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 Chapter 644: Pulsing Winds

It was as if a miniature sun had exploded in the area. The compressed electric ball immediately exploded into a flurry of elemental lightning and light that even the guards and servants several hundred meters away in the Harmonious Heaven Hall had to close their eyes shut. Several of them had even felt a wave of electricity run over their bodies, turning them numb.

There was no way Wu Hong or the others would be affected by this surge of elemental lightning. They were all only surprised for a brief moment that such a powerful explosion would suddenly happen.

"How amazing....is this the strongest explosive technique from the 'Electric Purgatory'? This.....is something that could beat even an early-stage Soul King in strength!"

Wu Yang exclaimed in shock.

Wu Ren nodded. "Yes, it's no wonder it's one of the supreme techniques of the Wind Lightning School. Compressing the energy into a ball that small sounds simple to do, but the elemental lightning makes it very hard to do so. One would need an extraordinary amount of strength to compress it that much. The fact that a peak late-stage Soul Exalt like Cheng Yao was able to do so without much soulforce consumption is very surprising.

"But...." He continued, the look of shock in his eyes increasing by a bit to look at the glow of purple light spreading through the skies. "What's more amazing is Bai Yunfei's defense. At the moment of that tremendous explosion, not only was Bai Yunfei able to defend himself, he did it without being hurt in the slightest...."


The explosion of elemental lightning was beyond Cheng Yao's control. It dissipated quickly, revealing first Cheng Yao still floating there in the skies with his wings. His aura was slightly subdued as if he was trying to regain some strength. His eyes were both staring forward at something in shock, however.

From the epicenter of the explosion, a bubble of orange light was starting to show from behind the purple. It was about two meters in length and circular as well like the electric ball that used to be there, but the orange light remained even after the former disappeared. Shimmering a bit, the orange light finally collapsed to reveal Bai Yunfei behind it.

Bai Yunfei was absolutely calm and his entire person standing straight. He seemed to even be smiling-he was completely unhurt! An attack that could be on par with what a Soul King could put out had done nothing on him!

"A defensive soul armament? One that can expel elemental energy...." Cheng Yao muttered as he watched the orange light collapse. Just faintly there in the light, he could see an object. "If it can block the strongest move from my Electric Purgatory, then it has to be a low-heaven tier soul armament at the very least, if not a mid-heaven.

"But....I won't believe that you're completely fine!! Even if you defended yourself, your soulforce has to have taken a hit! I'd like to see just how many times you can take a hit like that!" The light in Cheng Yao's eyes hardened.

"If elemental lightning is out of the question, then what about elemental wind?!"


There was a strange shift of light in Cheng Yao's eyes. All around him, the wind started to pick up strangely to blow at the corners of his and Bai Yunfei's robes. Even more curious was the fact that beyond the three hundred diameter area, everything was completely calm. As it were, even the trees within the area had only wind blowing across the treetops from one side.

There were a few other minute changes in the surrounding atmosphere as well. Bits of green light was starting to appear out of nowhere and started to dye the flow of the wind with an unnatural light.

Cheng Yao felt himself a little unhappy that one of the strongest moves in his arsenal had failed to defeat Bai Yunfei. If that failed, his other more ordinary moves wouldn't fail then. There wasn't any need to probe Bai Yunfei's strength anymore, it was time for his strongest move.

With the wind swirling around him, Cheng Yao raised his right hand to allow for an object to appear on it.

It was a circular weapon that had a sharp blade almost all around the object. The object was about a third of a meter in diameter and three fingers wide with a hair width in edge. In one section of the object, there was a small palm-sized section for the 'blade handle'.

This was a soul armament, the Lunar Chakram!

Crafters from the Crafting School weren't the only ones with powerful soul armaments. The more outstanding individuals from the more powerful clans and schools would also have one or two of them as well, wouldn't they?

The Lunar Chakram was a soul armament bestowed from the headmaster of the Wind Lightning School, a low-heaven tier wind-type soul armament!

The wind seemed to pick up a bit when the soul armament came into being. The wind around Cheng Yao spun with an even faster velocity as if being drawn to the perimeter of the soul armament and hone the edge with its energy.

"A heaven-tier soul armament." Bai Yunfei stated. His eyes stared at the weapon in Cheng Yao's hand, but not in surprise. He was more curious about the weapon and its make itself rather than its grade.

He also noticed the wind picking up around Cheng Yao and his weapon, "This....must be a wind-type soul skill?"

Back when Cheng Yao was using his explosive technique with the elemental lightning, Bai Yunfei had immediately used the strongest defense the Cataclysmic Seal had to offer to protect himself .

The strength of the Electric Purgatory was surprising, but the real surprise was with how strong the defenses of the Cataclysmic Seal was. This was the first time he was able to use it since Baishan City, and Bai Yunfei could tell that it had gotten a lot stronger compared to before despite him only increasing by one stage in strength.

Even with his opponent opting to use elemental energy to attack, Bai Yunfei was still adopting a wait-and-see approach to let Cheng Yao take the initiative.

His 'relaxed' posture infuriated Cheng Yao to a certain degree. The soulforce in his body began to bubble in accordance to his emotions. The elemental wind was still being wrapped around him, but its trajectory was slowly becoming like a single belt of wind that was crossing this way and that around the area on itself.


The sound of the wind started to grow louder and louder, piercing the ears of everyone that was within the vicinity. Soon enough, even Bai Yunfei was starting to feel the wind to sound somewhat like if someone was wailing.

But...how could the wind pull off a sound like that?

Suddenly, Bai Yunfei blanched, "This is bad!!"


In the next moment, Cheng Yao's eyes lit up with a bright light and uttered a strange sound from his lips.

At his command, the wind around his person started to echo his cry. With each time there was an echo, the sound grow louder and louder!

Simultaneously, the elemental wind swirled forth towards Bai Yunfei with great speeds!

Not only was he being attacked by a gale of wind, a wave of sound was accompanying it! Bai Yunfei couldn't help but clamp his hands to his ears as the ringing in them started to get worse. His head felt faint as both the wind and the noise surged through his ears. With how the wind was attacking him, Bai Yunfei felt like it was trying to tear apart his person from the inside and entwine his soul!!

This was....a mental attack!!

Cheng Yao was capable of using a mental attack!

This was one of the ultimate techniques of the Wind Lightning School.

Secret Arte of the Wind: Pulsing Howl!

Through the usage of elemental wind, a mental attack could be made!

In the moment Bai Yunfei's mind was distracted by this attack, Cheng Yao availed the moment to fly towards him. With the wings on his back and the wind around him, Cheng Yao was able to speed towards Bai Yunfei in no time at all!

Blinking the dizziness away from his mind, Bai Yunfei realized in alarm that there was a cold gleam of light already in front of him. With practically no time to think, Bai Yunfei tilted his head backwards to allow for the cold streak of light to graze over his nose.

Flipping over to his right rather than snap his head back, Bai Yunfei felt something like a claw come at his face. Though he dodged the throat strike, Bai Yunfei was unable to stop the second blow to land on his stomach and send him flying backwards.

He flew ten meters away with his hands clutching his stomach as he doubled up. But right as he steadied himself, his back was drenched with sweat as he realized something.

There was a cold gust of wind coming right at the nape of his neck!