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 Chapter 627: The Start of a Feud (Fourth)

Cheng Xin wanted to run. He really did. He was completely terrified by Bai Yunfei, but no matter how much he wanted to, his spine remained motionless where he laid on the ground. All he could do was watch in horror as Bai Yunfei's foot drew close.


An enraged voice called out before showering the area in a tremendous amount of soulforce!

This was....the soulforce of a Soul King!

Cheng Xin's eyes lit up with great relief when he felt the aura. "Second uncle!" He cried out, "Save me uncle! Sa-aahh!!!"

Before he could finish, a sickening crack and a pained scream interrupted his pleas for rescue....

While Bai Yunfei was surprised to feel a Soul King come into the area, that didn't stop him from what he was doing. Without a pause in his step, Bai Yunfei ignored the Soul King and stamped down with his right foot!

His foot came into contact with Cheng Xin's left wrist and snapped it!

It was fortunate for Cheng Xin that Bai Yunfei's physical strength wasn't what it was before, else his left hand would've been reduced to a pulp....

The wall to Bai Yunfei's right collapsed into pieces as a streak of dark green crashed through it. Murderous in its flight, the light coiled around Bai Yunfei's throat like a snake!

The strength of this whiplike wasn't weak enough to just strangle Bai Yunfei to death, it was trying to snap his neck!


Xiao Qi finally took action. Still in its tiny form, he flew off in a flash of purple light to strike at the whip!


Xiao Qi collided with the whip and was sent flying back, but not without success. The whip fell apart when it was hit and turned into fragments of elemental energy.

At a detailed look, the green whip had been the vine of a tree and strengthened with elemental energy!

Xiao Qi flew back to Bai Yunfei's side and shook its wings in annoyance, "That hurt!"

"A class seven soulbeast!!"

A figure in dark green suddenly called out in shock.

The figure took a step closer to be just ten meters away from Bai Yunfei. Staring him down, the figure looked closely at Xiao Qi.

And now Bai Yunfei could see who that figure was. A forty-something year old middle-aged man stood there, the aura of a Soul King radiating from his person. The look on his face looked especially terrifying.

Bai Yunfei hadn't thought a Soul King would come, but one did. Thankfully, this one was an early-stage Soul King and wasn't all too terrifying to fight.

"Ah-ah!! It hurts!! It hurts!! Save me, uncle!!"

Cheng Xin cried out again. At his cry, the Soul King immediately leapt towards Bai Yunfei to try and save Cheng Xin.

At the same time, Bai Yunfei leapt away from Cheng Xin to land twenty meters away.

As surprised as the Soul King was, he couldn't care for Bai Yunfei at the current moment. He reached Cheng Xin's side and immediately covered him in a bubble of green light. The pained look on Cheng Xin's face alleviated a bit before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and fainted.

The Soul King allowed himself a single breath of relief now that Cheng Xin wasn't in danger anymore, though Cheng Xin had still been hurt quite heavily. His glare at Bai Yunfei darkened by a notch.

"Who are you and why have you harmed my nephew?!"

The Soul King really wanted to first beat Bai Yunfei half to death before he interrogated him, but the presence of Xiao Qi on his shoulder made it more prudent that he asked before he did anything.

Bai Yunfei gave him a cold smile. "Your nephew was the first to kidnap me and try to treat me unwell. The fact that I didn't kill him is an act of mercy already. As for what happened, perhaps you should hear it from your own nephew first."

"Kidnapped?!" The elder cried out to himself. With how strong Bai Yunfei was, how could Cheng Xin possibly kidnap him?!

Not wishing to stay or try to explain himself to the Soul King, Bai Yunfei turned to leave the place without at all caring.

But the Soul King barked at him to stay still, "Stay where you are!"


A giant golden streak of light leapt from behind the Soul King to rush onwards to Bai Yunfei and hold him in place!

At a detailed glance, this was a giant tiger the size of a bison!

This was the soulbeast contracted with the Soul King. It wasn't a class seven yet, but it was still a peak late-stage class six in strength!

The Soul King himself could deal with Xiao Qi, so that left his tiger soulbeast to deal with Bai Yunfei. Since the tiger was a peak late-stage class six and Bai Yunfei only a late-stage, the Soul King figured it wouldn't be too hard for him to have Bai Yunfei remain here.

But even when he was planning to subjugate Bai Yunfei, he realized that Bai Yunfei had already turned around to stare at the tiger. "Scram!"

The moment he spoke, there was a pulse of light as the Cataclysmic Seal grew to the size of a wall and slammed into the tiger with a sickening thud!

Unable to even properly respond in time to the sudden embiggening of the Cataclysmic Seal, the tiger wailed loudly before being struck backwards!

As the tiger flew away, the Soul King stood there, one foot outwards from the other to stare at Bai Yunfei in shock.

"That....that was a soul attack!!"

It wasn't the fact that the tiger had been struck back that alarmed the Soul King. it was the fact that Bai Yunfei had unleashed a soul attack when he spoke up!

That had been the reason why the tiger didn't look like it had enough time to respond to the brick before the brick sent it flying away.

As such, the Soul King was forced to re-evaluate Bai Yunfei before he could do anything else.

Bai Yunfei gave the Soul King a single cold look. "I'm going to leave. You'd best not stop me."

And with that, Bai Yunfei leapt into the air with his legs shining red.

There was some hesitation from the Soul King, but he could only stand there and watch as Bai Yunfei grew farther and farther away from sight.

He hadn't the confidence in stopping Bai Yunfei. The Soul King was starting to doubt if even he could stop Bai Yunfei from leaving, let alone his soulbeast. That Bai Yunfei had a strength that was surely beyond that of a late-stage Soul Exalt....


The elder cursed aloud before turning his attention back to Cheng Xin and his wounds.


In the night sky above, Bai Yunfei slowly made his way over the Capital before finding a familiar landmark to descend back down and make his way back to his home from there.

Xiao Qi had been scanning the area beforehand to see if anyone was following them, but after his scans revealed nothing, Bai Yunfei sighed in relief.

But there was still a helpless look on his face.

"Sigh....looks like I've become enemies with the house of Cheng. If only that Cheng Xin wasn't so stupid in trying to start trouble with me, otherwise...."

Bai Yunfei sighed, his eyes shining with a cold light.

He didn't want to cause trouble, but he wasn't scared of it either. If there were people wanting to die, then he'd all too happy in helping them do so.