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 Chapter 645: The Anomaly in the Soul Sentinel Scarf


Bai Yunfei's right arm flew to behind his head, colliding with the object coming at him with a metallic clang when his bracer parried it.


The streak of green light flew away from Bai Yunfei's bracer and then back towards Cheng Yao who caught it.

It was that heaven-tier soul armament!

"He...how was he able to regain himself so fast!!"

Cheng Yao was in shock. The 'Pulsing Winds' was a mental attack! It was something that could affect even the soul! There should've been no one other than Soul Kings that wouldn't be affected for as long as Bai Yunfei was. Most people would've fallen into a state of despondence, but Bai Yunfei had only been stuck for as long as it took one to blink their eyes before he was back to normal!

"He was able to block my Lunar Chakram, does that mean....the bracer on his arm is also a heaven-tier soul armament?"

The sleeves that used to hide Bai Yunfei's arm from sight were cut open due him having to block the Lunar Chakram.

Cheng Yao looked pained-any regular soul cultivator would've tried to dodge the blow and would've left them open to another attack, but Bai Yunfei reacted differently to what he thought and blocked with his arm. That way, Bai Yunfei was able to avoid a follow up from Cheng Yao without fear of being hurt.

His face darkened. With a grunt, he swung his arm to release the chakram again to fire it at Bai Yunfei.


From far away near the Harmonious Heaven Hall.

Wu Hong had been watching the fight go on with wide-open eyes. From when Cheng Yao used the Pulsing Winds to when Bai Yunfei managed to snap out from his stupor and defend himself, Wu Hong felt himself at a lost almost. His soulsense was starting to creep forward into the battle to cover the place.

His eyebrows furrowed a moment after as he felt something. "Strange...."

The sharp Wu Hao next to him caught onto the the tone in his voice at once. "Brother, what is it?"

Wu Hong looked strangely to Wu Hao as well before he shook his head. "It's nothing, I was merely surprised by their strengths, that's all, haha. Neither of the two are Soul Kings, and yet one is capable of a soul skill that is similar to a soul attack, and the other is capable of immediately countering it. What a miraculous exchange."

"Ah yes, it does feel a little breathtaking to watch." Wu Hao smiled, "The strengths of these two youngsters transcend every other peer they have in their age group. They are well worthy of being the ones to lead their generation."

They were talking with one another, but their eyes were glued to the fight taking place in the skies away from them. The battle was indeed a ferocious, but amazing one. With them here to watch the fight, they could immediately stop the fight if it seemed if one person wouldn't be able to evade a killing blow in time.

Wu Hao himself had nearly leapt into action when Bai Yunfei had nearly been hit by the Lunar Chakram, but then when he felt the change take place in Bai Yunfei's aura, he immediately disregarded his previous plan.

And so the two came to a lull in their conversation to fully enjoy the battle between Bai Yunfei and Cheng Yao in peace.

But while Wu Hao was watching the fight without seeming like anything was the matter, Wu Hong himself had a strange look in his eyes. They flickered with light as he thought to himself, "If Hao didn't feel it....was I mistaken then?? I could've sworn I felt 'it' appear.....

"But I can't feel anything anymore. Was I just imagining things then? Perhaps it was something else? How strange..."


When Cheng Yao had used his 'Pulsing Winds' to attack Bai Yunfei, it had actually hampered Bai Yunfei's movement by a great amount. But due to some sort of miracle, his next attack failed. Even if Cheng Yao were to try again with the move, it wouldn't be enough to deal with Bai Yunfei.

Even if an actual early-stage Soul King were to try and do the same thing with Bai Yunfei, it wouldn't work. How could Cheng Yao and his imitation of an attack work then?

Whilst Bai Yunfei was entranced by the effects of Cheng Yao's attack, the Soul Sentinel Scarf on Bai Yunfei's forehead had emitted a noise that Bai Yunfei could hear. It was soothing to the ears and immediately flooded his body with relief and energy to drive away the foreign energy sapping his ability to move.

Bai Yunfei's mental fortitude was on par with Cheng Yao. Combined with the effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf, there was no way Cheng Yao's Pulsing Winds would be able to do a thing to Bai Yunfei.

But still, there was a look of bewilderment in Bai Yunfei's eyes when the attack took place. Even if he was able to block it, he was still panicking at the situation.

This bewilderment wasn't because of the mental attack Cheng Yao unleashed, but because of something else.....

There was a feeling he had never felt before coming from the Soul Sentinel Scarf!

It wasn't a feeling he'd normally have whenever an effect of one of his equipment activated. This was the feeling of something 'resonating' mysteriously with him!

As mentioned before, Regalias are usually with a soul, and the one in the Soul Sentinel Scarf was merely a small trace of one without any actual sentience. Even with how much time Bai Yunfei spent into trying to study what a soul armament with a soul meant, he wasn't able to find a thing about it. Aside from when the soul armament had registered him as his master, Bai Yunfei didn't feel anything else from the depths of the Soul Sentinel Scarf. Actually, Bai Yunfei had nearly forgotten that there was such a thing in the Soul Sentinel Scarf to begin with.

But this time he clearly felt it. The soul within the Soul Sentinel Scarf had 'woken' without even a warning!

It was as if a signal had been given to the soul and it was finally 'responding'!

Or in other words, it was 'resonating' with Bai Yunfei!!

In that short moment, Bai Yunfei could sense a feeling of excitement coming from the scarf. It was as if something was truly coming to life within the Soul Sentinel Scarf in order to resonate with him!

This sensation lasted only for a moment before it faded. The effects of the Soul Sentinel Scarf was already being activated, and Bai Yunfei was already snapping out from his stupor from Cheng Yao's attack. Without even being able to think if what he felt was real or not, Bai Yunfei had to respond to the Lunar Chakram.

He had to dodge the weapon without sparing anything else a second thought. And by the time he dodged that, he had to dodge yet another throat grab from Cheng Yao before he was hit with a blow to the stomach and sent flying away.


"Clang! Clang! Clang...."

Green met crimson as the two streaks of light mixed with one another. A series of metallic clangs could be heard whenever the two lights intersected and a small shower of sparks were seen.

Each time Cheng Yao released the Lunar Chakram, he was able to try to attack at places Bai Yunfei wasn't defending as he parried the Lunar Chakram.

But Bai Yunfei was still able to dodge most of his moves with the same grace as always. Every blow Cheng Yao tried to land with his fists usually hit air, and each time the Lunar Chakram came forward, Bai Yunfei's Cataclysmic Seal would come forward to stop it.

This was quickly becoming a battle Cheng Yao felt like puking blood from. From each time he tried to attack, Cheng Yao could see Bai Yunfei 'examining' each of his moves as if his fighting style was supposed to be a performance Bai Yunfei was enjoying.

There was also another aspect to Bai Yunfei that Cheng Yao had a hard time believing his eyes. From the looks of things....Bai Yunfei's soulforce didn't look like it had depleted at all!

He himself had already used the Electric Purgatory and the Pulsing Winds, which took a decent amount from him. If he added on the attempts he tried to hit Bai Yunfei, his soulforce was already a quarter gone. But Bai Yunfei didn't even look like anything had changed since the battle even begun!!

Bai Yunfei's strength didn't seem like it was on par with his, but Bai Yunfei's soulforce was definitely holding out for far longer than his!

Despite him hardly able to believe that notion, Cheng Yao had to admit that if things were to continue on like this, the one that'd end up losing would most likely be him!