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 Chapter 630: The Fifth Princess Wu Ping (Seventh)

The current ruler of the empire, His Majesty Wu Hong, had five children in total: the First Prince Wu Ren, the Second Prince Wu Zuo, the Third Princess Wu Xiu, the Fourth Prince Wu Yang, and the Fifth Princess Wu Ping.

Bai Yunfei had met the first, second, and fourth prince before. He had also heard that the third princess was engaged to the son of the Minister of the Left and that the fifth princess was usually in the Royal Palace due to her young age.

He just never expected that today would be the day he'd meet the fifth princess.

And what a very cute young girl she was.

Bai Yunfei was initially surprised to see just who she was, but he managed to smile at her. "Haha, Bai Yunfei pays his respects to Her Highness the Fifth Princess."

"Heehee, oh stop it. I hate it when people call me Her Highness. Just call me Ping'er." Wu Ping giggled, her long hair braid swinging when she shook her head.

A princess that didn't enjoy having people call her 'Her Highness the princess'? That was a bit interesting....

"If you're fourth brother's teacher, are you amazing then?"

"What does it mean to be....'amazing'?"

"Uhm....my eldest brother is really amazing, are you as amazing as he is?"

Said eldest brother was a....mid-stage Soul King.

"That's...." Bai Yunfei looked embarrassed, "The First Prince is a genius, I could never compare to him."

"Oh, you're not amazing then..."


If the First Prince was to be the golden standard for if one was amazing or not, then everyone in his generation would have to slam their heads to the wall.

"Fourth brother said that you're amazing at crafting, is that true?"

Wu Ping asked another question.

"I suppose so...."

"Really?! I saw my fourth brother try crafting before. He threw in so many materials into his cauldron but everything burned to pieces. Sometimes the soul armaments he crafts look even worse than the stones he throws in. In my opin--mphm...!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Wu Yang quickly put his palm over her mouth.


The way Wu Ping was trying to ask so many questions like a curious cat left Bai Yunfei unsure if he should laugh or cry. In his mind, she was a lot like Huangfu Rui. If the two ever met, Bai Yunfei was sure they'd get along with each other perfectly.

Bai Yunfei was able to answer several of the questions from the princess, but then when she said that the scarf on his head made him look stupid, Bai Yunfei felt like puking blood. With a final sigh, he spoke, "Well then, princess Ping'er, I've class to start. Why don't you..."

"Class?" Wu Ping lit up with excitement. "Okay okay! I want to see what classes are like!"

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Wu Yang took the girl by her sleeve. "Come on, sister, I'll show you the crafting cave I use. You'll be able to see what class is like in there." He whispered to her.

"We can go in the caves?!" Wu Ping looked even more excited. Her eyes stared down the caves for a moment before she spoke with concern, "It's such a small cave, won't it collapse on us? Didn't you collapse one of the rooms in the Eastern Sun Palace?"

Wu Yang looked ready to burst into tears at that, "You silly girl, didn't you promise to not tell anyone about that...."

Everyone was silent at that.

As Bai Yunfei prepared to go into his cave to start the class, Xiao Qi spoke up from his shoulder. "Yunfei, I'm going to find Xiao Lan. I'll come back when class is over."

Before Bai Yunfei could even respond, Wu Ping spoke up first, "Ah!!! The little bird can talk!!"

All the other students of the class had been surprised the first time they heard Xiao Qi speak, but they treated him with great respect after they found out. That much should've been a given with how Xiao Qi was a class seven. A Soul King or class seven were both existences countless people could only dream of reaching.

Wu Ping was only an early-stage Soul Ancestor and was unable to see through Xiao Qi's strength. And with how he was sitting without talking on Bai Yunfei's shoulder, it was only natural that she feel surprised when he started talking.

A brilliant gleam of light entered Wu Ping's eyes after her shock subsided. "A soulbeast that can talk!! Just like Da Huang! You're even cuter than Da Huang!"

Xiao Qi gave the little girl a small glance of disdain, "Is there something strange with being able to talk? Is it a bad thing for me to be a class seven?"

"What? Class seven?!" Wu Ping's eyes grew wide like dinner plates, "You're....a class seven?!"

"What? Don't believe me?" Xiao Qi chirped, "You're too weak, it's no wonder you can't tell."

"Hmph!" She pouted, "Who said I couldn't tell? Fourth brother told me before that his teacher had a class seven bird, so it was you! But Da Huang back home is a lot stronger than you..."

"Does your family own a class seven soulbeast too? How strong is it? Let him meet me."

"I can't. Da Huang usually stays at home and never comes out...."

"Che, what point is there in telling me? I don't want to listen to your bragging!" Xiao Qi ruffled his wings, "Anyways, I'm going to play with Xiao Lan."

And just like that, Xiao Qi disappeared into the Training Forest in a blur of light.

"Ah!! Don't you run little bird! Who's Xiao Lan?! I want to play too!"

Wu Ping cried out after the bird, but it was too late. Xiao Qi was already gone.

Bai Yunfei shook his head. "Well, let's go to our caves and begin class then."

His words rekindled the excitement in Wu Ping who immediately ran after Bai Yunfei when he turned to walk into his cave. Wu Yang had to pull her back into his own cave after that so she wouldn't disturb Bai Yunfei.

With everyone entering their crafting cave, Bai Yunfei had the Illusion Stones activate. He also heard the little girl gasp when they did.


Like always, Bai Yunfei explained a few important concepts to the class before then making sure they understood the finer concepts by using more detailed explanations on the usage of materials and methodologies. From demonstration, to explanation, to guidance....

Bai Yunfei slowly taught the class concept from concept. While he was explaining something, Bai Yunfei felt something strange. Raising an eyebrow, he sent a message to everyone, "Please put into practice what I've taught you so far, I will be right back."

And before anyone could ask, Bai Yunfei suddenly took back his Lightningfire Cauldron and left his crafting cave.

Stepping off from the ground to fly into the air, Bai Yunfei traveled for the Training Forest. His eyes narrowed as he traveled further into the forest, and with another press of his foot, Bai Yunfei flew even faster into the skies.