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 Chapter 629: Upgrading Difficulties (Sixth)

Upgrade Failed

Equipment Destroyed

The final space ring in the pile of of rings bursted into ashes in Bai Yunfei's hands. Likewise, Bai Yunfei looked like he was ready to burst into tears.

"Am I in a nightmare? Two hundred space rings and they're all destroyed...."

After spending several hours tirelessly working on upgrading the two hundred space rings, Bai Yunfei was able to upgrade several of them to decent stats. But....in the end, not even a single +12 ring was to be had!!

Even with the aid of the Luck Pendant, Bai Yunfei wasn't able to override his bad 'upgrade luck' today.

Sighing, Bai Yunfei looked at the black ring on his left forefinger.

Equipment Grade: High

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +12

Additional Attribute: +130 Spirit

Soul Compatibility: 28%

+10 Additional Effect: 5% Decrease in soulforce consumption when using skills.

+12 Additional Effect: 15% Damage reduction from spirit-based attacks.

This was one of his +12 space rings that gave resistance to soul attacks and had also been a great deal of help to him since the very beginning.

But it was a retired space ring now and now only there for when Bai Yunfei had need of its specific purposes. Its effects were rather limited, so Bai Yunfei opted for the Yun's Soul Ring rather than this one in general times. The right hand had the Violet Soul Ring and helped him greatly in battle in terms of increasing his spirit, even if it didn't really have any battle-specific effects. There was also the Charm Bracelet and the Soul Sentinel Scarf, so a 15% reduction in spirit-based attacks wasn't much. Thus, Bai Yunfei had this ring as a reserve item.

Bai Yunfei stared at the ring for a moment in hesitation. "Forget it...." He sighed. "I can't be rash. This has a hard to get effect, it'll be a great pain if I destroyed this one...."

He already knew that upgrading non soul armament items (Superior grade and under) had a tremendously low chance of success. He didn't know just why this was the case, but the truth was the truth. For rings who were only 'High' grade in quality, upgrading them to +13 would be an even smaller chance.

When he was upgrading the +11 space rings he had from another time, Bai Yunfei tried replicating the ability in changing the upgrading outcome like he did with the Critical Gloves. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to replicate it whenever he wanted.

It was at least worth mentioning that he was able to at least replicate the effects of that one miraculous time. At one point when he was upgrading right now, he had been able to change the outcome, but....that time had only been when he was upgrading it from +6. Being able to change the outcome on such a low upgrade level like that had almost no value at all though.

He could at the very least confirm that the ability to 'change' the outcome was still possible. And that much was more than enough for Bai Yunfei to continue trying to learn more about upgrading.


Aside from that, Bai Yunfei would come to the Soothing Heart for his morning and evening Soul Consolidating Tea. Its effects were truly miraculous to Bai Yunfei and he could already feel a substantial difference in how his soul was now. Though neither he nor Dan Teng could tell just when his soul would fully heal after going through that ordeal in Baishan City, they both agreed that taking it nice and slow was all that was needed.

Still, to drink away a high-grade primal stone a day was still taxing on Bai Yunfei and he found himself feeling like he had to find a way to alleviate the burden on his finances a little bit.

Perhaps he should go play at Casino Jin for a while?

Zheng Kai came to see Bai Yunfei still, but relatively less than before. Twice before he wanted to have Bai Yunfei come with them and Du Shaokong's group to play. It seemed as though the two groups were getting on quite well with each other, but the trouble that came onto him due to Zheng Kai and the Cheng weighed quite heavily on Bai Yunfei, so he declined both of Zheng Kai's invitations to stay in his home and focus on researching.

The only other thing worth mentioning were his students. Every so often, they'd pay his house a visit now that they knew where he lived so they could ask him a few crafting-related questions.


Time quickly went by before the first day of the week came.

Eating his meal and drinking his tea, Bai Yunfei took Xiao Qi with him to Tianhun Academy.

He traveled down the busy roads without stop through the academy and soon came to the mountaintop.

As per usual, Bai Yunfei leapt onto the part of the mountain where classes was to be held and where his students were usually gathered. The difference this time today was the fact that his students were all gathering around a single person to talk rather than their usual seminar with each other to discuss the matters of crafting.

In the middle of them all was a single relatively short little girl.

Everyone saw Bai Yunfei when he came and immediately greeted him. Afterwards, Bai Yunfei heard Mo Chen say to the girl, "Sister Ping'er, this is our instructor Bai Yunfei."

The group split apart to allow Bai Yunfei a better look at this girl. She was about fourteen or fifteen years old and had pearly-white skin that seemed to shine like crystals almost. Her eyes were wide but lively, and her lips a cherry red. Her nose was gentle-looking like that of a baby. Anyone that saw her would most likely be seized with the temptation to want to rub her cheeks.

She looked a little familiar to Bai Yunfei, however. Staring closely for a second, Bai Yunfei's head snapped up, this girl somehow looked familiar to that girl Huangfu Rui back in the Crafting School!

It was at that time the young girl swiveled to curiously look at Bai Yunfei as if to measure him up.

She crinkled her nose in slight confusion. "This is my brother's teacher?? He looks super young just like brother is. How is he a teacher?? Aren't teachers supposed to be old wrinkly men with long white beards and have closed eyes?"

"Er...." No one knew exactly how to respond to that. Even Bai Yunfei scratched at his chin in embarrassment, "Haha, who is this little girl?"

His question was posed to everyone, but it was the girl herself who answered, "I'm Wu Ping!! I came to play with fourth brother!"

Wu Ping?! Fourth brother?

Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes, didn't that mean....

Wu Yang suddenly looked bashful behind Wu Ping. "Hehe, instructor Bai.....this is my fifth sister, Wu Ping. She really wanted to see how the crafting class is like and I couldn't refuse her, so I brought her here. I hope you won't mind, instructor...."

Wu Yang's fifth sister-this girl was a princess then!?