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 Chapter 634: Save Me Fourth Prince!!

There was a sickening banging sound followed by a bone-chilling crack as the person's arm was bent at an unnatural angle. From the collision with the brick, it seemed as though the man's arm had broke in three separate sections.

Then as if it had a will of its own, the brick swiveled around and repeated the action onto his left arm!

A second crack was heard as the man now had both his arms broken.


The pain was practically making the man's eyes bug out from his eye sockets as he let loose a wail like none other.

He cried for another second or two before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted from the pain!


The area descended into silence for a moment after the person fainted. The other four people with him were as good as stone with how still they were.

Bai Yunfei had done it....Bai Yunfei had really done it!! He had really broken their arms!!

Not even a single person there had thought it possible that Bai Yunfei would actually be able to do such a thing.

If there was a first though, Bai Yunfei definitely planned on having a second. Stone-faced, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand again and brandished it. Weaving expertly with his command, the Cataclysmic Seal whizzed towards the second person!

"Bang! Crack!!"

Like patchwork, the two early-stage Soul Exalts had their arms broken!

Somehow, these two Soul Exalts didn't faint like the first one had. The pain was almost unbearable for them, but they managed to keep themselves fully conscious and scream despite no longer being able to use their arms for now.

Seeing Bai Yunfei 'cripple' three of his companions so quickly and the soul armament come for him next, the mid-stage Soul Exalt next to Cheng Xin blanched. His face drained of all color as he tried to protect himself with a layer of elemental wind. At the top of his lungs, he screamed, "Stop! Stop!! I'm Li Chen, son of the Minister of Justice!! You can't hurt me, my dad is Li-"

TL Note: This is a reference to the infamous Li Gang incident and meme 'My dad is Li Gang'.


Not liking the noise coming from him, Bai Yunfei had the brick slap the man across the face first, completely overwhelming the elemental energy around him as if it was a pile of wet paper.

Bai Yunfei had been just about to use the Cataclysmic Seal to break the arms of Li Chen when he turned his head in the direction behind him, "What are they doing here?"

A group of people was coming from the direction of Tianhun Academy. Striding through the skies in a blaze of elemental fire, these group of people had familiar auras to Bai Yunfei.

They were his students.

Mo Wanxia was leading the group with Ouyang Yuyun and Zhang Zhifeng behind her. The Soul Exalts were able to leap through the skies while Mo Chen, Fang Tianmeng, and the other Soul Ancestors had to follow them from the ground. Meanwhile, Wu Yang was carrying a person as he ran with them-it was the little princess Wu Ping.

When Bai Yunfei left during their lesson, the students were all slightly curious at why he left and paused in their practice for a moment. During that time, Mo Wanxia picked up on the fight and managed to link it together with the reason why Bai Yunfei left. Curious on if something had happened, they decided to go after Bai Yunfei to see.

The Training Forest was generally prohibited to the students of the academy, but for Mo Wanxia and Wu Yang, neither of the two really had to care about such a 'prohibition'. In any case, they were 'following' their instructor to enter the forest.

It didn't take long for them to catch up to Bai Yunfei. The first thing they saw was a gigantic soulbeast and several people lying on the ground groaning and crying out in pain. Realizing it was something serious, the students flew even faster towards their instructor.


Bai Yunfei noted the arrivals of his students with a stern look. "What are you all doing here? Didn't I tell you to practice in your caves?"

Everyone had thought that Bai Yunfei was being attacked by a giant soulbeast, but the scene became a lot more clear when they got closer. They looked first at the blue-eyes wyrm and then to Bai Yunfei and the five people he was facing. Baffled by what he was saying, Fang Tianmeng spoke up, "In....instructor Bai, we thought you were in trouble, so...so we came to look."

"Fourth Prince?! Fourth Prince!! It's really you, save me, Fourth Prince! Save me!!"

An 'overjoyed' voice spoke out to Wu Yang when he arrived. It was Cheng Xin. When he saw Wu Yang get here, Cheng Xin immediately tried to latch onto him like a piece of rope.

Everyone was doubly confused by his pleas. Blinking as he looked at Cheng Xin, Wu Yang gasped, "Er....Cheng Xin?! Is that you?! What are you doing here?"

"Fourff Prinff?! Sa-saff uff!! Saff uff Fourff Prinff!!"

Blood was leaking from Li Chen's face as he approached Wu Yang. Like Cheng Xin, he was overjoyed to see him. Because of the slap in the face, Li Chen's mouth had lost a few teeth and made his speech a little garbled.

Wu Yang blinked several times again to try and recognize who this person was.

"Are....are you Li Chen!?"

"Fourth Prince! Please save us, Fourth Prince!! This man....this man's going to kill us!! Take justice for us, Fourth Prince!!"

Warm tears were flowing from Cheng Xin's face now. He was acting like a little brother crying to his older brother, never at all minding just how absolutely strange everything looked to everyone else.

Even Bai Yunfei was surprised. Casting Wu Yang a careful look, he asked, "Wu Yang, do you know them? Are they your 'friends'??"

"Uh....." Wu Yang hesitated for two seconds to answer. As he was not an idiot, the general gist of the situation took only a second for Wu Yang to understand. From how Cheng Xin was speaking, he and his friends had to have annoyed Bai Yunfei somehow and was being taught a lesson instead.

"Well....I do know them, actually. As one of the princes, how could I never have heard of the son of the Minister of Justice? I'm not really familiar with them though." The slightly disappointing look he was being given by Bai Yunfei led to Wu Yang making the decision to renounce his relationship with Cheng Xin and the others. It was the truth after all anyways. He didn't really talk with these people, and as the prince, he was normally fawned upon by these people anyways.

"Instructor Bai, how have these people offended you?" Wu Yang asked.

Cheng Xin might not be his 'younger brother' but he was still the son of a minister. Wu Yang had the obligation to ask around the situation and see if he could mediate somehow.

Bai Yunfei stared at the five, "They were trying to take advantage of Xiao Lan, so I taught them a lesson. I wasn't going to kill them at all, just break their arms."

Everyone turned to look at Xiao Lan, "What?!" Wu Yang cried out incredulously, "This...this is Xiao Lan?!"

The battle mode of Xiao Lan had never been seen by the students before. They had always seen Xiao Lan just lazing around by Bai Yunfei's side in a very small state, so they didn't expect it to be such a terrifying beast. In fact, some of them were even wondering just why they hadn't seen Xiao Lan in a while, had it been here in the Training Forest the entire time?

Craning his head practically ninety-degrees backwards, Mo Chen sighed in admiration. "So this soulbeast was Xiao Lan?! This must be its battle mode! Good heavens...it's amazing!! Instructor Bai, why did you leave Xiao Lan here in the Training Forest? I was going to say I hadn't seen Xiao Lan in a while."

"Ins....Instructor Bai?? Instructor?!"

Both Cheng Xin and Li Chen were stunned from the conversation between Bai Yunfei and Wu Yang. It felt as though their heads were spinning almost-this man....this man was an instructor? The instructor of Wu Yang?!"

Suddenly, the two men remembered a string of information they got a long time ago.

Wu Yang had been chasing the granddaughter of the academy's chairman, that much was known. It was heard that he joined a newly installed class for the sake of chasing her, and that class was....the crafting class!!

And the instructor of this class was a young man from the Crafting School named Bai Yunfei!

Anyone that was 'someone' in the circles of the Capital would definitely know about Bai Yunfei and how big of an 'upstart' he was. Many heard about Bai Yunfei's fight with the fourth prince and then how he stirred up trouble with the family of the Minister of Finance.....

Acts like that were beyond the little 'games' arrogant nobles like them would play.

But the Bai Yunfei they heard so much about was....this person right in front of them?!