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 Chapter 631: A Furious Xiao Lan

In the depths of the Training Forest countless meters away from Tianhun Academy.

There lied a small hill where explosion after explosion rung out. With each explosion, a gleam of shining light could be seen.

Five figures stood there to fight with one another against a gigantic figure. From their auras, the five of them were all Soul Exalts. Two of them were mid-stage and the other three were late-stage.

The five men were fighting excitedly, several of them even laughing every so often as they played with the giant foe in front of them.

"Haha!! So there was even a class six blue-eyes wyrm here, what a rare soulbeast!"

"None of you better take him! I'll defeat the wyrm and make it into my contracted soulbeast! Haha! A class six soulbeast will increase my strength by a lot!"

"As if! I saw this blue-eyes wyrm too! You've already killed the white-horned deer I gave you, so don't even think about stealing this one from me!"

"There's no point in fighting, this blue-eyes wyrm doesn't want to contract with any of you guys! Let's just kill it! Its soulgem will definitely be worth a pretty penny, I might be able to become a late-stage Soul Exalt with this!"

"That works!! I've never had the meat of a blue-eyes wyrm before! I bet it'll be delicious!!"

The men around the blue-eyes wyrm spoke with each other nonchalantly to discuss what they'd do with the soulbeast. Already, many of them had already started to think about how the soulbeast would taste in their bellies.

The soulbeast fighting the five men from the middle was the blue-eyes wyrm Bai Yunfei knew, Xiao Lan!

But the strange thing was the fact that it was a mid-stage class six soulbeast in strength now, hence why it was being beaten into such a disadvantageous state.

There was fury in the blue-eyes wyrm's eyes. Elemental water splashed out with each strike from the wyrm's claws. Three blades of elemental water would come out from its claws as well as a swing of its tail in order to force the five men around it away from it.

But even as hard as it was fighting, the wyrm wasn't able to beat back all of its enemies and keep track of them all. Every so often, a wave of elemental energy would slam into the wyrm and hurt it. Even in its disadvantageous state, it was still capable of hearing and understanding what the five men were talking about. It was furious, unwilling to give up, and above all else, unafraid.

Up in a giant tree about a hundred meters away from this fight was a prisma oriole the size of a pigeon. From its high perch, the bird watched the fight without ever looking away.

It was Xiao Qi.

The bird turned around to look at a figure who just suddenly came into the sky next to him.

The figure quickly came to Xiao Qi's side with a stunned look, "What happened here, Xiao Qi?!"

It was Bai Yunfei.

He had felt Xiao Qi send a message through their bond when he was teaching the class. Knowing something had happened, Bai Yunfei quickly stopped teaching in order to come to where Xiao Qi was, only to see Xiao Lan being besieged from every side while Xiao Qi watched.

The fact that Xiao Qi was at a disadvantage in this fight puzzled him. He wasn't sure of what was going on, but his soulforce immediately started to spike so he could enter the battle to help out.

"Wai! Yunfei, we shouldn't interfere." Xiao Qi suddenly called out to him. "Xiao Lan didn't want me to help him, he said he wanted to do this by himself."


Bai Yunfei paused. So that was why Xiao Qi wasn't helping out Xiao Lan earlier.

"But why is that?" He asked, "What's Xiao Lan trying to do?"

"Eh?!" Bai Yunfei cried out when he realized Xiao Lan's soulforce, "Xiao Lan's soulforce....why is it only a mid-stage class six?!"

"Oh, Xiao Lan's master used some secret to seal up his strength. He said that this way would be a lot faster for him to become a class seven. I don't really get it though...."

"There's something like that?" Bai Yunfei had never heard of such a thing before. "What in the world is going on?"

"I don't know who these people are," Xiao Qi began, "but Xiao Lan and I were talking when we saw a battle nearby. Xiao Lan said he was the boss of this area so he wanted to see if someone was trying to make trouble. Then we saw those group of people killing a bunch of soulbeasts, chee!! What a group of scum!Xiao Lan was angry and wanted to eat them, but he didn't want me to help. In the end....he started to fight with those people."

"Uh...." The more Bai Yunfei heard, the more mystified he was about Xiao Lan's current situation. Not only was the wyrm the boss of this area, these people were....

"Killing soulbeasts? What are they trying to do?"

"They had already killed a lot of soulbeasts by the time Xiao Lan and I came. They were super happy when they did it too, how annoying!" Xiao Qi chirped in anger, "One of them was skinning a live wind antelope when we came in too!! And they were enjoying it while they were doing it!"

Bai Yunfei glanced over to the edge of where the group were fighting. Over there, a pile of crimson-red sacks of flesh could be seen. It was a pile of dismembered soulbeast arms and legs!!

It was a grotesque sight. All sorts of soulbeasts were killed so wantonly by these group of five without even having their soulgems being extracted. The soulbeasts were killed simply for the sake of being hunted and killed, meaning their deaths was completely pointless and excessive.

Bai Yunfei felt his eyebrows start to narrow at the sight-how could such a thing happen in the Training Forest?

It was no wonder the blue-eyes wyrm was so angry. If so many of its fellow soulbeasts were being tortured and massacred like this, any rational soulbeast would be unable to stomach the sight. But unfortunately for the soulbeast, these people weren't easy to kill. It was still unknown just what Long Zhen used seal Xiao Lan's strength to the levels of a mid-stage class six, and despite the fact that it was losing the battle, it was still impressive that Xiao Qi was able to last as long as it was.


A pained cry erupted from the blue-eyes wyrm as a golden beam of light slashed viciously onto its back. The beam of light sliced into its flesh, and soon enough, blood was spitting out from the dreadful looking opening.

"No!! Xiao Lan's in danger! Yunfei, should we go help out?" Xiao Qi chirped in concern.

"Of course we're going to help out. It doesn't matter if he said not to interfere. He's not as strong as before, he's only going to end up in a wok if this continues!"

Bai Yunfei cried out to Xiao Qi, already speeding towards the group of five in a burst of wind.