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 Book 1 Chapter 63: Is this jealousy?

"This..." Bai Yunfei felt somewhat awkward, not knowing what he should do.

Seeing Bai Yunfei's hesitant expression, Liu Meng's eyes dimmed for a moment. She lowered her head slightly and put the bracelet back on the table, saying in a low voice: "Don't talk nonsense, Xiao Ning. Maybe this bracelet is very important to Yunfei. How can he casually give it to someone else...?"

When Bai Yunfei saw Liu Meng act like that and heard her slightly disappointed words, his heart shivered indescribably. There unexpectedly seemed to be a feeling of guilt surging into his heart. He felt that upsetting this young girl in front of him was an unforgivable sin...

"No... That's not true, Meng'er. This bracelet... Actually I was preparing to give it to you." Bai Yunfei's eyes glittered. In the end he clenched his teeth, walked up to Liu Meng, picked up the bracelet and put it into her hand, saying smilingly: "Originally I wanted to give it to you the next time we meet. Who would have thought you would come to look for me? This is perfect timing. I'll just give it to you right now."

"Really?" Liu Meng raised her head, looking at Bai Yunfei with slightly reddened cheeks.

"Yeah, I mean it!" This time Bai Yunfei said very resolutely. In his heart, even if just for this smiling expression, it was worth giving her this bracelet.

"He he, I said so, didn't I? This bracelet was definitely bought to give young lady!" Xiao Ning said laughingly on one side, "Humph, Mister Yunfei, you even scared young lady on purpose and almost made her cry. You're really so mean!"

"Er, this... Just now I didn't do it on purpose..." Bai Yunfei scratched his head in an embarrassed manner and said with a placating smile.

Seeing him behave in such a 'foolish' way, both girls burst out giggling in a lovely manner, making Bai Yunfei even more embarrassed.

With a smiling expression in her eyes, Liu Meng observed the bracelet in her hand carefully. One could tell that she liked this bracelet quite a lot. After quite some time, she put it on her left wrist.

Right after she wore this bracelet, she was obviously stupefied for a while. Then she looked at the bracelet on her wrist in a seemingly somewhat doubtful manner before unexpectedly closing her eyes, apparently experiencing something.

After several breaths' time, Liu Meng suddenly opened her eyes and raised her head to look at Bai Yunfei. Her face full of disbelief, she said in surprise and bewilderment: "Yunfei, this, this bracelet..."

"Here it comes!"

Bai Yunfei's heart jumped. When he had decided to give this bracelet to her just then, he had already expected the current situation. Now, doing his best to keep a calm exterior, he said smilingly: "Oh, there are some special things about this bracelet... My master gave it to me. It can, can make the person who wears it become more light and agile."

Hearing Bai Yunfei's explanation, Liu Meng was slightly stupefied. She observed the bracelet on her wrist carefully again in a rather astounded manner for some time then lowered her head. It was impossible to know what she was thinking.

Just when Bai Yunfei guessed that this explanation of his was too nonsensical, Liu Meng raised her head again. She unexpectedly looked at him somewhat apologetically, saying: "I'm sorry, Yunfei. I didn't know this bracelet has such a strange function. I, I can't take..."

As she said, she wanted to return the bracelet to Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei was stupefied. It had been very difficult for him to decide to give her this bracelet, but now she said she did not want it. This unexpectedly made him somewhat anxious. He took two steps forwards and grabbed the hand with which Liu Meng wanted to take the bracelet off, saying: "Meng'er, you already put it on, so don't take it off. I know you like this bracelet, so just accept it. Its effect is not very great anyway..."

"Yunfei, you... Please let go of me..."

In a state of desperation, Bai Yunfei had been somewhat flustered. Only when he heard Liu Meng's slightly ashamed whisper now did he suddenly react. He hurriedly let go of her wrist and shook his hands again and again, saying: "Er, Meng'er, I... I didn't do that on purpose."

Her face slightly reddening, Liu Meng did not say anything. She no longer wanted to take the bracelet off. Instead, she was gently caressing it with her head lowered.

Xiao Ning was sitting on one side waiting for the two of them and looking at them with wide open eyes. Her face was full of curiosity about what these two people were saying: Aside from looking somewhat beautiful, what's so special this bracelet?

Temporarily, there was a short period of calm inside the room.

"Right, Yunfei, you said you had something to do. What is it? Can I go with you?" Liu Meng was the first to break the tranquility by raising her head and asking after hiding the bracelet into her sleeve.

"This... I'm afraid you can't. I'm going to talk about the past with two friends. They will come to look for me in a while..." Bai Yunfei said somewhat awkwardly.

"Friends? There are still people you know in this Cuiliu City? Why haven't I heard you mention them?" Liu Meng asked curiously.

"Oh, I just accidentally ran into one of them yesterday. She's... She's a disciple of the Green Willow School. Her name is Qiu Luliu..."

"What?! A Green Willow School disciple?" Hearing these words, Liu Meng immediately said in a somewhat amazed manner. Afterwards, she seemed to remember something and her face unexpectedly became gloomy. She lowered her head again. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

Bai Yunfei was anxious and hurriedly explained: "Don't get me wrong, Meng'er. We're just ordinary friends. It's just that... It's just that in the past I saved her junior sister so when we met by chance this time, she asked me to go and have a chat with them about the past..."

"There's still a junior sister?!" On one side, Xiao Ning could not help 'exclaiming'.

Sweat was all but come out on Bai Yunfei's forehead. He 'implored' with a miserable expression: "Xiao Ning, please don't cause trouble, will you...?"

"Ha ha, Yunfei, in fact you don't need to explain to me." Liu Meng lifted her head to smile at Bai Yunfei and continued: "After all, I'm nothing to you, so I don't have the right to be angry either..."

"That's not true, Meng'er. I..."

"You don't have to explain. I know already." Liu Meng still said smilingly: "I won't disturb you anymore. Your friend will be here in a while so to spare everyone the embarrassment, I'll leave first. When you and your friends have finished talking about the past, I'll come to look for you..."

Liu Meng suddenly changed her behavior, confusing Bai Yunfei's mind somewhat. Temporarily he did not know what to say and could only watched in stupefaction as she stood up then slowly walked out of the room.

"Humph! You're really such a fool, mister Yunfei! You've made me so angry. I won't care about you anymore!" Xiao Ning shook her little fist in front of Bai Yunfei 'fiercely' then walked out after Liu Meng. The moment she went out of the room, she even banged the door open with force.

"This... I, I obviously didn't say anything..."

Only a good while after the two girls had left did Bai Yunfei murmur in an almost tearful manner.


In a chaotic state of mind, Bai Yunfei walked back to the bed, lay down and looked absently at the roof with his eyes. Nobody knew what he was thinking...

"Bai Yunfei, are you there?"

A melodious voice came in from outside the door. He sat up as if getting an electric shock and was slightly stupefied. Then he shook his head gently and said in a low voice: "This time I'm sure it's Miss Qiu here..."

The door of the room was open. Qiu Luliu, dressed completely in emerald green clothes, was standing smilingly at the door.

"I'm sorry I'm a bit late. Let's go right now, okay?" Qiu Luliu said slightly apologetically.

"Oh, never mind, Miss Qiu. I've been waiting for just a short time." Bai Yunfei answered politely but he sighed inwardly in frustration, thinking that if she had come and take him out with her a bit earlier, things would have been better, because in that case he would not have inexplicably angered Liu Meng...

Slightly shaking his head, he temporarily put aside this matter. After looking behind Qiu Luliu for a bit, he said doubtfully: "Oh, Miss Chu doesn't come here?"

"Ha ha, you're right, Mister Yunfei. Yesterday I intended to come and look for you with my junior sister then we would chat about what happened, but after I went back to my school, I blurted this out in front of my master. She... She wants to have a meeting with the young hero who saved her little disciple too, so could I ask you to go to my Green Willow School as a guest? This is not a problem, right?"

"Oh? You master wants to see me? This..." Bai Yunfei was surprised. Qiu Luliu's master was none other than the Green Willow School's headmaster. Who would have thought she would want to see him?

"What's wrong? Is there any inconvenience?"

"No, there isn't. That's fine. Please lead the way, Miss Qiu..."


In a place about ten something Chinese miles to the west of Cuiliu City, there was a massive manor. It had high walls and lofty buildings, looking rather extraordinary. Around the manor, there was a large expanse of greenness, with various rows of willows encircling the manor like guardsmen. The willow twigs swayed gently all the time, making the place look relaxing and pleasing from afar.

This place was the location of the Green Willow School's headquarters. A petite silhouette was standing gracefully in front of the main gate.

She was dressed entirely in white clothes adorned with various emerald green willow leaves. Despite being small in stature, she had a nice and slim figure. Her beautiful hair was long enough to reach her waist. The flat bangs of her hair covered her forehead, making her look very cute. Her slightly rosy cheeks looked chubby and could cause an impulse to slightly pinch them in other people. Her big eyes glittering, she was staring ahead with a tinge of hope in her eyes.

This was of course the young girl called Chu Yuhe, who had been abducted by Zhang Yang's subordinates then eventually rescued by Bai Yunfei in the past.

It seemed she had been waiting here for quite some time. At this moment, she curled her lips slightly and mumbled in a seemingly somewhat discontented manner: "It's been so long since senior sister left. Why hasn't she returned yet...?"

While 'complaining' softly, she raised her head again to gaze into the distance. Suddenly, her eyes brightened then showed a joyful expression. She unexpectedly trotted forwards impatiently to give a welcome.

In the distance, a man and a girl were going side by side. They were none other than Bai Yunfei and Qiu Luliu.

"The headquarters of the Green Willow School is up ahead. Yunfei, let's go a bit faster. Junior... Oh? Ha ha, you see, junior sister just can't wait to meet you." Qiu Luliu covered her mouth and said with a chuckle as she saw a petite silhouette trotting towards them from up ahead.

When Chu Yuhe ran up to a place about ten meters in front of them, she stopped hastily. It seemed only now did she suddenly realize that she was somewhat impatient. Her pretty face slightly reddening, her hands rubbing her clothes, she said: "Senior sister, you, you have returned... Um, Bai, Mister Bai Yunfei, how are you...?"

"Ha ha, how are you, Miss Chu? Have you been waiting for us here?" Seeing the young girl in front of him, Bai Yunfei was somewhat excited inside too.

"Um, my master, my master told me to stay here to welcome you, Mister Bai Yunfei..."

"You don't have to stand on ceremony like this, Miss Chu. It's okay to just call me Yunfei." Bai Yunfei said laughingly.

"Then, then I'll call you, call you brother Yunfei. You should also call me Yuhe..." The young girl said timidly.

On one side, seeing that her junior sister was still so shy, Qiu Luliu could not help shaking her head in frustration and saying to the two of them: "Alright, could it be you two want to stand here and chat? Let's come in first. We'll have a nice chat in a while."

Chu Yuhe gave a sound of agreement and walked up to the side of Qiu Luliu. The three of them then went towards the main gate of the Green Willow School together.