulforce immediately flew out from his body to shine in the area around him. For a brief few moments, the ripples from his soulforce became two separate forces of elemental wind and lightning!


The sounds of wind screeching and thunder cracking could be heard then. The clouds above their heads were starting to darken and gather together to form a thundercloud above Cheng Yao!

Three hundred meters below Cheng Yao to where the ground was, several pieces of vegetation and trees were starting to quiver tremendously as if being pulled at by something. Several of the loose stones from the flower garden in fact were already flying into the skies.

The area in which the skies used to be clear were now dark with clouds, and the fierce weather in the area was already changing for the worse with a tempest starting to take place.


In the moment when Cheng Yao was forming his hand seals, Wu Hong, Wu Hao, and Wu Ren were all looking on in strange surprise. "A soul skill that requires hand seals? Could it be...?" Wu Hao muttered.

Practically before any breathing could be done by the spectators, the area in front of them was already darkening quickly.

"This weather change....this is the ultimate artes of the Wind Lightning School, the Thundercloud Tempest!" Wu Ren exclaimed.

"Thundercloud Tempest? Is that move amazing?" Not knowing much about the Wind Lightning School, Wu Yang asked his older brother in curiosity.

Wu Ren nodded. "The Wind Lightning School practices both elemental wind and lightning to an astonishing degree, but it's only when the two elements are used in conjunction that the school's true might can be seen. From the Wind Lightning School, they've an ultimate arte known as the 'Thundercloud Tempest'. By controlling both wind and lightning, the user can bend the power of a natural disaster to their will. They say that there was once a battle between the Wind Lightning School and the Water School where one early-stage Soul King from the former used this move to immediately kill another early-stage Soul King from the Water School! Even between Soul Kings, a soul skill that can immediately kill another is a very strong soul skill indeed...."

"It's that strong?!" Wu Yang exclaimed, "Then if Cheng Yao is going to use a move like that, wouldn't....that kill instructor Bai then?!"

"What? You think he's overdoing things? Haha, the way I see it, he doesn't have any other choice. He's already seen that he won't be able to win against Bai Yunfei if he doesn't do this...." Wu Ren shook his head. "You shouldn't be worried either. I might not know if Bai Yunfei will be able to take this move, but with father and uncle here, neither of the two will stand to the side and let anything bad happen to either of them. Let us wait by the sidelines and see what happens next...."

In the time taken for the two brothers to talk, the area where Bai Yunfei and Cheng Yao were fighting was already completely different than before. All of the wind within a three hundred meter diameter was already being taken in and add to the gale!

An immaterial pillar of wind was already spiralling into the skies with increasing speeds without actually going anywhere like if it was locked in place in front of the Harmonious Heaven Hall. The wind screamed and roared as it picked up the loose objects nearby--the fact that this entire construct was formed by someone's control over elemental wind was very impressive to the onlookers.

There was a hurricane taking place on the ground and rolls of thunderclouds in the skies. Every so often, the dark thunderclouds would unleash an arc of lightning, but never with any sounds of thunder.

Bai Yunfei was within the eye of the hurricane. All around him, the hurricane screeched and roared at his ears while he looked up at the forming thunderclouds above with a grim look.

The hurricane took ten seconds only at most to form around him. Bai Yunfei had planned to escape beyond the hurricane's initial radius, but Cheng Yao's chakram seemed to have a life of its own whenever it came at him. Though Bai Yunfei was able to sue the Cataclysmic Seal to block the chakram, he was still forced back whenever he tried to run and was in the end stuck in the hurricane.

Trying to escape anymore would've left him open to a sneak attack, so Bai Yunfei decided to spend all his effort in protecting himself.

Of course, Bai Yunfei was a little curious on how strong this attack would be.

He could see that this mysterious ultimate arte from the Wind Lightning School wasn't something he'd be able to come across any normal day. He had to admit, he was curious to see how he'd fare against this. He'd of course understand that being careful was extremely important here, but he was also confident that he had enough strength to weather this situation.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...."

Several cracks of thunder echoed in the area before blades of wind formulated from the hurricane. They flew this way and that, leaving behind heavy gulches in the earth when they landed while several bounced off from the barrier the Cataclysmic Seal formed. The barrier shimmered slightly, but it was able to hold its own.

But the look on Bai Yunfei's hardened by a margin. He could sense that the amount of wind blades were starting to grow larger and larger, and more powerful with each one that formed....

The hurricane itself was also starting to take on a purple hue to it. Just barely, Bai Yunfei could see a striking resemblance to the hurricane and the Electric Purgatory....


At last, there was the cracking sound of thunder as a purple bolt of lightning a meter thick came crashing down onto Bai Yunfei!

Having been prepared for this, Bai Yunfei kicked off from the area he was in, activating the Flash Step to travel ten meters in a split-moment. The purple bolt of lightning crashed into the ground with an ear-splitting crack and left behind a deep crater there.

But this was only the start. After Bai Yunfei dodged that bolt of lightning, yet another purple bolt was dropping down on him again!

One bolt, two bolts, three bolts....time after time within the hurricane, at least a hundred bolts of lightning started to come crashing down from the thunder clouds while Bai Yunfei was barely left with any room to dodge!

Aside from the multiple bolts of lightning, the hurricane around Bai Yunfei was still jettisoning several blades of wind at him. Like a web of blades, they combined with the web of lightning arcing from the clouds to surround Bai Yunfei!

At this, the onlookers near the Harmonious Heaven Hall were finally starting to look wary. Wu Hao's soulforce was slowly coming to a boil as he prepared himself to step in if necessary.



But there was a single snort from within the hurricane that utterly baffled everyone that heard it.

By all rights with all the howling winds and crackling lightning, no one should've been able to hear this snort in the first place. But everyone did hear it. It was as if....this snort was being transmitted into their minds directly rather than through their ears!

At the same time the snort was made, the hurricane and even the thunderclouds seemed to stop for just a single second!

It was as if time had stopped for just half a second where everything ceased to move!


In the next moment, there was a deafening explosion from within the hurricane before a brilliant beam of fiery light came into being. Flames as sharp as the wind blades from the hurricane came to life before the entire hurricane was swallowed up by a giant swirl of fire!

Shortly afterwards, everyone could feel a tremendous amount of elemental fire burst out from within the hurricane. There were two deep roars before two pillars of fire shot into the heavens like if they were two dragons made of fire trying to ascend into the skies! Breaking free from the hurricane, they collided with the thunderclouds and scattered the dark clouds apart!!

The Dual Dragon Burst!!