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 Chapter 632: I Want to Eat Them

The fury the blue-eyes wyrm was feeling now was far worse than before. If only it had its actual strength! It would've swallowed these annoying gnats a long time ago. But its master had sealed its strength a few days ago and warned that the seal wouldn't be removed so easily. As a mid-stage class six soulbeast, it didn't have enough strength to defeat the group of five anymore.

But now that the fight had progressed longer than it thought, the wyrm wasn't even sure if it would be able to live after this. Furious, the wyrm wanted to try and force open the seal on it, but before it could try, the wyrm felt two familiar sources of soulforce from behind. It gave up the thought after a moment's hesitation. Even though it had told Xiao Qi to not help him earlier, the disadvantage it was in now made it think twice about that particular matter.

The five men smiled to themselves at the harmed state of the blue-eyes wyrm. Laughing, they all prepared for the final blow to kill the wyrm when....

"Stop right there!!"

An exceedingly loud voice called out to the five men, causing them to stop in their footsteps. In the next moment, they turned their heads to see a single blade of fire shoot into the area in front of them.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The five men brought their arms up to protect themselves from the blade of fire. Though they managed to protect themselves, the impact of the explosion had them scurrying away from the wyrm and to the right where they all bunched together in fright.

Bai Yunfei didn't bother to unleash another attack after that. Instead, he came to a stop to the left side of the blue-eyes wyrm.

At that moment, Bai Yunfei saw just who the five where, and of the five, he was surprised to see one of them....


His face scrunched up as he asked the question.

There was someone he 'recognized' among the five!

"It's you?!"

Another voice spoke to him at the exact same time he did. The man looked at Bai Yunfei in equal parts shocked and furious.

This person was...Cheng Xin!!

The other four people realized that Cheng Xin recognized who Bai Yunfei was at his cry of anger. "Cheng Xin, you know this person??" One of them asked.

"Know him? Of course I do! He's the one who injured me a few days ago!!!" Cheng Xin gave Bai Yunfei a death glare, his face red and his teeth gnashed together.

"What?!" One of them cried, "He's the one who hurt you super badly?!"

"It's him!! I'd recognize him even if he was a pile of ashes!" Cheng Xin bitterly reaffirmed.

An odd sensation welled up in Bai Yunfei's mind. It would appear that fate had something in store for him and Cheng Xin if they met twice in such a short amount of time. It seemed that Cheng Xin had already healed from the wounds he gave?

He didn't know that Cheng Xin had a Soul King heal his wounds, thus how the man was able to heal so fast. A wound like that was a trivial matter for a Soul King.

After his recuperation, however, the elders of his family forbade him from trying to enact revenge onto Bai Yunfei. Cheng Xin still didn't know who Bai Yunfei was actually. The elders were afraid that Cheng Xin would try something stupid and even put him under house arrest to hopefully cool his head.

Unfortunately for them, Cheng Xin didn't take that house arrest seriously and slipped out from his home. Calling for a few of his rogue friends, he decided to come to the Training Forest to vent off his anger and go 'hunting'.

The people he was with were people of similar circumstances to him. They were all born to great families and lacked very little. Blessed with a bit of talent and a plethora of resources to become Soul Exalts with, these particular nobles were quite fond of coming to the Training Forest to go 'hunting'. Hunting, as it was, was a quite special 'event' for people like them.

The Training Forest was primarily used for the students of Tianhun Academy to train in, though it didn't always make sure to keep out outsiders, especially those with 'special' statuses.

The hunting they did wasn't known to many, and even the ones that knew were careful not to tell. Their hunting was generally kept to a low profile by going after the lower leveled soulbeasts, and if they did get caught, their families were powerful enough to bail them out if needed.

It was just this time, the group decided to rely on their strength to go a little deeper into the forest to try their luck. And as it just so happened, they came across a blue-eyes wyrm.


"Who are you people?"

Bai Yunfei asked the group in front of him.

The people with Cheng Xin had already known what happened to him prior to their excursion to the Training Forest. This person stopping their 'fun' was also the hated enemy of Cheng Xin, and if that was the case, should they fight him here and now?

"Who are we?" The mid-stage Soul Exalt to Cheng Xin's right snapped in disdain. "You've some balls to not know who we are. Kid, let's see if you'll ever be able to forget who we are after we break your arms and legs!!"


Bai Yunfei stared incredulously at the young man who spoke just then. He really wanted to ask if his head had been slammed against a door if he was younger for him to be able to say such hedonistic words like that so easily. For a person who was a mid-stage Soul Exalt, his ability was as wasted on a dog as it was on him.

He was using elemental platforms to stay in midair, meaning that the group was taking him to be an early-stage Soul Exalt right now, hence why they were being so aggressive towards him. Cheng Xin knew just how strong Bai Yunfei was, but the rancor he felt towards Bai Yunfei was far stronger than his fear for him. The events that happened to him the other day had gone by far too fast for him to really remember, and the pain he felt had blurred the other memories as well. Now that his most hated enemy was right in front of him and his fellow 'brothers' were with him ready to fight together to take down Bai Yunfei, Cheng Xin was more than ready to take revenge.

Even if they couldn't defeat Bai Yunfei, Cheng Xin was planning to have Bai Yunfei make enemies with the families of the four here with him....


There was a furious roar as the blue-eyes wyrm recovered from the near-death experience it was in. Retreating to Bai Yunfei's side, the wyrm glared at the five men with a look that promised pain.

It knew that there wasn't a need to fight to the death right now. With Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi here, these ants could easily be dealt with, wouldn't they?

Bai Yunfei didn't bother to ask anymore questions from the other group. If Cheng Xin was with them, these group of people were surely not people of good characters. Looking to the blue-eyes wyrm, he asked, "Well, Xiao Lan, what do you think we should do with these people?"

Xiao Lan turned its head to gave Bai Yunfei a look. It gave two short growls before again glaring hatefully at the five.

The Charm Bracelet on Bai Yunfei's wrist pulsated as a mental link was established between Bai Yunfei and the wyrm, allowing Bai Yunfei to understand what the wyrm was trying to say. Bai Yunfei's lips twitched at the wyrm's message, his eyes looking a little helpless, "You...want to eat them. That'll probably won't do, it's a little excessive after all...."

The blue-eyes wyrm repeated its desire, "I want to eat them!!"