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 Chapter 643: Electric Purgatory

"This is one of the supreme techniques of the Wind Lightning School, 'Lightning Purgatory'. If Cheng Yao is using this move right away, he must be trying to finish this battle as soon as possible then?"

In front of the Harmonious Heaven Hall, Wu Ren was watching the area in the sky turn into a field of lightning with fascination.

"Lightning Purgatory?! That must be amazing, isn't it?" Wu Yang asked nervously, his eyes staring focusedly onto the sight up ahead.

"By condensing elemental lightning into a certain area, Cheng Yao can control the current of the lightning into a field of sorts. While inside, any person will be affected by the elemental lightning, especially in speed. If they're not careful, then they'll be struck by a great extent of the gathered elemental lightning. It is truly a powerful soul skill."

"It's that amazing?!" Wu Yang remarked, "No wonder they're one of the Ten Great Schools then. This 'Lightning Purgatory' sounds even stronger than some of the stuff we learn.

"But something like this seems like it's also dependent on the user's skill. Instructor Bai should be able to deal with something like this...."


In the middle of the electric field, Bai Yunfei looked around himself at the countless streaks of purple lightning. Like tiny snakes, they spanned across the area around him. Though they weren't attacking him, Bai Yunfei felt his body start to tingle a little bit in numbness, and his speed felt like it was dropping.


There was a crackling sound as a flower of fire bloomed to life from Bai Yunfei's body. Flickering rhythmically, the fires scattered the nearby elemental lightning, though in some parts of the field, some of the elemental lightning could be seen entering the flames to join with the tiny purple spark in the fire. The rich elemental lightning from the field seemed to be feeding the fire, fueling it to full bloom and making the flames dance even brighter and bigger....


There was a sneering sound as Bai Yunfei observed the elemental lightning around him. In the next moment, a strong amount of energy was felt before what appeared to be a bolt of lightning came striking down onto Bai Yunfei.

Still armed with a pair of wind wings on his back, Cheng Yao was traveling at hyper-fast speeds. There had only been seventy to eighty meters of distance between Bai Yunfei and him at first, but now that distance had been cut into half with this charge. As he moved, his right hand lashed out and clutched at the air. A bolt of lightning formed inside of his grasp, and with a mighty throw, he launched the bolt at Bai Yunfei!

Even with the intimidating crackling sounds of the lightning all around him and then the attack coming at his front, Bai Yunfei didn't seem unsettled at all. Not even looking like he was going to dodge, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand and swung his hand at the bolt of lightning!


The bolt of lightning made contact with the fires around Bai Yunfei's palm. Clenching his palm to make a fist, Bai Yunfei crushed the lightning bolt into pieces!

This bolt of lightning was only the preamble to Cheng Yao's true attack. Right after Bai Yunfei took apart the bolt of lightning, his eyes narrowed. Taking advantage of the propulsion offered by the elemental lightning when it exploded, Bai Yunfei used the Flash Step and the Wave Treading Steps to instantaneously move backwards away from his original spot.

At the same time, Cheng Yao's person came diving down like an eagle where he had been with his right hand like a claw to strike.

Bai Yunfei's instantaneous movement had been surprising to Cheng Yao. Though his attack had failed to land, Cheng Yao followed it up with a kick with his left leg to propel him forward. The wings on his back flapped at the same time to add to his forward inertia to give chase to Bai Yunfei.

Elemental lightning gathered to his right fist as he launched an unhesitating punch onto Bai Yunfei's face.

Shifting his feet, Bai Yunfei kicked off to the right side of Cheng Yao's punch before weaving his head back under. Having his punch fail, Cheng Yao stretch his hand wide to sweep his hand at Bai Yunfei's throat.

Lifting his head back and twisting his body, Bai Yunfei was able to successfully swing himself under and to the other side of Cheng Yao's arm.

The two were moving at insanely quick speeds, and with Cheng Yao's fierce motions, his arms and legs were simply ripping through the air almost with clattering sounds while Bai Yunfei dodged each strike made at him. Nine out of ten times did Cheng Yao's attacks fail to land while the tenth would always have its strength reduced by a half before Bai Yunfei parried it.

Nearly a hundred blows were made by Cheng Yao, but the more he attacked, the more astonished he felt. "What amazing flexibility he has! Even in my Lightning Purgatory he's still able to dodge my attacks like this. But....why is he only defending? He hasn't actually attacked me yet, it feels like....he doesn't have the energy in his body?!"

Just like Cheng Yao had guessed, Bai Yunfei's body was currently lacking in strength. If Bai Yunfei had the strength, he would've used the Eighty-one Fold Fist Force onto Cheng Yao's first punch. But right now, Bai Yunfei's body couldn't handle that strain and wouldn't be able to handle a straight on punch from Cheng Yao either.

That was why he decided to use the Wave Treading Steps and the Flash Step to help himself react to Cheng Yao's barrage of attacks. By dodging again and again, he was able to think a little about how to best fight this battle.

He wasn't planning on using one of his trump cards or strongest moves to take the victory. Though this battle was meant to be the Cheng's way of teaching him a lesson, Bai Yunfei felt like this was also a chance to learn something.

He'd be able to learn how the people from the Wind Lightning School fought if he were to keep this up.

But aside from the opening move, the Lightning Purgatory, the rest of Cheng Yao's attacks had been relatively minor. He wasn't using any special soul skills and was instead fighting like he was trying to get a feel for Bai Yunfei.

Barely dodging Cheng Yao's moves one after another for about seven minutes, Bai Yunfei finally dodged one of Cheng Yao's chops before he leapt ten meters backwards. Scanning the area, Bai Yunfei kicked off again to bring him up to speed like a crimson shooting star towards the edge of the cage of purple lightning. From the looks of it, he was trying to escape from the electric field.

"Trying to run away?! It's too late!!"

Cheng Yao's called out at once in triumph. Rather than give chase, he brought back hands forward to launch a giant ray of elemental lightning.

"This is one of my Wind Lightning School's strongest attacks. Electric Purgatory: Thunder Compression!!"

With his cry, his hands swung out to have his palms face Bai Yunfei!

From far away, it looked as if the entire electric field was starting to tremble as if being pulled by something. Then it started to swirl like a whirlpool before condensing into one spot!!

The entirety of the electric field's energy was being focused onto the center!

It shrunk within the blink of an eye in front of Cheng Yao before hovering just thirty meters in size in front of him.

Twenty meters.

Ten meters.

Eight meters.

Five meters....

Two meters!

The electric field was now an electric ball that was gathered around Bai Yunfei's person.

He was inside the ball!

As if compacted to the point of no more, the electric ball froze before exploding!